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Whats in Store for the rest of 2008?

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 01:35 AM
Time to do it again folks, after three long years, it's back.

1. During the last campaign run, Senator Obama gets shot, and shocks many...we later find out that it was just a paintball gun, and the red was actually Pluckers "It Hurts" hot sauce.

2. Ralph Nader will have a heart attack and fall dead after being beaten in the presidential elections like always. John McCain gets nervous because Ralph is younger than he is. He then becomes a Christian Elitist and is beaten up by Oprah.

3. Lewis Black's new TV Show "Root of All Evil" will reach number one on Comedy Central's Ratings, Comedy Central is amazed to learn that most tune-in's are from the Roman Catholic Church.

4. George Bush is rushed off to the hospital after choking on another pretzel, this time it spreads beyond the general media and is used in a plot.

5. And that plot is...
Terrorists attack America with 350,000 pounds of stright-pretzels, ending hunger in the United States, South Africa declairs war on America for not sharing, but quickly backs down after they remember they can't reach.

6. Briteny Spears will OD, and pass away, unfortunately the news networks have already put a production called "What is Briteny Doing Now?", and are forced to spend 24 hours sitting in front of urn.

7. Tom Cruise finally comes out of the closet, holding hands with Jesse McCartney, this causes an uproar, and both are immediately executed by fans.

8. Michael Jackson will still molest little boys.

9. O.J. Simpson makes another apperance after a mask is found underneath the bed of now dead, superstar basketball player, Kobe Bryant. Simpson claims he didn't do it, but believes the person who did, did it for society.

10. Tupac rises from the dead, along with Malcom X, and begins a rabbid rampage of slaying democrats and republicans in the United States, under the alias, The Republicrat Mincer.

Thank you and good night.

[edit on 21.4.2008 by Shugo]

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