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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 07:32 PM
If you've used any ATM there is a picture of you. Make that many pictures of you with all the sorts of hair styles and clothings (your winter look, your summer look, and your spring/fall look). What makes you think the government isn't working on keeping a profile on you that's used to be an additional form of an historical ID/mapping ID?

Where you usually go and normally look like is as a person map. Yes, even a person is as a city. Know it doesnt have to be about how much money you've taken out either.

Banks and government together make up a timely gridlock in more than one way.

If we change the government we must also change the banks. Instead of owners of banks there sould be heads of banks. Those heads of banks should be voted in by election by the ppl. If we want to remove the elite and ensure there is no elite to keep time on their hand or lock in a corruptive monetary- to-lending arrangement with the government.

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