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City councillor Gavin Web under fire

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 04:10 PM

City councillor Gavin Webb could be thrown off a school's board of governors after making controversial calls to legalise heroin and prostitution.Liberal Democrat (Libertarian) councillor Gavin Webb's position is being reviewed after publicly expressing controversial views.

Thistley Hough High School, in Penkhull, could now decide to sack him from its board of governors.

The chair of governors, Gill Miller, said she is seeking advice on Mr Webb's position in light of complaints about comments he hasmade.

She said: "I have alerted the governing support unit at the city council and the governing body is currently considering Mr Webb's position."

Talking about drugs, Mr Webb said: "I believe we should legalise the lot, including the most harmful substance heroin."

He has also described the police's drug-busting Operation Nemesis as a "waste of money".

He has also said: "The only person one can trust in protecting one's own life, is oneself. That is why I also advocate that individuals should have the right to carry a handgun."

There was a time when a citizen was allowed to carry a pistol for personal protection and aiding police in upholding the law. Now you have to make a phone call and wait 30 minutes. Can't even pepper spray a rapist without being charged with assault and possession of a section 5 firearm.

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 10:39 AM
Legalise Heroin and Prostitution? In a word - NO!.

Mr Webb works on school board yes, so surely he would be in the best position to comment on the danger and the damage heroin causes! Especially to young people.

Whilst I understand the point Liberals make about how "you have the choice" blah blah, and yes its a fair point. But legalising a drug like this cannot simply occur, impressionable children will end up getting hooked on the stuff and we have a downward spiral.

How would Mr Webb like it if half of the kids in his school he is a governor of come in everyday smacked off their face? Not exactly going to be learning much will they?

Prostitution on the other hand is a different matter. In my opinion, as long as nobody is being forced into anything, then fair enough. Not to say I agree with it, but I understand the causes, which is mainly poverty. If this was solved perhaps prostitution would not need to be even considered?

After making these comments anyway, I don't he should ever go near a school again! Let alone be a governor.

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