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The Moon Landing Hoax

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posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 05:56 PM

Originally posted by webstra
And to weedwhacker : Why are you reacting so childish...

But calling people "dis-info agents" and implying they're (evil) Masons, instead of backing up or supporting ones claims, isn't a childish reaction?

I'm still interested as to what the OP thinks of some of the points I brought up. Specifically the parts about people who were able to listen in on the transmissions from the Moon with there HAM radio's and see water / fuel dumps with there telescopes. If it was all fake, then what were they hearing/seeing?

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:28 PM
Don't you get it Masons? The gig is up! My generation is waking up to your lies and disinfo. We know about NASA and the Nazis. We know about your Masonic world government under the UN.

We don't use words like Poppycock and phrases like "close but no cigar." We keep open minds and watch lots of YouTube videos. We listen to Alan Watt and Alex Jones, not you and your poppycock mason/agent friends.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:35 PM

Originally posted by jra

Originally posted by webstra
And to weedwhacker : Why are you reacting so childish...

But calling people "dis-info agents" and implying they're (evil) Masons, instead of backing up or supporting ones claims, isn't a childish reaction?

Your profile says "Information Agent" and all you do in every single post is just what you've done here. You defend establishment positions by quoting every sentence and providing some weak pre-packaged rebuttal to muddy the issue. I encourage people to research for themselves, but I'm not going to engage in your stupid mis-info reindeer games. You want me to engage in point-counter-point argumentation with your lies.

Look at my post history folks. In every thread of mine a group of mason/agents immediately shows up and does this. They lie and say I'm lying. They say I'm childish and avoiding them.

The world's waking up Masons... it's going to be difficult to keep lying to your friends and families when they start asking real questions like I do.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:47 PM
Also if you're new to Masonry you might not understand the significance of 666 and 33. Mason's encode numerology and symbology into their exploits like a calling card to show initiates. When researcher's like me point this out, they can easily say we're crazy because we're "inferring" amazing conclusions from mere symbology and numerology. But take a look at these examples:

“11/11/2004 they offed Yasswer Arafat and pronounced him dead officially at ‘3:30’am. The same day the UN/WHO meets to discuss the 'bird flu' for the first time. ‘3 months and 11 days’ later on 2/22/2005 the CDC starts scaring the American people with more avian flu mutation propaganda, mentioning possible military enforced 'quarantines' coming for the American people. All true. Already happened … The space shuttle taxis to launch pad #39 on runway #33 in Florida. The elite sacrificed Columbia STS 107 with 1 astronaut from each of the 7 continents over the 33rd parallel on ‘2/1’/03, [33] the 11th year anniversary to the morning of a speech Bush I delivered in front on the UN calling for the "New World Order". Bastards! again and again. … Janet Reno was appointed on ‘3/11’/1993. 39(13x3) days later they burned everyone alive in the WACO church. ‘3/11’/1985 was also the date of Mikhail 'NWO' Gorbechev's inauguration.” -Eric Rainbolt, “The Cryptocracy Book” (7-8)

Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in 1933 and both were committed to the establishment of the New World Order. The Masonic Great Seal with the Latin “New World Order” was added to the dollar bill in 1933. Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason and Disneyland has a “Club 33.” The Magic Kingdom castle was designed after the New Shvanstien castle in Bavaria where the Illuminati was formed.

During WWII 33rd degree Winston Churchill gave us the “V for Victory” two finger salute which since the 60s became “Peace.” Before this Masonic sign stood for Victory or Peace, it was a symbol of the 33rd degree. There are 3 joints to the knuckle on two fingers making 33 then held apart like a V is about 33 degrees. 33rd degree Mason Buzz Aldrin and son of a 33rd degree Mason Neil Armstrong Jr. supposedly performed a Masonic ceremony 33 minutes after arriving on the moon, held the Masonic flag, and took pictures of each other. On 2/7/03 a Columbia night club blast killed 33.

Dante’s Divine Comedy divided into 3, 33 cantos sections: 33 Cantos of Inferno, 33 Cantos of Purgatorio, and 33 Cantos of Paradiso. The human foot has 33 muscles. The Indy 500 traditionally starts with 3 rows of 11 (33) race cars. There is a band called 311. The Bank of America logo is 3 sets of 11s making 33. The Queen Mother’s time of death was reported 3:15 (both hands on 3 = 33). Enron CEO Kenneth Lay bought the entire 33rd floor of his building and lived in condo number 33. The double Bali Indonesia bombings on Oct. 12th, 2002, and Oct. 1st, 2005, were 11 days short of 3 years apart.

33rd degree Free Masonic director James Cameron attended the Houston, Texas opening of his film ‘Titanic,’ which began playing at exactly 3:33pm, with 2 other (making 3) 33rd degree Free Masons. Stanley Kubrick was murdered exactly 666 days before the start of 2001, his Space Odyssey. 2001: Space Odyssey was first shown in 1968, 33 years before 2001. Rosemary’s Baby was filmed in the Dakota building where John Lennon, who personally knew Polanski, was shot to death. In the movie, the elites (including cameo by Church of Satan founder Anton LeVay) demand her baby for success and fame. One year after, Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate was murdered by Charles Manson’s followers. Manson was later seen frantically waving Masonic gestures at his trial.

“John F. Kennedy was killed over currency right next to the 33rd degree latitude line in the 11th month on the 22nd = 2 x 11 right when he entered the pyramid. Where they killed him, with a triangle hit of masonry, they erected an Egyptian obelisk with the eternal flame of masonry on top. Ronald Reagan was shot in the 3rd month on the 30th day 3 + 30 = 33. George Bush Sr. aren't you a 33rd degree mason, and wouldn't you have benefited from Reagan's death? Were not your policies radically different from Reagan's? Didn't you ride his coat tails into office? You would have NEVER have been President if it wasn't for Reagan.” -“Masonic – Occult Numerology” by “Duke”

Jesus was crucified by the Roman government and died for 3 days at age 33. Alexander the Great also died at 33. Pope John Paul I was murdered after being in power for only 33 days. David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas was killed by the US government at 33 years old near the 33rd parallel. Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh was also murdered by the government at 33. There were 33 victims in the suspicious Virginia Tech shootings in April, 2007.

“Significant though it was, the JFK assassination is only one among many calculated murders that have happened along, or close to, the 33rd Parallel. The number of murders of people of high position and key witnesses along the 33rd Parallel is significant.” -Day Williams, “Masons and Mystery at the 33rd Parallel”

Many significant events in modern history have taken place on the 33rd parallel. For example 33rd degree Free Mason and 33rd president of the US Harry Truman entered us into the Nuclear age with the A-Bomb test at the 33rd Parallel Trinity Test Site in White Sands, New Mexico. He later authorized two more to be dropped near the 33rd parallel at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. About 3 years later at the 33rd parallel in Roswell, New Mexico was the famous UFO sighting and subsequent AREA-51 base. JFK was murdered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas near the 33rd Parallel on 11/22/63 (11 + 22 = 33). Dealey Plaza is shaped like a pyramid with missing capstone and was also the site of the first Masonic temple in Dallas. The Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, Georgia was also on the 33rd parallel.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by freight tomsen
Don't you get it Masons? The gig is up! My generation is waking up to your lies and disinfo. We know about NASA and the Nazis. We know about your Masonic world government under the UN.

We don't use words like Poppycock and phrases like "close but no cigar." We keep open minds and watch lots of YouTube videos. We listen to Alan Watt and Alex Jones, not you and your poppycock mason/agent friends. I don't have a clue what to say.....guess ft says it all.

If he/she doesn't know what the word 'Poppycock' is, then he/she hasn't traveled the World much....

ft, if you think you can get all of your information from the 'ewetoobe' and an idiot like Alex Jones, then I only hope that you are not yet of age to vote....assuming, for the moment, based on your style, that you are likely an American. (forgive me if I'm wrong about that)

As to 'Masons'!!! LOL!! Forgetting, for a moment, that Masonry, as I understand it, originated, at least in the last few centuries, in Great Britain, and was thence 'exported' here to North America....and seems to be the exclusive 'secret society' of only English-speaking peoples....(Show me a Mexican Mason...LOL!!!!)

I despise and detest 'secret societies'. I include, but not limited to, Mormans and Catholics....and of course, 'Skull and Bones'....and the FreeMasons. These are, in my opinion, mysogonistic, knuckle-draggers who refuse to move ahead into the 21st century.

So, to think that I am a Mason!!! That is one of the worst insults you could hurl at me! Since I'm Gay, I guess you could have used the 'F' word on me, but I can take that one better than 'Mason'!!!


posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
Kubrick died in his sleep of a heart attack, at age 70, on March 7, 1999.

From March 7, there were 299 days left in 1999. 2000 was a Leap Year. 299 + 366 = 665....NOT 666! Close, no cigar. Or, you count the day OF death....I count the days after death.

Where do cough up this nonsense?

Numerology is interesting....but just that. Ever see the movie '23', with Jim Carrey? you ccan create an imagined 'co-incidence' out of just about anything. There's even a cool card 'trick' that uses apparently randomness, using people's names, look it up.

Here's another possible motive for his visiting with NASA....Kubrick was fascinated by the possibility of ETs....see, how a simple, logical reason can be twisted into some paranoid delusion??

[edit on 4/29/0808 by weedwhacker]

So for example, WW says "Where do you cough up this nonsense? Numerology is interesting...but just that"

He is WELL aware of numerology's significance but calls it nonsense. Then he references the Jim Carrey movie 23 saying how we can "imagine coincidence out of just about anything."

On the first page I already explained how the Masons have long used Jim Carrey to play on their moon landing hoax. He resonates Egyptian Osirus by being green as the Riddler, the Mask, and the Grinch. In the Grinch poster (also in the Family Guy episode with the Grinch) there is a HUGE full moon behind him as he "sneaks off with the loot." He plays the real-life hoax Andy Kaufman in (MM) "Man on the Moon." In (DD) Dumb and Dumber he passes a framed article "Man walks on Moon" and acts surprised like he'd never heard that. In Bruce Almighty he lassos the moon and brings it closer to Earth. In the Truman show Ed Harris control Truman's life from a FAKE MOON base! They even draw Truman with an astronauts helmet at one point. I'm sure Jim Carrey is a Mason, but even if he wasn't, the Masons in Hollywood use him to represent this meta-narrative. Many actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Tunney, Kurt Russell, and scores more have these Masonic "meta-narratives" intentionally woven into their careers/movies as Masonic nudges, nods, wink-winks to each other. If you've never heard of this, take some time to research:

So you (WW) WheedWhacker references Jim Carrey's 23 to tell me that I'm crazy and reading too much into it. And tries to disprove the 666 thing by speaking of leap years and 665 unless you count the day he died. Come on Mr. Poppycock. It's time to accept the light. You've worked in lies and darkness for long enough and your time is over. The secret societies, world royalty, and Vatican are being exposed for what they are. You don't want to go down with them. It's about to get really tough for you guys and you know it.

For those of you new to Masonry, you may not know that these poor souls have taken blood-oaths never to expose Masonry. In other words, by threat of death, they must continue to lie here, to their family and friends. They must never reveal the secrets of Masonry or their brothers have sworn to kill them.

From the very first degree the initiate takes blood-oaths never to divulge the secrets of Freemasonry under penalty of death. They swear never to betray their brothers or the organization, never to tell police about Brotherhood crimes, and never to convict any fellow Mason as guilty if serving as a juror.

“The initiate into the order's beginning or First Degree of the Blue Lodge pledged to ‘binding myself under no less penalty than to have my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by the roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours.’ The penalties in higher degrees grew progressively more gruesome.” -Jim Marrs, “Rule by Secrecy” (218)

“Second degree Masons recite the following heinous oath: ...binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and placed on the highest pinnacle of the temple there to be devoured by the vultures of the air, should I ever knowingly violate the Fellow Craft obligation. The third degree oath proclaims: ... binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my body severed in two, my bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven, that no more remembrance might be had of so vile and wicked a wretch as I would be, should I ever, knowingly, violate this my Master Mason's obligation. That's not all. In the 4th degree, Mark Master of the York Rite, the candidate performs a ritual which symbolizes having his ‘ear smitten off’ if he reveals the order's secrets. And for the 5th degree, Past Master, the hapless candidate agrees as follows: ... binding myself under no less penalty than (in addition to all my former penalties) to have my tongue split from tip to root, that I might thereafter be unable to pronounce the word.” -Texe Marrs, “Codex Magica” (285-6)

What kind of secrets are they keeping that initiates need gruesome reminders every degree never to divulge what they know? Not only do Masons take the preceding oaths never to expose or incarcerate the Brotherhood/brothers, but all Masons (including Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other politicians) also swear to obey all orders given by higher-degree Mason. This is the real hierarchy of world control.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by freight tomsen

ft, I responded to your 'question' about a picture of Kubrick, with NASA officials, because it was pertinent to the OP.....'The Moon Landing Hoax'

Once I was attacked, and unfairly painted as some sort of member of a secret society, I pulled us off topic. It was my own ego....because, as I said, I don't know the Masons, nor do I care to. I'm a pilot....we have secret societies....(harmless....but usually involves beer)...I'm not an ELK, but they have secrets. (I assume) The Boy Scouts probably have secrets!!! BUT, that's not the point.

Ranting, on this thread, is pointless. GO start your own. I'd prefer to help people understand that Apollo was not a hoax, since THAT is the point, here.

Thank you very much.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:35 PM
I am the OP. And you WW, are a Mason. BTW Many Masons are gay, it's a brotherhood. They have orgies and bring in gay porn stars to Bohemian Grove every year. For the record, I have nothing against gayness, I'm just opposed to Masonry and secret societies.

Carl Sagan's a Mason too

[edit on 29-4-2008 by freight tomsen]


posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:43 PM

Originally posted by freight tomsen
Your profile says "Information Agent"

Because I wrote it there. I did that due to all the times I get called a dis-info agent. The title is meaningless though. It could just as easily say, "Lunar cheese inspector". It makes no difference.

You defend establishment positions by quoting every sentence and providing some weak pre-packaged rebuttal to muddy the issue.

Whats wrong with going over all your points one by one? And if my rebuttals are so weak, then why can't you debate against them? Why all the false accusations and attacks against me and weedwacker? To me that's a sign that your agument is weak. But whatever. Now I'm truely done with your thread then, since you clearly don't want to (or can't) debate the topic.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by freight tomsen

freight.....I'm not sure if this is going to be a test case, or not......but you are calling me names!! That would be an insult, and a slur, and against the T&Cs.

A Mason! Me? AND, you insulted all the EAL msons, by saying they're all Gay!! That's two strikes!!!

That's like saying the entire KKK is Gay, because they're all men!!!!

Or, all Boy Scouts are Gay....or all Priests.....(oops....I know, line got crossed.....just trying to make a point here.....)

I will stop now, and will probably, for the first time EVER on ATS, consider using the 'ignore' button. Because, freight, in my opinion, you are in need of serious mental help. Seriously, I suggest you seek help. This is not intended as an insult, it is a serious suggestion....because, if what you write is actually (and you're not just playing a game) what you think, then.....get help!!!!

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 11:05 PM
Yes folks. As usual, once it becomes obvious that I won't engage in their misinfo tactics, they bail saying I'm crazy and should seek psychiatric help.

Also, as I already said, I have nothing against gay people. I'm all for freedom. Hence why I'm against Masonry and secret societies. Freedom happens in the open. Our freedoms are taken away by secret society members in high places, getting their order behind closed doors.

If you are new to the fact of secret society rule, this is the reason why no matter who becomes president, the same agenda of globalization/centralization of world power continues. This is why "democracy" is choosing between the lesser of two evils every 4 years. The reality behind this facade is royal/vatican/secret society rule. And the widest spread secret society is Masonry.

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by freight tomsen

ft, here's an idea!

Who is to say YOU aren't a Government agent, posing behind this anonymous username, to discover those who might wish to undermine our wonderful society....????

Actually, the more I've seen, in the last seven years.....there was no WAY Apollo was hoaxed, back in 1969. BUT, some have used their perceptions of the current Adminstration's lying, cheating and stealing to assume it happened the same way 40 years didn't. The curent situation, dire as it is, has nothing to do with Masons or Ancient Eqyptians or is due to the criminals in the 'highest offices' of the USA, currently.....not only the Executive Branch, and its minions, but the Judicial Branch as well...and I include the 'Supremes' in that indictment.

The Legislative Branch (Congress) is much, much larger....but corruption exists there as well, just better hidden.

NOW, if I WERE a Mason, would I say that? BTW, if you, ft, are a Gov't agent, and you look up this is not my computer, I am just a, put me in Gitmo, not the owner....


posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 11:58 PM
I think you're getting a little loony too. Do I belong to a secret organization?

Just curious... Atleast I didn't have to pay the dues...

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by _Del_

Del...I blew it, I just outed myself. Not to go off-topic here, but just as there is an agenda to keep the 'Moon Hoax' alive, it is also, , been revealed that there is a Homosexual agenda.....

The typical homosexual agenda is to sleep in, until your darned alarm rings. Shower, shave, go to work (or sleep in if it's a day off!!)....sometimes, our agenda involves volunteering at a pet shelter....or going skiing, on vacation....or, SCUBA...or, now and then, thinking that maybe when people don't understand the 1960s, and the accomplishments of Apollo (not the god, the space program) then it's important to disabuse them of bad information, and educate to the best of our abilities.....

Of course, it is a thankless, all-volunteer endeavor (endeavour) usually, in an online venue such as this, so I often wonder "Why bother?"

My free time could be spent doing other things, like "honeydo's" ... (those are chores around the house, when your other half says, "Honey, do XXX".

Right now, my basic chore is to paint all of the trim, in the house, to make it fresh, guess that's the new homosexual agenda....painting...

[sigh].....but I love it! a new R/C model, gonna build it and go fly soon, in between my chores. Homosexual agenda two, I suppose.....

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:21 AM
Just when I think threads can't get sillier, along comes this one...

Explain to me please, FT...if you can, how did the laser reflectors put on the moon by Apollo get there? They're being used to this day to take detailed measurements of the Moon's distance from the Earth. This alone puts paid to your assertions of a hoax perpetrated by NASA.

Well at least you didn't blame "international Jewry", a point in your favor, I suppose.

As elevated one asked, how does my screenname associate with Masonry?

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by seagull

seagull....good points....about the laser reflectors, I forgot to mention those!!!

Here's an interesting tidbit I recently saw, on the Science Channel (Dish Network Satellite)...based on, now, 39 years of measurements....the Moon is slowly spiralling away, as it orbits the Earth. This amounts to a few centimeters every decade, or so....but it seems that A) If we assume this continues, the Moon will eventually leave the gravitational pull of the Earth, and become a rogue. This, of course, well after you and I are fact, this will take another two billion years, give or take ten million....

B)....extrapolating backwards, it tends to lend credence to the theory of how the Moon was formed, in the first place. A chance collision, in the early formation of the Solar System....when the barely forming Earth was struck by a large mass, and ejecta was....well....ejected. Enough of the lighter material of the early Earth was blown out, and eventually congealed, to become our Moon....after about two billion years....but, this nascent Moon was much nearer, has been gradually spiralling away since then....for instance, if we could go back in time 900,000,000 years, it would seem larger in the sky than it does now, in 'modern' times.

Hence, its influence, gravitationally, would have been greater....the combined effects could have led to a slowing of both bodies' rotational periods....the smaller body, the Moon, becoming gravitationally 'locked' with its 'parent' planet....Earth. Each influencing the other, as gravity inevitably slowed them both, to equilibrium....which we see today.

This, over hundreds of millions....or even billions of years....gradually resulting in a unique (in our Solar System) almost double-planet system.

No other planet, in our System, has a natural satellite that is equivalent in mass and ratio to its parent, as the Earth-Moon system.

This has tremendous bearing on the potential for a stable environment, here on is a theory that, maybe, a stable 'Earth-like' environment needs a Moon....a fairly close stabilize the 'parent' planet.

Venus, for instance, has no Moon....and Venus does not rotate like the Earth....It has a very, very slow rotation period, compared to our planet. Venus rotates once about its axis every 243 Earth days....its orbit around the Sun is about every 225 earth it is not tidally locked to the Sun....but its slow rotation might possibly account for its inhospitable surface temperatue of over 800 degrees.

Venus is, technically, in the 'habital zone'....meaning, it's distance from the Sun isn't certain death, to humans. It just, for some reason, had Global Warming to the MAX!!!

Mars, a bit farther out, is smaller than Earth....may have lost her magnetic field, thus her atmosphere billions of years ago....but most certainly, there was life there, at one time....and a little more mass, or a different composition of the planet....and there would be a thicker atmosphere today, and multicellular life, as well.

Still, Mars is in the 'habital zone'.....

Given different circumstances, Venus, alhough slightly closer to the Sun, could have, since she is about the same size as Earth, been a harborer of life. Maybe it was so, a billion years ago?

Same with Mars....a Billion years ago...could have had life. I'm not saying intelligent, techinically advanced life!

Yet, here we are, able to contemplate...and study, and learn....and eventually, go out to study and learn more, as we did on the Moon, with robots, and eventually with Men, and to Mars, with robots....and maybe Men....and Venus, robot so far, mostly Russian.....(not likely to send men)


posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 02:09 AM

Originally posted by seagull
how does my screenname associate with Masonry?

I'm pretty sure a flying seagull looks like an inverted " w " when flying. Double U. Double letter, see? You can't fool us; we're on to you Masons.

Originally posted by weedwhacker
so, guess that's the new homosexual agenda....painting... a new R/C model, gonna build it and go fly soon, in between my chores. Homosexual agenda two, I suppose.....

I think I read about that in the paper the other day. As to a model, what type?

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by _Del_

Del....getting nto electrics....some call 'em "backyard" flyers...

Trust me, I still love the smell of Nitro in the morning!!!! But the sound Nazis are everywhere....oh! They don't mind the immigrant workers with their weedblowers, strapped to their backs!! Or the neighbor who is a woodworker with a table saw! But you fire up a model engine? The hounds descend.....

Electrics are quiet....and clean. AND, new tech in helis....very fun stuff...


posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 04:23 AM
This is one of the most whacked out threads I've ever read on ATS.. I've been crying with laughter at my computer screen as read each post... Thankyou FT for brightening up my day...

Oh can I be A secret, gay, mason, special agent too, that sounds like a real cool job.

Oh and back too the point.. Yes we landed on the moon.. Otherwise the russians would have blown the hoax wide open, remember we are only talking about 7 years after the Cuban Missile crisis, the russians would want to get even...

And I love the story of how Buzz Aldrin smashed that guy in the face, when he called him a liar and said the landings were a fake..


posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by Rock Ape
And I love the story of how Buzz Aldrin smashed that guy in the face, when he called him a liar and said the landings were a fake..

It's not a "story" it's on YouTube if you want to see it. Then there's the banquet in which he was asked to give a speech regarding what it felt like to step onto the lunar surface. Aldrin stood up speechless for a second, started crying, and ran out of the room. This is how liars controlled by Masonic blood-oaths act.

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