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for neo-nazi holocaust deniers: Ravensbrück Nazi concentration camp for women

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 01:10 PM
Ravensbrück was the only major Nazi concentration camp for women.
http :// www .jewishgen. org/ForgottenCamps/Camps/RavensbruckEng.html

At the end of autumn 1938, Himmler decided to establish a concentration camp for women in Ravensbrück.

Between 1942-1943, Ravensbrück served as a training camp for 3,500 female SS supervisors who went on to maltreat, torture, and murder women in other camps.

A book: The Jewish Women of Ravensbruck Camp
http ://www .wisc. edu/wisconsinpress/books/2310.htm

Remember the Women Institute
http ://www .rememberwomen. org/

Ravensbruck Medical Experiments On Women
http ://individual. utoronto. ca/jarekg/Ravensbruck/RavensbruckKL. html

Nobody expected at that time that about 123,000 women representing almost 40 nations would be incarcerated in the camp throughout its entire operation until liquidation of the camp in July, 1945. html
http ://individual. utoronto. ca/jarekg/Ravensbruck/Experiments. html

Polish women were divided into three groups all of which received their quota of bacteria

Nerve operations consisted in removing parts of the nerves of the lower limbs. Experiments on bones consisted of breaking (osteoclasis), grafting and (osteotomy) splitting.

Above all, it is amazing how under such appalling conditions, the women from Ravensbruck KL had abundance of the spiritual strength for creating pieces of art and poetry.

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 06:07 PM
Anybody have any videos of this camp? add to this?

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