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Mamma say, momma say, that some high quality H2O (water boy)

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:32 PM
I was curious what your local water treatment is like... I did some searching for my area and found some basic documentation on how they treat my water and where it comes from etc...

United Water Idaho takes great pride in its ability to provide you with safe, high quality drinking water. We use a combination of surface and groundwater. Approximately 80% of your water is supplied from 88 wells located throughout the Boise area. The remaining 20% of your water comes from two surface water treatment plants (Marden Water Treatment Plant and Columbia Water Treatment Plant) which treat water from the Boise River.

This sound good so far... I like how they slowly real you in with this nice intro...

Water from our wells is treated with small amounts of disinfectant to protect against potentially hazardous microorganisms that can get into the water. We also feed very low doses of polyphosphate at 17 of our wells to sequester minerals and keep your water clear.

A disinfectant that kills micro organisms... Does this or could this harm humans? Or is it the same excuse of, it's not enough to harm you? And what is the disinfectant? They don't mention anything specific about it...

Then what is polyphosphate? I looked it up.... Can anyone explain this... Even though I read the info. it's still a little confusing for me to visualize what this does and how it would help the water... Also why does the wiki mention DNA as being an example of a polyphosphate??? That seems strange... They put this in the water... ? Someone Why?

Surface water from the Boise River is treated at our Marden Plant using an innovative upflow clarification process. This treatment process involves subsequent filtering to remove particulate matter, followed by disinfection with chlorine to destroy any harmful bacteria. In addition, we adjust the pH to reduce the corrosiveness of the water and decrease the possibility of dissolving metals from household plumbing.

Sounds good for the plumbing, but I had to look up Upflow Clarification Process and what I found, linked above, is nothing I want to figure out... Doesn't seem to be a layman's terms explanation... Anyone want to try to figure this out and explain this process please? And again with the disinfection... Does this mean our water is infected and if so by what? PH, what besides, helping our plumbing, does PH do to us, to living things? Read this and you tell me, sure looks like it could contribute... This also opens a hole new can of beans... PH seems to be very important... The fact the city controls the PH is rather worrisome...

Now does my local county have fluoride? Yep... Levels vary, but it's in all the water... Whether it's added or natural it's in it, regardless of parts per million... My local county... To check your state go Here...

So what's the quality of your water in your county or city?

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 08:28 AM

Just to remind you the Waterboy knows...


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