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Goverment Cover-Ups

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 06:32 PM
Much has been disscused about goverment conspiracies, cover-ups, and secrets by the goverment(s). (Specifically to America). This is barely any hard truth on any of these besides sometimes (unreliable) wittnesses.

This thread is deadicated to making a firm truth to ATS on any of all goverment cover-ups. Here is a list of cover ups I can find so far:

-Roswell 1947, Alien Crash
-All 9/11 type Cover-Ups
-General Alien Cover-Ups aka Project Blue Book, Air Force, etc...
-Black Budget Spending
-False Flag Operations
-Iraq WMD/Oil Cover-Ups/Invasion
-Kennedy/Lincon/MLK Murders
-Any Technology Suppresion
-Global Warming Speculation
-Peak Oil
-Secret Socities, aka Freemasons, The Illuminati, etc...
-Jewish Domination Theory
-Apocolyptic Predictions, aka 2012, Nostredamus, etc...
-Apollo Moon Landing Hoax
-Communisum, Totalitarian, aka Goverment Takeovers

What I want to see is soild proof, I challenge all of us to create files of soild evidence, and bring our case forward. Because now, all were doing is speculating about most theories. I have seen excellent contributions on behalf of many on ATS and thought those were so great they should be proposed to represenitives.

I have seen sites online that have research, but it would be amazing that we could compile most of it, and do something with it, aka gain some conclusion on it.

I didn't say that this should all be done on this thread. I encourage you to open up on a new thread and become an expert on it.

I'm new here, but I have been reading posts for months and have yet to come up to a conclusion on anything, that is why I challenge ATS to take this on.


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