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A conspiracy of names...

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Something we've all seen over the years, butI've only really thought about properly in the last day or so.

Coming here to ATS you see a lot of different ideas and theories. Sometimes wild, crazy theories that people seem to believe wholeheartedly and figure the rest of us are nuts for not believing what to them is the truth. Thats awesome, we are all (hopefully) here to learn and talk about what we believ and why we believe it. But some of the stuff I read here, doens;t sound so much insane as it does pure fiction, and one of the hallmarks of whacked out crazy views I keep seeing that reminds me so much of fiction is names.

People love to discuss the various names for what they believe to be very realalien species running around the galaxy. They even name individuals on occasion, and especially, it seems, when it comes to naming particular individuals,groups or events.

Thats fine, obviously things have to have names. What I don;t understand though, is why do they have names we can easily pronounce in english?

Of course to be able to transcribe them we have to render them in some form of the alphabet we understand. But we'renot talking about aliens why call themselves 'Qfbsiduhfosdhs' which we are helpfully informed is prounounced 'Que-fibs-du-fwha', no we're talking about names such as 'Anu' and 'Amollag', names which we can easily read and understand, names that any person fluent in English can pronounce with ease.

So I ask you, as well as being a pretty prevalent language on earth, is english language and it's associated naming conventions and pronounciations widely used intergalactically? Or do all aliens take on names we can better understand, in the same way that women fromchina will often take use western names for themselves such as 'Sarah' instead of their actual name of 'Xia' because it makes it esier for us to converse with them?

I hope some of you can see what I am getting at here. But hey, maybe all other seintient life forms out there have similar voiceboxes to us and happen to have names that are easy and managable when used by humans. But personally I think they are convienient fictions, convienient because they often do sound exotic and worthy of a creature who has travelled the stars to mutilte our cattle, and as such reek of bad sci-fi novels just because they are so unbelievable when you actually think about them.

So what do you guys think? Is there a reasonable explaination? Or does nobody elses internal red flag start flying when someone relates their belief that the intergalactic high council is run by an alien called 'Polunti' from the planet 'Targaelia'?...

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