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Is good food only for the rich? Is FOOD the new population control?

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 05:34 PM
There is enough oil to last 200 years. Period. Peak oil and carbon tax were fabricated by the Elite oil monopoly both to make an extra buck (not completely necessary, as they create money out of nothing), and to divide the economy into 10 subregions. Oil "shortages" are artificial shortages designed to be a population control mechanism.

Governments started producing biofuels. They are, as I explained above, 100% necessary, but help justify the current food shortages. Open any news site and you will read about the food shortages in the 3rd world.

The 3rd world will be hit with the Agenda the hardest.

But in the US...

There will be food. But will it be good food?

The only food worth buying is the "organic" food. As a comparison, a dozen of organic eggs costs $5, while a dozen or non-organic eggs costs $2.

I don't know what the # goes into the non-organic food, but one person I know got a serious allergic reaction to cheap eggs.

Yes, he always buys organic, natural food. One day, he accidentally bought non-organic eggs, and as a result, got some serious allergies.

That is to say about all the crap in cheap food. And then fast food. Ever wonder why we are the fattest nation?

Will "good food" be only for the rich?

Will FOOD, of all things, be used to control us? As a population reduction campaign? To get rid of 3rd world and lower-class "undesirables"?

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 05:41 PM
Yes, essentially... if you want to buy food without the poison, you gotta pay extra.

The plan seems to be to poison the poor.

These people WILL NOT STOP... EVER. They are the most genocidal, mass-murdering, evil, and corrupt souls on the face of the earth.

And they're the ones our government caters to!

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 06:27 PM
and these are the reasons people have a garden, buy some seeds grow some stuff and eat healthy.

As for food, Canada already is doing a carbon tax but we are really lacking on the Kyoto Protocol.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 07:20 PM
Are you trying to say that McDonald's et al. has been created for a purpose of delivering toxic food to the under-classes?

Americans are the ''fattest / largest'' (whatever is PC) for a reason - they have the greatest 'choice' of any other nation. However, with choice comes responsibility of the end-user. Some Americans feel that their freedom is placed in their ability to choose material things, rather than their rights as individuals.

Will "good food" be only for the rich?

I think those who work hard for a living (and possibly get educated) will be able to feed themselves well, and everyone is capable of that! There are no excuses there!!

Will FOOD, of all things, be used to control us? As a population reduction campaign? To get rid of 3rd world and lower-class "undesirables"?

Food as a population reduction campaign - everyone of your assumptions appears to be a population reduction exercise. Everything appears to be for an alternative reason. People are starving in Africa - well then, that must be due to the deliberate and willful control of the population by nasty humans etc.

The reason certain African (or poor nations) are in such poor agricultural shape (which is a long term problem) is down to two core reasons: 1. their land and riches were raped by European colonists for their own development and greed, leaving the natives with nothing, including an infrastructure; and 2. their weather system is not sustainable enough to allow for continual growth of the right sustenance.

People have been large or hungry since the dawn of time, survival of the fittest - thats Mother Nature sorting the wheat from the chaff. Not some conspiracy theory at play.

Otherwise, show the evidence other than the price of eggs and the weight of a country's population.


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