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Conspiracy against Children

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 02:21 PM

The perps want your children. They want to influence them in such a way that their young
minds can be molded to suit the perp plans for the global government. There are several ways
to accomplish this brainwashing of the next generation.

The most common method is to arrest the child for any reason whatever. All schools, churches, and summer camps are infiltrated with perp spies who get paid a bonus for each kid they can turn into a criminal. First they will identify the children who appear to be good candidates. Then, their targets selected, they will use peer pressure to get the child involved in drugs, sex, vandalism, and theft. Kids who do not go along with the agenda cannot belong to the exclusive club and will be bullied and made fun of until they do go along with the agenda, or until they do something rash or violent out of frustration and anger. Children can then be sent to reform school.

A method that is becoming more common is to have Child Protective Services take the child
from the parents on some pretext. Child abuse or neglect is a common charge. Occasionally the parents can be charged with drug abuse or some other crime. If the parents are poor, it is almost certain neglect can be proven. Children will be sent to a foster home.

The shock of children being separated from their parents is just part of the trauma based mind control that will be used to change their morals and beliefs. While the child is away from their
parents, perp infiltrators program their brain over time to make them more suitable for the over all plan. The goal is to instill in the child that the end justifies the means and that sacrifices have to be made to achieve long term goals. Everyone is expendable, especially if they might interfere with the over all plan. Eliminating obstacles to the implementation of the global plan is not immoral, some "collateral damage" is to be expected.

As if that were not enough:

The economic war against the working class has mandated a two income household, with some folks working two jobs, just to make ends meet. This provides less quality time for parents and children. With less time spent with parents, small wonder children are more likely to get into trouble. Add to that the fact that children now mature physically much earlier than the previous generation and the formula is complete for disaster. However, this problem pales in comparison to the covert, relentless, global onslaught against all the children of the world.

While starvation, homelessness, and forced child labor continue beyond the borders of the US, children the world over are vulnerable to pedophiles.

Anyone with a computer connected to the internet has received unsolicited advertisements in their email termed spam. A certain percentage of this is invariably pornographic. Even those who have never clicked on a porn site, receive at least some of this trash. Out of this porn spam there will invariably be a few emails advertising kiddie porn. Children, being naturally curious, will click
on this trash, triggering an onslaught of smut and attracting predatory sex addicts.

The pedophiles are taking over the world! World wide pedophile rings provide a black market dealing in children, many of them kidnapped and smuggled far from home. Advertisements promoting pedophilia are sent out as spam eating up bandwidth and clogging email. Much of the time, this filth cannot even be traced back to the source. Sting operations, while laudable, only
scratch the surface of this problem.

How can this be? Isn't this illegal? Aren't there laws against this kind of exploitation of children? Laws notwithstanding, the smut peddlers can forge a return email address, send anonymous email, or do other hacking tricks to make the tracing of this kind of trash difficult
or impossible.

The elimination of kiddie porn should be a priority as high as that of the pursuit of hackers, with the penalty being life in prison, for it does indeed contribute to the enslavement of the helpless, innocent children of the world.

The recent increase in child and teenage abductions proves that this smut is not harmless and only serves to embolden those twisted individuals who would exploit our children. While the newly installed Amber Alert system appears to work to find stolen children when implemented immediately, we all need to be aware that there are already thousands of children who have grown up in this abusive environment and remain enslaved to this day, even in America. Hopefully, there are enough concerned citizens who will be responsible enough to take a little time out of their busy schedule to study and fight this problem. A must read book on this subject:

Carol Rutz, "A Nation Betrayed" Describes brutal atrocities performed on
American children by our government. From Fidelity Publishing,
P.O. Box 365,
Grass Lake, MI 49240-0365

Also: Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips, "Trance Formation of America"

As for the unsolicited smut, there should be some way to jail the sender. Perhaps there are hackers out there somewhere who at least know how to track down the smut peddlers.

A complaint to the attorney general of your state may be helpful. In Texas, the link is:

As public awareness has increased, outrage has lead to world wide efforts to stop the crimes against children:

Children are now involved in sex, porn, and drugs. As the above article states, they want control over our CHILDREN!

It is a well-known fact that the CIA put drugs on our streets and porn on our hard drives.

Now, they offer the solution: rehab, which is supposed to "help" teens recover from drugs.

Did you know that in rehab, the teen CANNOT see his/her parents? Is that necessary? Or an attempt to gain control over individuals?

Now, children can be taken from parents from spanking. In am all against corporal punishment, but an occasional light spank ACTUALLY WORKS!

Notice that we can't spank our kids, and our generation of kids is the naughties generation?

They will use any excuse to put a child in foster care and gain control over our young souls.

Foster schools and rehab administer completely useless psychotropic, even experimental, drugs.


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