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My strange dreams

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 09:09 AM
Hi, I joined this place to discuss these dreams I have been having.
I have been been getting consistantly very weird dreams, over this last few weeks.
They having been getting stranger and stranger, My latest one was truely

I only realy can remember the last few seconds... well I can only recall a few seconds of the dream.

I have very recently moved house, "The dream" I had just awoke me and my girlfriend in my new house,
(everything in the dream was as it was in real life, ie the furniture and where the bed was positioned. everything!
Many of you will be familiar with having dreams that seem prity real. well this was one of them. It realy did feel like
I had just woke up and that this was real life. Anyway.. We were laying there on my bed, the head of my bed is placed right
at the window. So I turned round and popped my head under the blinds to have a look at what kinda day it was.
looked about and it was a quality looking morning, had a look up into the blue sky and notice thousands of these
things in the sky. so I sit myself up sorta in a neeling posistion on my bed in oder to have a better look.
So I tell the girlfriend come have a look at this, and she sits up beside me and we both are kinda staring at these objects
trying to speculate what the hell they could be. We very quickly realise that they are not normal.
They look like they are miles high in the sky, just kinda look like white dots. but as we watch futher, they apear to
be getting closer and closer, and they I can start making out strange shapes. They are white in appearance with a small bit of glare
coming out of one side. As they get closer and then very near to my window they sorta stay the same size as they were
when seen for far away. they are then right out side my window and we are kinda scared at this point, One peels of course
and heads slowly in our direction and we moved back and it just come through the window as tho its not there. passes through with out
breaking window.its then in the room and keeps coming for us slowly, we fall back onto the bed and we sorta freeze and watch it
come closer, it very slowly disappears under my girlfriends skin on her wrist. I then wake up, and its weird because everything looks
like it was 2 seconds ago in the dream, apart from my girlfriend was not there, she didt stay that night. So I'm sorta freaking out
and I blast my head out the window and looked about to see if these things were out there. but nothing was there. I felt very weird
after. I just lay there going over what had just happened. then went about my day as normal after. But it was the strangest thing that
has ever happened to me, just the way I felt after.

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