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STRATFOR got it right! Another step to new war!

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 11:47 AM
Damned if Stratfor wasn't right on the money again.

This is a followup to my post here.

One of the signs that Stratfor said to look for regarding Bush justification possibly bomb Iran was a disclosure of the secret Syria bombing last year.

Well, that disclosure is finally happening today!

Right now, the finger is pointing exclusively at N. Korea, so Iran is out of the limelight. But there's an easy extrapolation that if Syria was going to produce plutonium, then the likely buyer was Iran.

Of course, all this comes at an interesting time in apparent "peace" talks between Syria and Israel regarding the Golan Heights -- this could just be a pressure point the U.S. is using to force Syria to the table with concesions.

We'll see. I still think all signs point to an Iranian bombing soon.


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