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Visions of a Coked up Monkey...

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 01:03 PM
Now how does a monkey hopped up on coke in a room full of stoners belong here on ATS? And why the hell did they think giving it a butcher knife and putting it in a furry purple pimp suit a good idea?
Is this a beginning of a church? Cult?
If you think so
Read on to learn more...

Just an half hour ago (10:15 AM PST), I was going to study for the finals was talking to my brother about having sort had a vacation for the past month of April.

We are working as part time guards here in Las Vegas and decided take some time off.

Anyway, as soon as I said vacation, a vision of a coke up monkey wearing a purple furry pimp suit and hat popped up in my brother's mind. A bunch of people in a room were in there watching it.

Suddenly, I couldn't study for my test anymore.

I asked my brother some more question instead....

Where you believe this is happening at?

Yesterday or last night, and I have feeling its in London.
Something British

What's going on?

About four or five guys in a room, college aged, thought it would be funny to give a monkey they found out back coke.

It's doing lines, going ape, and has a kitchen knife to boot.

(Yeah, someone gave a coke up monkey a knife. Go figure.)

After a few more questions, I asked him, who was he in the room?

He replied he just like a camera, just watching what is going on.

I mentioned it could be remote viewing, but to cut the story short,

I asked again what was happening...

Somehow it found a revolver, it wasn't planned, and now the room's thinking "Who's bright idea was this?" and either wanting to go for the door or beat its butt..

Anyway, how you believe this happened and was it a really a RV experience or just the mind having fun?

If it was a RV experience, how do I find out more?

Oh by the way, NO MANGOS FOR YOU!

[edit on 24-4-2008 by Ihavenoidea]

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