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Are You Stockpiling Now? If so, what?

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:16 PM
Looking at this, about 50% of everyone in this forum are from britain, and think that 1: they can GROW food, 2: they can STEAL food, 3: they can HUNT for food, 4: that they can FORAGE for food, and 5 that their .22LR rifle will do them any good as a self defense weapon. Yeah I hear you saying that it's better to have something than nothing, so why don't you get SOMETHING instead of this .NOTHING LR?

And it costs 2£ for 50 rounds of .22LR, you do NOT get 1000 rounds for the price of one box of 50 rounds 9mmx19 (6£ for combat ammunition) nor one box of 50 rounds .223 (30£ for combat ammo) and you ARE better off with 9mm or .223 than with a .22LR.

I think the problem is you english guys don't understand the reality of this problem, maybe you are very young in which case you are excused, but running up on 30 years old then you should be able to separate facts from fiction and have an understanding of reality.
A .22LR unless aimed at my head, would not kill me very fast at all. And I and everyone around me have 5,56x45, 7,62x51 and .338 LM rifles to get you with, so you are outgunned no matter what.

Besides, if you are in england then a pistol will be the only weapon you will be able to carry anywhere, unless you actually manage to be stealthy and move at night in extra-urban areas.

But time to face the grim reality. Nobody is going to get anything useful out of the wild after nuclear contamination becomes a fact of life.
The sea-fish are the first to go. I reckon I can get twice as much canned meat for some of my canned bacalao, after this happens.

Survival will not be for the lone wolf. You will be supplying your entire family, plus you will need your entire community/town in order to defend first against the muslims, then against the U.N. take-your-guns-away forces and then the muslims again, and then against the FAO forces and then against the weapon grabbing U.N. again and then you will starve to death and others will get killed by whoever has any weapons left, for whatever food they imagine you to have left, and perhaps even to BE food, this will happen to some, and eventually everyone will freeze to death in a perpetual february with snow to boot, for years on end.

The governments will be safe underground, so they will not need to worry, in fact they will send out sweeper teams afterwards, to kill anyone who may remain alive on the surface.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the consentration camps. Let's just say that you will start to have sympathy for the suffering you have put every british country through, and especially Ireland, with the consentration camps and endless house to house and person searches.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 03:04 PM
I'm not sure if I read every post in this thread but I don't recall seeing anyone mention "Y2K." Surely some readers/posters besides myself that prepared for that looming catastrophe. Sometimes I think it was Government social experiment to see what percentage of the population would 1) take the 'threat' seriously and 2) what percentage of those folks would be organizers. For all I know Y28 - Y212 was foreseen if not planned by NWO leaders and Y2K was the test run in mass fear/preparedness/survivalism.

I was a community organizer and what I take from it all now is that one can't prepare for the Great Catastrophe. I mean, obviously you can, but how far do you go? If I could do it again -talking to large and small groups of people- I'd suggest first off: If you wouldn't want to eat it at least once a week now you won't want to it eat it everyday, even if you must. I mean you could raise rats instead of chickens but.... MRE, Meals Ready to Eat. Someone had mentioned self-sufficiency. Great idea. Homegrown vegies etc to go in the stockpiles rice or barley or whatever.

bought a nice small Katydyn water filter for the 'just in case.' I bought 4 or 6 50 gallon drums that were clean and never used for storing chemicals. I got heavy, food-grade (?) plastic sack/liners for the drums and filled them with water, added appropriate amount of unscented bleach then tied off the plastic bag, sealed the metal drums. IF there is a flu pandemic (I've heard a man on Coast to Coast AM who is convinced this is coming soon) then water delivery-purification-treatment will stop. Everything will stop basically.

Back in 1999 I wrote a bit on a forum somewhere that the “best hope” for Y2K would be a thoroughly catastrophic breakdown of American society, large enough to topple The Powers That Be. Otherwise, well, a small breakdown, small catastrophes would mean...gee, kind of like what we seem to be approaching now in '08.

Katrina shows us that we should be prepared to be on our own for at least 2 weeks. I believe that Red Cross now recommends enough on hand for 2 weeks, rather than their old (1999) 3 days. I am so poor these days, though employed 30 hrs per week with wife 40 hrs, that I can't do a lot. If I could I'd have enough edible, preferred food on hand to last each of us in my family for 3 months.

One purchase has served me very well: my Aladdin lamp, has a mantle inside the glass cone? Recent storm (Dec.) cut our electricity off for 3 days. The lamp (safe to burn in closed bedroom) heated the bedroom from 56F to a toasty 64 in about 30 minutes. Can also rig up a tripod over it to boil water/cook food. Great investment.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:10 PM
I'm suprised nobody had mentioned Hardtack, yet. Those superhard biscuts sailors, military soldiers, and alaskans eat very often. They're very simple- 4parts flour to about 1 part water (or until you get something that stays together) with a pinch of salt, dried out completely. They're so hard and dry that if you don't soften them in a liquid like water or coffee, they'll quite possibly break your teeth!
They travel well, and last (from what I've heard) indefinitely. I've never had one go bad on me.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 04:52 PM
Has anyone tried the steriPens ? I saw them on ebay and they look like a very simple way to have good water to drink. Anyone have any thoughts?

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 06:59 PM
Perhaps the rise in prices for the food we consume is related to the increase in fuel prices. If it costs more to transport food the trucking companies definitely aren't going to eat that extra cost they will pass it on to the consumer.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:04 PM
I'm doing the normal stuff like dried goods, ammo, two blondes over easy

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:20 PM

Originally posted by erniemink1

You betcha... did you know just how much MONEY you can save by stock piling? Stores have sales... Turkeys are cheap on Thangsgiving day 5.00 for one that normal goes for 25.00

Stick a few in the freezer

Store go out of business... tons of saving by stockpiling...

Even if you don't believe in 'being prepared for the worst' just think of the bucks...

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:31 PM

Originally posted by thelibra'

The signs are clear. The food shortages are not only obvious, it's getting to the point where even the U.S., the breadbasket of the world, is about to re-institute rationing. This is an example of Situation-X looming on the very near horizon.

Are you stockpiling anything now? If so, what?
I myself intend on taking no chances.

We always start stockpiling this time of year. Hurricane Season starts in about a month!

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:33 PM

Originally posted by alienib
I'm doing the normal stuff like dried goods, ammo, two blondes over easy

2 Blondes? Do you live in Eldorado, Texas?

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:36 PM
How did you know I was from Texas???

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 08:56 PM
Barring a nuclear fallout scenario (where everybody above ground dies within two years from disease or starvation), planting a garden is a good idea. Even a patio garden where everything is planted in containers is better than nothing and good practice.

Tomatoes can be grown upside down easily with herbs or greens grown in the upright portion of the planter. I've done it. Tomatoes were rich and red in color and the thyme and basil herbs grew well in the upper section of the five-gallon bucket I used to plant the upside down tomatoes. There are tons of ideas to survive hard times no matter what country you are in. All you do is type in "survival bushcraft forage" into the Google search engine. Results will lead to new words and concepts to search out.

IF the guv'ment boys come for us, no matter the country, they'll come for the troublemakers (loud mouth anti-government types) and the women after seizing all bank accounts and property owned by resistors. Propaganda will roll off the printing presses and bog down the Internet as it is made to seem right that this is done. People will be worrying about feeding their families more than some anti-government types protesting the WTO and being hauled off to some coliseum en masse for execution. Somebody has to be the scapegoat. Maybe next time it will be you because you look different.

Rounding up the weapons will result in street skirmishes that will be stopped with small missile air strikes for the better organized resistors (that's my personal opinion btw). Of course, this will never make the news like Ruby Ridge. Gang bangers (Bloods, Crypts, etc) either comply with the CIA or any other 3-letter guv'ment agency or have all the '___' and crack coc aine they can ingest dumped into their water supply. Severe birth defect or abortion inducing chemicals will be dumped into the water and air of large, spread out pockets of resistors (western USA) . This pretty much guarantees any resistance won't go over two generations.

What exactly is in a comtrail? You know those criss-cross patterns in the sky that you know doesn't happen by accident. I've heard human red blood cells have been found in them, as well as bacteria that can only be grown in labs.

During the American Civil War in the 1800s, the Yankee soldiers surrounded Vicksburg, MS and starved out the final remnant of the Confederate resistors. Women and children were starved, too. That's my government, people. The same today as it was in the 1800s and a whole lot more vicious with time and practice.

All these decades of scientifically studying human behavior will aid in "training" people to confirm. For the Americans, it's fast food, entertainment, and drugs. Don't know what the Brits or French or Arabs will be seduced into believing to make them conform.

So, what will I stockpile in the face of the coming hard times? Hard tack sounds good. Easy to make and store. Lots of knowledge about wild edible foods will be stockpiled in my mind. Survival hunting and fishing techniques, too. I'll own simple firearms, so it won't hurt so much when the government comes to get them. Losing a $1000 rifle and a $1000 scope would have me crying like a little girl. I'll be in my sixties or seventies by the time that happens if things in the world keeps speeding up like it's been doing since the late 1800s. I'll learn how to make soap from fat and wood ash lye. I'll learn how to dry vegetables in the sun and how to salt fish and meat and smoke the bugs out, so I can have food in winter. I'll learn survival medicine and survival evasion tactics. A bullet in the head after being trucked into a coliseum full of people who don't fit in doesn't appeal to me as a way to die with honor.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:09 PM
There's one thing all stockpilers I know forget about. Let's say I have a 6-month supply of food for my wife and me. But what about my kids and grandkids? I can't let them starve, so my daughter and her husband come over (multiply the rest of this by 3--logarithmically -- for my other kids).

My son-in-law wants to bring my daughter and their kids over to share my food but he won't eat. His mother has no food and his sisters have no food. He isn't eating while his own family starves. So we invite his family over... The same thing happens with their families.

Do I turn them all away? No. So whether they should have prepared or not, I share my food. Considering disaster travel time before everyone shows up, my food lasts, if I am lucky, 2 weeks if I only share with my family.

But my neighbor and his family are starving. They're my friends. Do I watch his daughter starve? No, of course not. I share. As long as I have food to share and there's someone to share it with, I am passing out food.

Now my other neighbor is starving, too. But rather than coming to the door with an empty bowl in his hands, he comes over with a gun. Well, I share my bullets with him... Rapid fire. But anyone who comes hungry will go away filled if I have food.

Now let's talk about water. First off, the week or two that FEMA or others suggest is not enough. For a Katrina-like disaster, you better have a month's supply. There were people dying for lack of water weeks afterwards.

I have seen a few posts here where people said they live by Lake Michigan, or the Colorado River. Don't count on those supplies in any large-scale disaster. Access to those water supplies, and all lakes, rivers, reserviors, etc., will be tightly guarded for at least three reasons I can think of:

1. Protection of the water supply; preventing deliberate or accidental contamination.

2. Because "they" are entitled and you, probably, are not. You are a drone.

3. Access to water is what will bring dissidents into compliance. All of your dried wheat or rice, or dehydrated everything-under-the-sun is completely worthless without water. You may have huge stores of food and will starve or dry up and die sitting there guarding it. The tradeoff for water will be registration with authorities and compliance with whatever requirements are placed on you to get that water.

Just some things to think about.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:31 PM
I have been stockpiling for years. After going hungry I decided that would never happen again. I grow my own garden and can everything extra I grow. When I make soup, stew or other like meals I can at least 4 quarts to put back. I always fix big batches so I can do that. I also have a question: Could a still also be used for distilling water? Use a filter system to start with, then use a moonshine still to run the water through to kill any bacteria or viruses that made it through the filter. I do believe it might make the water store longer (I might be wrong on that). Any way I intend on being prepared. I live a pretty self sustaining lifestyle now and I don't see that changing only thing is I will keep learning for me, my boys, and my family.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by TheRedneck

I agree that you do more service to you and your family by becoming self sufficient. Another thing to research is the food sources that are available in your area that are free...for instance - if you live near a water source that is host to cat tails that their roots are a good source of carbohydrates? There are so many flowers and plants that you can eat every day and will provide the nutritional source your body needs and if found, or grown in your yard, can be free. Take for example dandelions. Most people spend good money making their yards look green. Dandelions are an excellent, if not the best, source for vitamins, work as a good colon cleanse, detoxify the liver and kidneys and is an excellent diuretic (gets rid of water in the body). You can add them to your salads or eat raw.

I am stock piling canned goods, rice, beans and every kind of dry food available. I have committed to spending an additional $50 a month to do so. When you purchase canned goods for a dollar, the amount you stock pile adds up quickly. Someone mentioned a 50 gallon drum. You can get one to put your beans in - in the original bag - so the mice don't find them.

We are also storing water. In galons in the basement. The only bad thing about storing water in jugs is that they don't really last more than 6-8 months, so you do have to rotate.

I put expiration dates in black perm. marker so when I walk into my storage room, I know when every item will expire. As the time gets close, I will just rotate with newer items. Works very well.

Secondly, I don't want to waste money creating a nice room - so I used old cinder blocks and pieces of wood to make shelves.

If you do a search, you will be able to find info on how to create a shelter. I advise anyone to look into this seriously. There are very specific measures that can be taken to assure your small space is OK if there is a nuc. attack. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. The closest major city to us is Chicago, which is 5 hours away. If Chicago were to be hit with a nuc. bomb, we would be still be affected slightly by radiation. You can use your galons of water as a shield against radiation if they are placed in the rafters of a basement room. Lots of good info on the web. Do a search and start planning something that will work for your family.

My last advice, and possibly the most imporant. Don't tell your neighbors or family members what you are doing. If push comes to shove, your house will most likely be the first to be raided. I'd store food and supplies in a room that has no windows, or those that can be covered and only invite family in when they need to use it, not before hand. You don't want them talking to their friends, which could present problems if they are in need of food and you have it.

I am also storing medical supplies. Alcohol, iodine, crutches, stitches (sutures), needles, water purification system (I like reverse osmosis, but it wastes more water than it makes so might not be a good option if water is tight), betadine, 4x4" gauze bandages, tape, batteries, flashlights, matches, candles, emergency radio, tent and camping supplies, fuel bottles if I need to cook and electricity is out, toothpaste and extra tooth brushes, medical examinationn gloves (in case someone outside my family needs medical attention), books with info on edible plants local to my region, cash... you name it, it can probably be saved.

Hope this helped.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 11:28 PM
today I purchased 2 LARGE canvas ~bug out bags~ and spent the latter of the afternoon rigging them to run. As I was looking for food to put in them I decided on a large cannister of dryed mashed potatoes and the same size cannister of oat meal.......each one of these things has 36 servings. I tossed in a bag of brown sugar to sweeten the oats and I am calling that good. I stocked them with meds, first aid kit, personal cleansing items, lighters and fire making things, 2 rolls of TP.....small binoculars and a magnifying glass. knives & cutting tools...

Now I need to pick up some energy bars, and a good water purifier, a couple tarps......
I need to pack bedding and shelter items, extra clothing and I will feel somewhat prepared to run.

Now stocking the home is a whole other ballgame. I have canned goods and dry goods to last a month or more......I have bottled water and water in jugs....I don't think I have a months water but I would be fine for a couple of weeks....I have a tin of powdered eggs that equal 200 eggs.....I have a good supply of vitimans and medications, and personal cleansing products.

I used to have big 50 gallon air tight drums of several different grains and beans but I sold them in harder times in 2003

DAM I even had a 50 gallon drum of honey....this was all part of my Y2K preparation.

I drive a subaru outback so it is a 4 wheel drive that I can take right off the road and drive into a cave if I could find it and the car would be a good shelter.......or just be able to bypass packed and clogged roads by going around. The car is amazing in where you can drive it but it is not very high off the ground so it COULD high center if your not paying close can always be driven onto some deep woods and just parked as a shelter......(but OMG please do not make that nessesary) I cant imagine staying in our home is gunna work out long term in an emergency as it is in a pretty dang big city......I have very good friends 200 miles away and that is where I would head to no doubt about it.

I am TRYING VERY HARD to save up to relocate closer to four corners area. My gut screams at me that we NEED to move there.......I have said that on this board a few times now over the past 4 years......I am a poor single mom just barley getting by and saving enough to relocate has not been possible yet...........but I have a dream

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 12:22 AM
If you have some extra cash this would be an excellent place to put it for future use if and when the grids go down and you are in need of fresh water .


There are a number of hand pumps on the market, but which is the right one for you? Let's take a look at some of the differences and the prices associated with the hand pump.[/qoute]

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by observe50

I don't know where you live, but find somewhere to buy food cheaper. I shop at Grocery Outlet; there may not be one in your area, but you can find other bulk stores (Sam's Club/Costco) or other smaller businesses like Big Lots in most areas.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 06:32 AM
$3500 of pre-packaged freeze dried food
300 lb rice
400 lb of salt
canning equipment
lots of fruit and veggies in glass containers
various canned goods and I hate the taste of tin
3000 lb of ferilizer and lime
huge tubs of seed such as corn, string beans, beets, etc.
110 gallons of diesel for the tractor
55 gallons of gas
5 horses
50 head of cattle
Extremely good medical kit. Im able to do field surgery along with treating any kind of infection and extreme pain
2 - AR-15s fully auto with 10,000 rounds of ammo plus many more side arms, shotguns, and rifles
Armour vests
Cabin and farm in remote area on dirt dead end road. Neighbors have developed a self defense plan for our hollow complete with sniper positions and check points. We all have 5 watt radios.
Ham radio set up
Bug out plan in place - Bug out kit in car with alternate route plans to reach secure destination
Hand picked select group of friends who are well armed and who have made serious contributions to the food cache
etc. etc. etc. etc.

I hate to sound criptic but some of you plan to make it through a crisis with a bath tub of water. Maybe you can drown yourself in it when times get tough. Get a real plan, start on it today!!

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 08:43 AM
I started a garden in my backyard. I've planted snap beans, cucumbers, strawberries, tomato. We have tons of can goods, rice, powered milk, powder mash potatoes. I'll be good to go

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:02 AM
I see a lot of you are planning to hunt for food. Rest assured that every critter in my little valley will be protected as much as possible. We are ready to turn back all the hungry and will shoot to kill all treaspassers. You are going to be sh*t out of luck thinking your going to be able to live off the land. Go out and try it now but take some power bars with you cause your going to get very hungry and very weak. Stock pile what you can right now and then go try to live on it for a couple of weeks. See what works and what leaves a lot to be desired. The freeze dried stuff tastes like crap. Take notes and come up with a diet plan that meets nutritional needs. As someone posted, there is you and the wife and a one year supply of food, now add the son and his girl friend and it's now six months and so on. Our community took this into account when we devised our survival plans. We have a list of who we will let in and most of them are required to contribute to the community food bank on a monthly basis to be worthy of the entrance pass. It's not going to be, well I know such and such, and get in. The hard choices will be made even though we have allowed extra food for exceptions.
Try and work out your plans with friends so you can develope a bug out location, stock pile joint food and water. Your going to be a lot safer as a group then you would be as an individual.

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