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Ohio Sigthing

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by Zeptepi

Thanks so much Chris, for your thoughtful follow-up.
You got to the bottom of your sighting, and came back to tell us!
That in itself, is outstanding!

Your objectivity about your own sighting is very refreshing to see.

In my humble opinion, you are going to be a fantastic member!
I am going to add you to my list of friends, if you don’t mind.

Again, welcome to ATS


Well said Zeptepi. I have to agree 100%! Thanks for clearing up your sighting Chris. I've also added you to my friends list. We could use more objectivity around here and it really is appreciated that you were so thorough. Great job!

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 02:33 PM

Who in the world supplies these balloons!? My goodness, I mean every time there is a sighting there is always a balloon somewhere in that equation.


I think some army surplus stores have them. They are usually too decayed to use however.

Also thanks to everyone for the complements. No problem with becoming friends either.

If you are curious about me you can find my youtube account, same user name as my ATS account.
If i ever get any video footage it will for sure be posted there.

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My conclusion
After reading some other threads about phoenix it does seem very similar to what I saw but a few questions still remain.

One other problem is the reliability of my source (my boss). His story matched what I read on other threads and heard in video clips about the phoenix hoax nearly exactly. Especially the time frame. When he first told me about the radio show and the DJ talking he said the man launched the balloons at about 8pm... This leaves a 2 hour gap for the flares to reach altitude and stay ignited.

My first question, are flares available that last two or more hours? He told me they are, and truckers commonly have them. But after a little digging online i cant find any chemical flares which burn that long. (doesn't mean they don't exist)

If they do exist they would definitely be quite heavy, so they would require some pretty big balloons or many small balloons to stay aloft.

Next problem, Why did the lights fade in and out? A flare should have appeared with a constant brightness. I can dismiss this problem as an issue with cloud cover. However I do not recall the stars in the same area fading. Or maybe I saw the flares just as they began to burn out, this could cause a flashing or fading effect.

And what about the airplane I saw that looked to head towards the lights? I have no explanation of this. Perhaps a curious recreational pilot?

Also how do you explain the movement of the balloons relative to each other? They stayed in the same point of the sky, I could see them against a few stars so I used the *triangle trick. Even if they were tethered they would drift horizontally. What I saw did not seem to move that way. The lights all stayed in a group keeping roughly the same distance from each other but changing "formation" and not moving relative to the stars.


I cannot completely rely on his interpretation to be 100% true..
He tends to "wing it" sometimes. That's putting it lightly.

I made a decision to announce the information I had about the radio story as fact before I even attempted to confirm it.

As of right now I cannot confirm that the radio call even occurred.

Still the balloon explanation seems far more likely to me than an experimental aircraft or alien spacecraft as I hoped I saw.

So My final conclusion I believe beyond reasonable doubt that it was a hoax, possibly inspired by phoenix or dreamed up independently.

I look into my investigations looking to prove that something is NOT what I want it to be. I wanted this to be a genuine unexplainable sighting, but it just isn't.

*Triangle Trick - If you ever see something in the sky and you aren't sure if its moving look for stars around it and draw an imaginary triangle using the object as one vertex and 2 stars as the others. If the triangle falls apart then you have a moving object. This can work during the day with trees but it is harder to do when the triangle is larger.

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