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The Mother Of All Conspiraces

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 09:15 PM
Okay, just doing some speculation, and come up with a grand scheme of a plan that would fit most conspiaces of Goverment Cover-Ups:


Okay, here it is, Global Warming... Its the jack-of-all-trades... Its fits everything.

9/11 Conspiracy-What better reason to go to war in the Middle East? I believe, but some would argue, that the goverment did not play a direct role in this, but this how it ties:

Okay, so the US Goverment, the most incapable thing to the public eye right? Not! So, the CIA gets intelligance that a rouge terrorist group is planning the 9/11 attacks. So, the CIA confronts Pres. Bush, and Cheney on this and their reation is somewhat like this: They agree to let it go through since it would give them reason to attack Iraq/Afganistan in the future.

I wonder what is in Iraq that is exports us 780 thousand barrels a day? You guessed right, Oil. So we take out Saddam and we put in a puppet goverment that allows us to buy oil cheap and give breaks to United States Oil Companies.


Okay, now we move onto NWO, New World Order. So who acually believes in this? Not me for one, but I decided to include it, but let it represent and number of high ranking people with their own agenda for world destruction, and this is all hypothitcal if this 'agency' acually exists, I doubt it.

So we have this group of, what I will can 'The Elites" (No Halo reference). So these guys have there own agenda for world depopulation, and how are they going to do it? Through Global Warming. As you can see the effects starting to happen now, they are planning to depoulate many 3 world countries through War and Starvation. This will happen because of this so called 'Global Warming'. Because we all want to 'save' our earth, we can to create these all new biofuels to power our houses and run our cars.

But since this takes away from overall food production, giving even less food to starving 3rd world countries. And because of this starving nation, wars will break out because of demand for food, killing off even more people, and starting riots, so this group of 'Elites' can take over quietly.

Alien Existance- Okay, here is where it gets even stranger. Many of the 'Elities' and other power hungry, money lover compaines come into play here. So they all come together and say, "hmmm.. how are we going to create this 'Global Warming' for our needs?"

This is where our alien technology comes into play. We all basically know that somehow, that our beyond of laws of phycis, that Aliens have visited Earth. There are too many dots that you can connect to put this together. So the World's goverement is secretly suppressing these Alien technologies they have recovered from these aliens.

These high-powered officals steal, or just simply ask for these technologies, or they even convince the goverment to let them use it, to create climate change. When did climiate change start to come into effect? After the 40's 50's Alien Crisis era, when Project Blue Book existed.

Global Warming/ Climate Change/Nasa Cover-Ups

Okay, so we have this climate change happening, so what now? What do we do now? Well.. it wasn't until recent that some goverments acually Reconized Global Warming... Why? Because they knew better, it was a plot orchesrated by NASA and others (Who I still don't know
NASA plays a key role in this. No one who be conviced for a minute if NASA denied it directly, except they didn't they opend it with open arms to try to convice to public.
This also deals with Aliens. We still don't know if we have acually communicated with them, but I'm pretty sure we are using their technologies. NASA and the Millitary has been suppressing hidden technology for Global Warming to help selected few for they're money-making scheme.

I thought this up and wanted to hear thoughts, and wanted people to help me think through this, and want people to help clarify this topic.

[edit on 22-4-2008 by wilmiester]


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