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Natural shapes and anomalies (was Teachings of wisdom)

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 05:41 AM
I can not count how many threads there have been where people insist that "this rock on mars" or "this ridge on the moon" is not natural because of it looks too straight, or is a cube or some other regular shape...or even that things are placed symmetrically. So many members waste their time and effort on denying the ignorance of these people to natures wonderful abilities that I have decided that a bit of schooling is needed on what affects pictures.

I hope to continue adding notes like this (if people like them) that explain certain facts and anomalies that people might misconstrued as "weird or alien".

So first up is why a natural formation can really be natural.

I think the best way to show this is with some examples.

This image shows a scanning electron microscope image of a piece of gold crystal.

©AMNH/George Harlow

Notice how almost exactly cube like it is.

This next one I think is a fascinating example of structure in nature, a cube of cubes.


And one last image of cubes.

This picture shows salt grains.

ok onto other shapes.
Hexagons are common in nature too...heres some examples.

shows a honeycomb of a bees hive.

Shows the basalt columns of the giants causeway in Ireland.
and here is a closeup of the structure.

here is another place that has basalt columns (do a google search on basalt columns to see more!)

Spirals are also commonplace in nature and here is a picture to prove it.

I am sure I dont need to go on about how other regular shapes are found in nature to prove that stright lines and regular curves can be present in natural formations.

Lets move on to symmetry, obviously everyone knows that snowflakes are unique and symmetrical..just incase though, here is a closeup of a snowflake.

Butterfly wings are also an example of symmetry in nature.

OK other facts about placement of objects.

When three objects are placed in any way (other than a straight line) they will ALWAYS make a triangle.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that makes people see recognisable shapes/faces in otherwise random patterns, it is the basis of the Roschach test (ink blots).
This is why people see animals and faces in cloud/smoke/moon pictures/etc
This perseption also changes with age and what your "trying" to see

If you look at clouds wanting to see elephants, you will eventually find one that does, if however you want to see will.

It is this psychological fact that allows people to see structures in photos of the moon/mars/where ever.

Below is a series of photos of natural things that you will almost certainly see a "face" in, even though its not there.

infact for a wonderful site on this visit here Clicky

I am sure I have missed something that someone will mention but I do intend on doing more of these teaching posts so that people dont have to waste time explaining basics to people.

Hope this helps in some way.

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