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Why is the government dishonest?

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 12:58 PM
We would like to believe the government but there is something that keeps us from trusting the government-- years of lying, deception, and fraud. We were told that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and that he had connections with Al-quaida and so we should invade Iraq because he was a mad man. It was later proven that he had abandoned his nuclear weapons program after the first gulf war.

We are constantly being lied to by our government. Our government tells us that they are doing these things for the cause of freedom. George W Bush is a habitual liar that says that we must spread freedom to other nations in the Middle East when he originally wanted to bring Saddam Hussein in the mess and that's why we are in Iraq. So now he's lying to us and making excuses after excuses as to why we shouldn't bring our troops home.

The government tells us that we must protect our freedom. How? By taking our constituional rights away?

The US government spreads propaganda throughout the mass media. The US government tells us that we should always support the government and that anyone who is against the government is a terrorist.

This war was completely unecessary. Why are we fighting when we could have not even gone there in the first place, and then, defeat Al-quaida? But, because we are in Iraq, our troops are spread out very thin, and, we are not able to participate in other conflicts of the world that need our immediate attention.

The question is not whether Iraq, or, Afghanistan was just. The question is, did we let ourselves be deceived by our government? Could 9-11 have been an inside job with the US government working in cooperation with Al-quaida forces so the New World Order would gain power?

How could all of us have believed that Iraq was the right thing?

Why did we walk right into the US government's trap?

Were we swept up with national pride-- was that it? Why did we allow ourselvse to be deceived into this mess?

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