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Florida Sheriff Candidate Believes That 'Crime Is Terrorism'

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posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 09:42 AM
I think what is really troublesome about this all is what I alluded to in my original statement---The integration and collaboration between LE and Homeland security, for "terrorist training exersizes" and info sharing.

They have made no secret about this, it seems to be very out in the open and "in our faces". It's like a wide spread fear-monger campaign and lots of dollars are being tossed around from the gov down to LE depts that are cooperating with them.

This gives me the uneasy feeling that they (yet again) are incrementing their way toward martial law, masquerading under the guise of "fighting terrorism".

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by spacedoubt
Well said, my friend. I expect an invasion will be welcomed at some point in the not too distant future.
Somebody's got to save our bacon!!!!!
Welcome to the Hotel California......such a lovely place.....

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 12:21 PM
We can only hope that in the future, these days will be looked upon as another 'flavor' of McCarthyism, where the "terror' bogeyman is invoked to arouse fear-based subservience.

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 02:38 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe

Somebody's got to save our bacon!!!!!

Hey dg, how about the guys with some sense in their heads and with alot of weapons... (I do warn of validity of the source, but he usually has good ones, imo.) It's about 60% down the page... scroll quickly if you do not want to be offended

Frankly, he's mainly against our Gov't and the Jews/Zionists right now... everything else is a side note. I take it as humor and move on. Why does everyone have to be so damn PC all the time?

Sources in the US Marine Corps (GUAM) have told
The Hal Turner Show that Iran will likely be attacked in June.

Source says USMC and US Navy are totally AGAINST this action, while the army is indifferent. It seems the US Air Force is pushing the issue heavily.

The USMC Officer in GUAM also told me "The US Air Force is so totally Zionized they may as well replace the US Flag on their planes with the Star of David."

I think 'we the people' can count on the USMC and US Navy to be 'on our side'... I guess ya' just take your chances with an indifferent army... It's apparent where our airforce stands, according to this report.

A side note, this is why Bush has stated, I believe, he would use foreign troops on our soil... as long as 'the great decider' deems it necessary...

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 05:06 PM
He's competing for Supersherriff against Arpaio. Instead of pink cotton underwear for men, they will be silky hot pink.

Hope those criminals down there hold back when the urge to commit a crime strikes them.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Just to add some counter arguement. I think this would be good for certain problems we face. I can personnaly think of no better way to handle "gangs". Send them all (gangmembers) off without so much as a notice. These people do "terrorize" the communities that they prey on and are absolutely no benefit to society.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:38 PM
So someone is getting water-boarded and the interrogator is yelling "when is the next SEVEN-ELEVEN going to hit with a bad check!" Tell us!

Everyone is Jack Bauer these days.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:47 PM
I know the "terrorism" label has been played out and makes us all roll our eyes, but perhaps there is some truth to the statement crime can be a form of terror.

Crime can deter and threaten people in ways terorism cannot. When you look at the statistics, the chances of being a victim of Al Qaida are very slim. Depending on where you live, the chances of being a crime victim can be very high. In some neighborhoods, the threat of crime restricts people's daily activities. It would be foolish to never get on a plane, train or bus because you were affraid Al Qaida would attack you. It is not foolish however, not to walk in certain neighborhoods after dark because you are affraid some thug might attack you.

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by hotpinkurinalmint

The danger is being labeled a suspected terrorist. There is no difference between a terrorist and a suspected terrorist. They both get their gentiles electrocuted.

[edit on 26-4-2008 by pluckynoonez]

posted on Apr, 26 2008 @ 01:37 PM
I read this an think of the massive intellectual divide that exists in your country (yes, this can be applied to all countries but its so stark in your free speech, democratic nation to be beyond a joke). I assume that people have actually voted these people in to create laws of this type?

When your country broke free from this country and became the USA you had a chance to purge yourselves of the devastation that Great Britain and Europe reined across the world and with your continuation, actually allow a person to be truly free and not enslaved to a monarchy.

But laws like this and your record across the world has been astonishing both with your direct and more widespread indirect raping, bombing and mass killing of ANY state, country or nation that do not conform or, what is it that Madeline Albright used to say? “Television interview, "60 Minutes", May 12, 1996: Lesley Stahl, speaking of US sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And – and you know, is the price worth it?" Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think the price is worth it."” That sums it up.

You have no excuse to be ignorant of just what your country has/is doing around the world. You have such wise sages in the likes of Noam Chomsky who has shown the corruption, nation bullying terror and duplicity that is the hallmark of US foreign policy!

Just an example of his (Noam Chomsky) eloquence

So now you can see this foreign policy except its not foreign its domestic and you are electing and voting the law makers to apply some of this US ‘love’, that they inflict on every other non-compliant nation or ‘terrorist’ as your government calls them?

I see the comments of your fellow US ATS posters about their right to have Guns (and judging by the statistics) not adverse at using them at every opportunity both on themselves and others, or a going in hard (over there) on those ‘Islamic maniacs’ or the problem that Iran pose for actually daring to develop some of those WOMD (that were so elusive in Iraq) and I can see just how narrow minded and truly ignorant a proportion of you are. And these are the ones that actually drag themselves away from their TV’s to share their inner most thoughts.

It’s so difficult to try and change things in our free speaking, democratic (I wish we could abandon this false ideal) countries that we live in. But, I really think that the average US/GB citizen just allows its law makers to walk all over them and enslave them. A good friend of mine recently said to me that he doesn’t want to think too deeply about all the wrong or unjust things that happen everyday as it would make him unhappy and frustrated. “Look at you, has it done you any good to always question and be sceptical about everything?” I told him that he was correct that I’m deeply unhappy, frightened, often alone in my inner frustration and oh so, so angry with it all. But, I wouldn’t give up any of this for a life of IGNORANCE and acceptance.

posted on May, 3 2008 @ 12:03 PM
In the latest developments of this alarming absurdity, it seems that not everyone bought into this nonsense...Looks like some people made it known that they believe this "connection" of breaking the law and terrorism is a total joke. Note the bolded (my doing) reference to "a website causing the trouble"....So they obviously are reading either the original story or this site...LOL. But how they draw the conclusion that vandalism is related to an internet article is beyond me, there are tons of people out there who are flat out PISSED OFF at this type of fear-mongering, Police State, Fascist nonsense we've been having rammed down our throats---It's not just limited to the net by any means.

Sheriff Candidate Says Campaign Signs Being Defaced, Stolen

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A campaign slogan may have sparked a string of vandalism aimed at a candidate for Orange County sheriff.

The vandalism was first spotted on sheriff candidate Malone Stewart's campaign sign in Winter Park. Someone had circled the slogan "crime is terrorism." Later, the sign was stolen.

Stewart's campaign manager said the trouble started when a website posted a commentary bashing the "crime is terrorism" slogan.

"These are like $600, $700 signs," said Franklin Cordona, campaign manager for Malone Stewart.

In addition to the vandalism, the campaign says they have also received threatening phone calls.


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