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Denying brightness

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 12:24 PM
What all are the things the government doesnt want you or the public to learn about in detail?

If certain of the public knew certain things in detail, then wouldnt that prove that the astral plane by astral projectors is being used for spying? There is a back door to this world and it aint by computers only. That back door may not be entered with your consent, but will be entered at desire of the astral projector because they simply can enter.
They not only enter close to this world, they enter this world's brain to read its mind's light. Those little bits of light operating in the brain can be magnified by living astral projections or certain conscious living humans. If you read through the paranomal section you will notice that they have a sense for sensing light! What makes you think they can visit any place, but not any one? The devoid is so lacking that they are even responsible for literally causing dreams of all sorts in you when you're asleep! It's time to recognize this outlaw crap going on through the back door. No, they cant hear your voiced thoughts because it's chemically coded. They can however read your imagination because it is in the form of electromagnetic/light which can be read by the living astral projection. Being engery that's alive astrally they can create a voice in the air that you can hear by the ear or can create a voice in your head that your mind can pick up. Do you understand that there is no way to not do wicked things to you astrally? Maybe to them it aint wicked, but you are not them so you have the nature right to judge what comes across to you.

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 12:36 PM
maybe you should just get used to it, or learn it yourself. If you do, you will realize no laws are being broken, and no ones privacy is being taken from them.
You should probably know that privacy is the same illusion as your chemically coded thoughts.
What if you realized you were an eternal being, and that those entities you are talking about are sometimes your self, (in the deepest truth its always yourself)
The government is an illusion as well, so is death, get over it and wake up.

If someone wishes to manipulate you for their own gain in the "physical" realm, the effects will only last about 80-120 years or so, then you will believe your body to die only to come to find that what truly matters is what you do outside of any given body before birth and after death, showing to you the game/school that the 3-d is; those that use the astral for physical gain, only buy themselves a ticket into another flesh game. I say learn from their mistakes and take your being higher than they fathom to be.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by psychedeliack

Learn it myself? I want nothing to do with them. I wont become something abominable. Forcing persons by energy from being themselves at any time is as murder in my book. No one dies, but they can still be murdered from full control of their physical body while they are being it apparently also. Astral projectors are murderers, but their world robber is me. To me, I'm not their robber, but to them, as they all will find out, I'm their robber. It's always up to another to judge another on trespassing matters whether none of us even like to.

The world of the astral related is as an non-wanted consuming/marriage to this world. Higher up will the astral projectors be dealt with. Count on it! I wont punish myself, but I can and will punish anyone violating, to me and me only, being what should be my lonely self.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 04:14 PM
I see where you come from, Its like the theory I hold that I haunt ghosts.

The world of the astral related is as an non-wanted consuming/marriage to this world

Non wanted by what or whom? Marriage to this world; is this world a blessing or a prison for you? Or both?

All Im trying to say, is if you can see yourself in those evil ones, just as clearly as you see god in yourself or your self in god, you will see that your perception of what is evil, is distorted from where you are looking.

There is no evil, there is only hierarchy of the understanding of truth.

Im not saying murder or rape is good or justified by good, Im saying the exact opposite. (but at the same time, everything is justified by good, since good is all that really exists)

Are you aware of the astral projectors who are there defending your right to be left alone? Are they abominations as well?

Personally, I know God never made any abominations, and those that exist, do so only in the minds whose sense of truth is distorted.

With that statement I quoted, you make it sound like you remember being in those higher up places where you know ONE will take care of those lower discrepancies of 'evil'; which makes me wonder why you still put any separation between you and the higher source you speak of.

And so what if someone uses it to spy, thats their own downfall of thinking that material leverage or gain has anything to do with spiritual progression, salvation or liberation.

Im not trying to judge you, just trying to drop some hints about the nature of things. (from my humble insanity)
For one, all the dealing with and judging has already happened, and even our very own illusory existence is already over, we just keep living in the memory of it, we have the ability to go between the time line of TIME(sequence of particulars), and out of time, back HOME(realizing you are the whole pretending to be the particulars for the sake of functional illusion blaring feedback into itself; the cycle of time eats itself), step out of the loop.

I dont know what compelled me to respond to your prose, somehow I think it has something to do with standing in the midsts of demons and angels and loving them all equally as the light they embody, being able to compassionately love the demons for their lack of understanding, similar to the likes of a child, unaware yet striving, in all truth, what I say probably sounds like psychobabble, and it might as well be just that, but there are those who understand to the "T", and we all pray for the liberation of minds stuck on realms where they think anything is out to get them that wont help them become more aware of truth. God bless your soul, we are ALL ONE, demons included, either learn how to liberate demons, be content with their existence, or just distract yourself from the whole issue with explanations for why something is "evil" and not just God's way of teaching particulars of ONE how to embody and rise above it.

PS, you cannot be lonely if God supports the entire reality you take place in
(I hope im not violating to you, I am nothing and no one, a leaf in the wind, a circle in a square, a thought which quickly fades, in the end, I am only love with a hint of understanding)

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by psychedeliack

I defind evil as disreguard. If someone smacks you continueously, and you tell em to stop, and they wont, then they have disreguarded you as a person that one should heed. That's evil. And if ever that someone is disreguarded from being brought to justice, then there is iniquity in the works. Wicked has an -ed because the wicked will be disreguarded in a worse way for disreguard towards this life.

God Almighty may be astral projectors altogether, but God Almighty is far from existing as me while close to being as me and even being defined as me. The most High (Satan) is as me, and the most High is far from God (the devil). Pretty soon it will be made clear about how come Satan was disreguarded from God Almighty. Satan is the Devil which is far from the devil. Notice the capital D from the lower case d? It's even in Revelation because the Lamb was dirtied up by a close definding put by God Almighty (the devil which is all astral projectors combined as one). You spell Devil in reverse you get Lived which is pastence which can mean a person by name disreguarded.

Satan has an own Voice seperate from God, and the voice is as a trumpet warning God Almighty to heed and reguard us who are as Satan.

"He who has an ear to hear, let him hear".

^^Notice it in revelation 13? Let the beast hear it's implying. How can it be? This means us of Satan are the beast.

Satan has been far from evil since the beginning/end where the worlds join. Yes, there are two Beings (Worlds) so each person is either of one or another.

Satan, the Dragon, the Ancient of days, and the Lamb is the same Being which is 'the true Apocalpse' (put as 'the false prophet' in revelation which is actually the true prophet if Satan is given a chance to speak without God keeping him shut and spoken for).

Those who receive the mark are all the devil (God Almighty). And with the mark they especially can buy or sell, etc.

God Almight, the Prince of princes (previously named Micheal), the holy and mighty ppl, the Son, the most Holy, the Holy Ghost, and the devil is the same Being of the astral projectors.

That serpent, the angels of heaven is God Almighty being the physical bodies of Satan since they can manipulate the physical by the paranomal astral aspect. Thus an angel of God in an abominable way is this body of mines.

Man is Satan's, but God Almighty, being a murderer, abtains full operation of certain of bodies of man sometime before the particular of man is born. God Almight is a murderer in two ways by that. Indeed certain ppl who stand are of desolation because of Satan's person is suppossed to be there instead of one of God Almighty. It can be made clear that God Almighty is an alien race even because they choose to effect and disreguard us who are far from doing astral things altogether. And they of God Almighty disreguard themselves being brought to justice when it suits them so they can remain to continue in doing evil humanly and plus astrally.

All in all, it's about to go down. God Almighty and I mean Almighty at how far God Almighty got in every ones knowledge as good and just will be dealt with. The true is God Almight is foul persons making themselves out a white as in clean. And if you must understand a head of Satan whose wound was disreguarded live because of the wicked is Me. Anyone that is an astral projector following me knows this.

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We are far from one. You welcome those astral projectors all you want if you dont think you're lacking self-respect. Surely the astral projectors disrespect ppl far from being them as if nothing can be done about it. O but something indeed can and will be done. The whole world of them will be a witness and then an experiencer of what is in store For Me. Meaning it'll work for me concerning them.

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