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Anzac day is nearly here

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 06:43 AM
Friday is Anzac day .

Here are some quotes that are fairly well known but are unattributed quotes they are a part of the Anzac and/or British legacy . I have sourced them just to be on the safe site. The first quote is the most well known.

They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the evening
we will remember them."


If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders fields."


To the people of Le Quesnoy and any other French towns myself and other people appreciate that you remember the Anzacs .

Streets are named after New Zealand places, there is a New Zealand memorial and a primary school bears the name of a New Zealand soldier. Visiting New Zealanders are sure to receive a warm welcome from the locals.


My own personal thoughts are with my grand father who served on the Western Front , My Pa who served in Borneo and My Dad who was in Vietnam . All of them were Diggers .

One Last Thing of Note .

As is traditional Turkey is playing gracious host to thousands of Australian and Kiwi visitors to Anzac Cove . Before any one says the such visitors are good for the tourism dollar you don't see France hosting German tourists who come specify to remember there war dead . So my respects to Turkey in this regard .

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 08:47 PM

In prison cell I sadly sit,
A dead crest-fallen chappie!
And own to you I feel a bit-
A little bit - unhappy!

It really ain't the place nor time
To reel off rhyming diction -
But yet we'll write a final rhyme
Whilst waiting cru-ci-fixion!

No matter what "end" they decide -
Quick-lime or "b'iling ile," sir?
We'll do our best when crucified
To finish off in style, sir!

But we bequeath a parting tip
For sound advice of such men,
Who come across in transport ship
To polish off the Dutchmen!

If you encounter any Boers
You really must not loot 'em!
And if you wish to leave these shores,
For pity's sake, DON'T SHOOT 'EM!!

And if you'd earn a D.S.O.,
Why every British sinner
Should know the proper way to go

Let's toss a bumper down our throat, -
Before we pass to Heaven,
And toast: "The trim-set petticoat
We leave behind in Devon."

At its end the manuscript is described - The Last Rhyme and Testament of Tony Lumpkin - First published in The Bulletin, 19 April 1902.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 08:56 PM
Edited due to duplication of content

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posted on May, 27 2008 @ 09:40 PM
Here's to the soldiers, recently discovered buried in a mass grave in Fromelle, France. Over two thousand Diggers died within a twenty four hour period, trying to take a bunker on a hill surrounded by open fields. Oh, and Hitler happened to be in that bunker, as a stretcher bearer, apparently.

And here's to my Grandfather, who I never met, as he died in WW1 (I think).

Lest we forget.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 09:09 PM
A nice little tribute posting. The ANZAC legacy should be more widely known.
Thanks for reminding me of it.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 10:54 PM
Ode To The Fallen

In the warfields of Flanders, the Somme and of France
The poppies are blooming, they sway and they dance
Ten thousand Australians, all tanned and all fit
Have come to this Country, the Jerries to hit.

The guns were all thundering, sombre and dull
The infantry streaming, then so mournful a lull
Our brave boys are falling - courageous and strong
Hark! Something has happened, something is wrong!

The Light Horse are stumbling, shaken and falling
They rally their mates on, true to their calling
The battle swords clatter, the foes are retreating
The Aussies press onwards, their mission completing.

So throughout our great country, with pride our hearts turn
Our unknown soldier to us doth return
In the sunshine in Aussie, this day in November
Our Soldiers - our Heroes, we'll always remember!!!!

Lest we forget....

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