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MSM Manipulated on Global Warming Reports

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 06:44 PM

WOW... speechless. Comments welcome! Flag if you think these tactics are wrong! More noise needs to be made of this kind of manipulation of the media!

If true, then what is Global Warming about?? Reducing our reliance on Middle Eastern oil?

This year (2008) is reportedly going to be cooler than previous years (since 2001 at least), but even that is being written off as a side-effect of Global Warming.
Where is the science that backs these claims? To date, I've seen none that supports the CO2 = Global Warming argument. The only piece ofg data I have seen (source was the UK Meteorological Office historic records for East Midlands), shows that for a consistent rise in CO2 since 1946, the temperature DROPPED on average, year by year, only rising recently (since the 1970s).

One question that does raise that no-one is answering is this: why from the 70s? What happened in the 70s that caused the start of this recent rise in temperature???

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