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The problem with America

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 03:27 PM
by John Vodila

The problem with America is Americans, we all want to blame everything on everything and everyone else but ourselves, this of course is out of being misinformed and there is no shortage of misinformation . I hear misinformation of all sorts and I am the type that will talk to you about it and make you think, the latest one has made me want to write again. I need to be emotional to write.

The Comment: Aren’t you mad that our men and women are dying over in Iraq to make them free and give them Democracy? When all they want to do if they had the chance is slit your throat or suicide bomb us.

My comment: You must get all your information from CNN, Fox and the news papers you need other sources of information.( Like books and the internet or both) Do you realize we have made a parking lot out of them, rained bombs and have killed in the neighborhood of a million civilians, men women and children? How would you feel if another country invaded, occupied and did that to us? Do you know we went there on lies that they had weapons of mass destruction when in reality it was over the petro dollar, and that President Bush said he never accused Iraq of having anything to do with 911. I am very angry about our men and women and all the people that have died and are dying over this occupation, but I am not angry at the Iraqi people I am angry at the people that have created this mess for their agenda and personal profit.

This guy was completely uninformed of reality and the truth, he was spreading this misinformation so I had to step up to the plate, and I believe this is how we can fix the problem with America.

I am not the smartest person and I surely don’t think I know everything but I do study every day and I got this guy to think and want to find out more. This is what it is going to take to get America back on track, an informed knowledgeable American public. I mean what has happened to curiosity, wanting to know the truth? We just cant take what a television set tells us and believe that’s it, that’s ignorant and laziness.

Things have become so backwards. The people in Government are your employees, the people in government are to do what the people tell them to do, not the other way around.

If we as Americans would just study ourselves and get a clue of our own history and Constitution I believe we could turn things around and get back on track as the greatest nation on earth once again.

It is we the PEOPLE of the United States of America that are responsible for everything that is happening to ourselves and the rest of the world and it all comes from this empire building, and history shows us all empires fall. You have to ask yourself are you supporting the fall of America?

The problem with America is that we think freedom is free just because we were born in America and that we have to go all around the world with our military and spread freedom with force and our agenda. I mean face it, what would the world be like today without our interventions like in
Belgian Congo(1964)
Dominican Republic(1965-66)
Peru(1965), Laos(1964-73)
Iraq(1991-2008 and present)
Afghanistan(1998-2008 and present)

This is the problem with America and what is bankrupting all but those who profit big time from war and misery. And we the people, well we are just to busy or don't know how to read, we can't concern ourselves for an hour a day or even a week to find out just what exactly is being done around the world in our name and why.

Has all of our history of war and intervention been wrong, certainly not.
Has all of it been right certanly not.
Do all, we the people of the United States of America care, certainly not and this is the problem with America.

So the machine just keeps on rumbling and it has plenty of people keeping it well oiled and most don't have a clue where its headed.

The problem with America is most of us just don't give a damn unless it effects ourself in someway(usually financially) really.

Here are a few examples of very important issues that nobody seems to know about and please don't take my word for it check it out before anyone starts the usual conspiracy theory denial crap. Its our HISTORY all there in the library, or you can make it easy on yourself and get online even if you don't have a computer you can get access to one if you really want to know something of the country you live in.

These are some of the issues we need to study on to have a better understanding of the problem with America.

1.The Gulf of Tonkin incident
(The lie that led us into the Vietnam War)

2. USS liberty incident
(Israel deliberate bombing of the USS Liberty)

3.Oklahoma City bombing
(ATF prior knowledge and yes there were more bombs in the building this is documented fact)

4.1993 World trade center bombing
( FBI involvment documented fact)

5.Ruby ridge tragedy
( An American Atrocity)

6.Waco tragedy
(An act of unusual and illegal cruelty inflicted by an armed force on civilians )

7.911 World Trade center bombing especially the Solomon Bros building#7
(most Americans don't even know about this)

8.PNAC Project for a New American Century Document
( "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor" a must read)

9.The Clean Break Document
(The plan for the Middle East a must read)

10. The North Woods Document

11. The Bybee Memo (redefining torture)
Torture is now been defined by us as organ faillure or death. So pulling fingernails and water boarding is ok.
(remember this when some other nation is doing this to us)

12.Federal Reserve- IRS
(Freedom to Fascism a video by Aaron Russo that all Americans have to view)

(Dominating America’s food with their genetically modified seeds and now the milk this is serious stuff) And there is the fluoride and vaccine issues and much more.

If you think for one minute the above issues do not effect you and only have one side to the story, well YOU are the problem with America.

Just go to the library and google it check out multiple sources and get informed, don’t just read one article and think you now know the facts read many on each issue to come to a well rounded knowledgeable conclusion. (INVESTIGATE it is actually fun and good for the mind)

The biggest problem is that we now fear our Government, out of ignorance giving it way to much power and when people fear their Government you have tyranny, when the Government fears its people you have Liberty and we have to get our Liberty back if we are going to be Americans.

A Loyalist loves their country right or wrong, A Patriot Loves their country when it is right and RIGHTS their country when its WRONG.

There is more to being an American than a sticker on your car saying you support the troops or waving the flag and going with the flow, you have to know something of her, not blindly knowing but really taking the time to know her.

We have a law of the land, it is called The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights (READ IT PLEASE) this is what makes America, America. It has been mostly thrown in the trash and forgotten by the ones who swear an oath to protect it, I am sure most of them have never even read it and if they have that would make most of them traitors of America or guilty of treason. This is the problem with America.

Americans cheer, clap their hands and vote into office the people that are completely dismantling America. And when a true patriot that knows what they are talking about asks a reasonable question about an issue of extreme importance effecting America they are shut down, ridiculed, or the famous copout, called a conspiracy theorist.
MY GOD don’t ask any questions that would be un American! This is the problem with America

I just cant figure it out I travel all over this country and am I the only one that sees the thousands of Ron Paul for President 2008 signs, bumper stickers and even bill boards? I mean they are every where these are the people that have takin the time to find out what is going on in America and are crying out for the rest who havent to take a look. It is trully amazing. All you have to do is type in a search engine - google video and type Ron Paul and watch the videos to find out what he is about, its that simple.

But yet all I hear is there is nobody to vote for all we have is Clinton, Obama and Mcain and I am hearing it from the trucking community, COME ON you can't see all the RON PAUL signs? do some research check it out! its amazing.

Here are some real truth sources I hope you will check them out so we can all become well informed Americans and fix the problem with America.
Just get on a computer anywhere ASAP and type in the search engine box,

1.Ron Paul
(Texas Congressman and Republican candidate for President. A good man who believes in America, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and has had the same views for decades and never flip fops.)

2.Paul Craig Roberts
(He was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He was awarded the Legion of Honor by French President Francois Mitterrand. He is the author of Supply-Side Revolution : An Insider's Account of Policymaking in Washington; Alienation and the Soviet Economy and Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy, and is the co-author with Lawrence M. Stratton of The Tyranny of Good Intentions : How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice. )

3.Scott Ritter
(A former Marine Corps intelligence officer and former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter has been speaking out against the invasion of Iraq since before it started. With much having been said and many of his predictions on the occupation having proven accurate, what Ritter is saying now, about the Bush Administration's march towards regime change in Iran, must be heard. )

(Syndicated radio host Alex Jones. Truth to power and strong opposition to socialism, communism, and the New World Order and he knows what he is talking about.)

5.Dennis Grover
(Dennis Grover is the host of With Liberty and Justice for All, which airs on Reno public access television channel 16. For over 8 years, Dennis has dedicated his life to exposing government deceptions and revealing hidden truths concerning the erosion of the rights of the American people. He is also the publisher of Knowledge Equals Freedom, a comprehensive directory of freedom loving merchants, products and services. He is one of America's premiere freedom educators. )

6. (A library of information put together by myself to help inform the uninformed)

And there are many more, once you check out the above sources they will lead you to other good news and information you wont have to spend years to sort out the bad ones. It is a good start on getting some real information. If you are like most of us and don't have alot of time you can always join a newsletter and you will be kept up to date, most websites have them and most are free.

So yes the answer is I am very angry that our men and women are being killed and I think about it all the time and I also think about all the other people, their families and loved ones blown to bits just imagine when you look at your family your children how you would feel, have we really become this insensitive to others? and when I see and hear us talking like the rest of the people in the world are just animals to be exterminated at our discretion it makes me very angry also. Oh thats right everybody is a terrorist these days and before that it was the Communist don't you get it there will always be something.

It is called the Military Industrial Complex Dwight Eisenhower warned us about this. Just what do you think is going on in the Pentagon, does anyone really believe they are working on a peace plan for the world.

Ignorance is no excuse, we have a responsibility to know what is going on in our country. So until we come out of our state of ignorance things are just going to get worse and we have only our selves to blame.


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