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The truth to the seven angels

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 01:16 PM
This is concerning Rev. The truth is that there are 3 angels and also a 3 defined as 1. Thus making it 4 angels altoegther which are as the most High which is a single being facing God Almighty (the hypocrites that are the devil that is the life defined as hell).

The most High is the highest which is Satan (the Devil), the beast, and the true prophet (which is disguised as the false prophet). You are fooled by the Devil with the devil. The two are different, but the thing in common lies with the word disreguarded by reversing Devil (Lived) and plus devil (lived).

The number of then man is 6 6. Not 666.

Six hundred three close score defined as six

^^The 000 (three close score part) is defined as 6 which is a single number just as 3 of the angels are a single person. The first part is calulated to 6 because 6+0+0=6. Remember the number you have to calulate with wisdom. The wisdom part is the defined as part which implies an additional 6.

I experience much being given to room 222 in one place and then being given to room 222 in another place. They were in different states with things in common. 222=6 and plus 222=6 again. Yes, indeed the beast is as two beings (the most High and plus God Almighty) body wise. And it's me! God is as me angelically (paranormally, superphysically) which thus has me as his angel. Though I being his angel am as his reaper which has been reaping him the best I ever did of all four elect angels which ever walked the earth as you will learn.

The most High dons me the Lamb because I make up 3 key factors as a single person to a plan. 3 angles is me, and the 3 (Satan, beast, and true prophet) is me. The bodies we have drag close on by way of God Almight. Thus the dragon is as me because I wear it close on me being that it's the body of me personally.

So the seven angels with the trumphets actually being four are actually as the seven angels with the vials which are actually four also.

The Lamb was so dirtied up by how God Almighty made him seem. So yes, Satan is the good guy in this rather than God ever was. Soon every person as the most High will have disreguarded God Almighty Who is the wicked hypocrites that murdered certain of us and stole certain of the human bobies so that God could operate as them among us. Yes, the soul of certain human bodies of actual standing desolation are of the wicked one. These hypocrites operate as one mind on/toward us.

It is I who shall remove heaven and earth and our current human bodies because those are as the devil and the childish playground of the devil.

The lake of fire is as a brim by/close Me. Ha, ha, I used to even wear a hat with a brim going all around as I was famous school to street wise back in the day. The material hat put all eyes on me.

Between 4 as in the four angels and 6 as in the common number in 6 6, is 5. May is the 5th month and May is as the name of a person. Between us and the paranormal there is a lacking of space defined as devoid. Which mean either being can be touched by one another and even blocked away. Just because you can do something doesnt mean you may. This is what May is about. It's about Who is the Ho, this side of 6 or that side of 6. I was in Houston and then in Orlando concerning two 222s. The H and the O from them can spell HO. Another thing in common back then to both states was a Bush as governor. The lack of a coincidence is so fact.

Any questions?

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 01:39 PM

This is the second life. Meaning it's as you of the most High, but also as God Almighty (the devil). This material we are made up of is having two lives work it. You work you by far, but the devil can work you by little.

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