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North Korea, Syria and that Airstrike.

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 09:39 AM
It seems Washington is holding behind doors talks with law makers regarding North Korea's role in supplying Syria with nuclear technology.

How did Nkorea get the technoloy to Syria? You think the US would be watching their ports and nuclear plants, also any Syrian construction.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration plans to brief U.S. lawmakers behind closed doors on Thursday about North Korea's suspected nuclear cooperation with Syria, congressional sources said on Tuesday.

The White House has said little in public about the issue since Israel conducted a mysterious September 6 air strike inside Syria that U.S. media reports said was directed at a nuclear site that may have been built with North Korean assistance.

While a handful of lawmakers were briefed on the issue last year, the decision to widen the circle substantially comes as Washington appears closer to a deal for North Korea to provide a long overdue declaration of its nuclear programs.

Once the poor, communist state has produced the declaration, the United States is expected to ease sanctions on Pyongyang that flow from its presence on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism and the U.S. Trading With the Enemy Act.

My only question is, has North Korea sold out? Preparing to testify against Iran and Syria in exchange for a lifting of sanctions and relative immunity against any attempt to oust its leadership?

Bush continually claims evidence of Iranian weapons research, regardless of what anyone else says.
Wouldnt North Korea, admitting to supplying Iran with the knowledge and technology and Enriched Uranium be enough for him to fool the public, again?

Once again, it wont matter if its true or not, because like Iraq you can simply claim the intellegence at the time was the best available, and that you chose to act on it.....

Times running out for Bush and Cheney, a false flag attack in the US wouldnt suffice, the populace are too aware... an attack originating from Iran is unlikely, as they are in the better position simply by sitting by...

But another nation admitting to supplying Iran.... we'll.... thats almost as good as Chalabi.

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