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My life was saved.

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 04:34 PM
Lets me start with this.

This happen about Three months ago, It was early Jan 4th And it was my friends birthday. Me him and were driving along the side of the road. It was daylight out. We were both getting hungry and so we stopped at a grocery store. On my way inside I saw a strange Man sitting all alone just staring at everyone. I figure he must of been waiting for someone and So I kept on going ignore him. From What I felt, I felt alot of evil and depressions coming from him. He looked at me ones and didn't even blink just stared at me with piercing blue eye's, But they seemed demonic like. As I enter into the store I bumped into a younger woman who looked to me in her 20's Right away I felt peace and happiness from her. She smiled at me and said excuses me, She didn't say much and seemed to be in a hurry. Well I heard a loud scream and looked around No child no one being hurt nothing, Then I looked over towards the man he was gone. The scream sounded like a someone was being killed or hurt, I then turned around to ask the young woman if she had seen or heard anything but she was gone as well.. (Thats only part of this story.)

Two days later..

While I was going for a early morning jog I saw the same man sitting legs crossed on the grass. Like before I felt evil from him. This time He stood up as I jogged towards him and he pointed at me. Grinning. I froze my legs couldn't move. He came up to me his hands reaching to me. My body felt numb. Why couldn't I move? I kept asking myself over and over.
Just then A light appeared and thats when I saw this younger woman. The man growled at her and ran off. It was really creepy but when she came all what I felt was lifted away. She smiled and said, Don't be careful. Then she started to go on her way. I called to her but didn't know her name. However she didn't answer to me and kept walking.

I really wanted to talk to her and get to know her, but she seemed shy quiet but yet her aura was welcome warm and full of love. Unlike the mans.

That was the last Time I saw her and the man for a while, Until three day's ago. When walking home from work, My car had broke down and it was getting dark outside. I felt like something had spotted me and was following me, At first I thought maybe its just me and I'm overly reacting to things. The Dark can play pretty good tricks on the human brain. But then suddenly i felt lost in my own town, Things started to look Dark and creepy. Then I noticed the lights in the street where out and I heard someone calling my name. I froze in fear but I then remember that woman face and how she made me felt. I shouted, Leave me alone you don't scare me. I know I have an angel here to protect me. Then two of the street lights broke and A shadow appeared. The man that I had saw twice appeared. He looked at me and smiled. "Come with me..." I shook my head and told him no. He got mad and his eye's became heavy with anger. I was waiting for that young woman to appear. The man grew closer to me and kept laughing at me. Just then White dog/ Almost wolf life appeared out of know where. It snarled and growled at the man and was pinned him down. The man was screaming in pain and smoke was coming from his body. After that I passed out and found myself in the hospital the next morning. I didn't tell them what happen.

That evening the young woman that I saw came with flowers and a card.
It said -Do not worry the demon that wanted you is gone now, I am a demon slayer/ And angel and its my job to hunt down demons and destroy them before they hurt people.) Just when I turned to look at her and ask her what this all ment. She was gone. Only a small blue flower was left.

(This is all true, If anyone call tell me if anything like this happen to you let me know. Also I never again saw this young woman. I wish I could've of taken a picture of something or least gotten her name.)

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