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Digging the rest up

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 12:30 PM
Though the physical human body will have passed away the mind minus memory of this world as a human being lives continous. By having lost this memory of this world as a human you then re-gain previous Memory of your true Being and Nature. You wont know any one, place, or thing because you will have knew already any and every one, place, and thing.

Right now you are a downgrade of your true Being and Nature. You shall dig the rest of you up once ditched is this memory you now have. The rest of you goes in and out of sleep as you now. Pretty soon the rest of you will become awaken in the here and now while you're a physical human or while it changes your physical body for a higher grade while fleeing off this lower grade. Many left standing will get to experience such an event unlike those who previously humanly passed away.

If you have to know now what you already knew, then it's because now you've been put away from what you already knew. Thus you are a downgrade set so to strive for the 1up of a specific kind you can wildly imagine.

Each of you shall reveal to yourselves the true you either which way. It will seem paranormal, too.

How many of you have experience in re-gaining what you knew as though you already knew it and skipped/leaped getting to know it?

Does a prophet tell the future before it happens? How? A prophet tells what they already knew that's set to reveal in another array to real life? Every actual prophet is a living apocalypse revealing already knew programs that shall have come to pass since programs of a higher authority do override the who or its surrounding casing it such as its very physical body.

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