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War to circumvent the U.S Constitusion...

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 12:59 PM
This is the first time I'm posting on ATS, so please forgive me, if I should make a mistake or two. That said, hopefully this is the right forum for my questions.

Even though I used to live in the states (Los Angeles) from 81 to 93, I always wondered, and never really could wrap my head around the way american elections are being held.

Maybe it has something to do with, the lack of different political parties to choose from. Sort of like, it's either pest or cholera. Just as a comparison, in Denmark (my native country) there's 14 parties to choose from. The population of Denmark, only amounts to 5.5 million souls.

I've read stories regarding missing weapons grade plutonium and or depleted uranium from U.S soil. Going back to the collaps of Russia, the same thing happened there. The thing to keep in mind, would be who's got them, and who's willing to use them, without starting a nuclear holocaust.?

If we take a look at the events from 9-11-01, I think we all can agree that this, was a deliberate attack. However it wasn't done by outsiders or Al Qaeda. I believe it was carried out and ok'd by the the White House. By D. Rumsfeld, D. Cheney, C. Rice, D. Powell, plus an excutive branch of the military, and of course rubberstamped by President Bush. Thousands of lifes extinct, just to get the excuse to get a strong foothold in the middleeast. They knew going into Iraq, that Saddam had nothing invested in the 9-11 attack. As we also know now, there were no WMD's, nor any secret Al Qaeda training facilities.

My question it this.. In the same sick unscrupulous manner I just mentioned... What would happen if, these people were able to discharge a "dirtybomb", in an american city deemed suitable for such an evil agenda.? Making sure that there's some "obvious" papertrail, pointing toward a fictive collaboration between Iran and Syria.

Last question.. Could or would not President Bush declare martial law from coast to coast, and in doing so putting a freeze on the upcomming presidential election.. meaning Bush basically would stay in office, until things "settle down". The excuse being that since the U.S.A is now at war in Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran-Syria, and only God knows if NATO will take the bait, and join forces in a war, where the likelyhood of the use of nukes, probably will be on the agenda.

Because the U.S is broke, they need this war so bad, that it seem hard to prevent it from happening. However in order for this to fall into place, it'll happen before electionday correct...

Thanks you for taking the time to read this. I would like to hear if could happen...

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