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Skull and Bones real life encounters

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 12:45 AM
First of all I would like to say hello to everyone one ATS. I have been lurking on your site for quite some time and have enjoyed many of the different topics and personal stories. I have been researching many conspiracy theories for the past five years and have been stuck on Skull and Bones for some reason. I would like to say that I live in the South Eastern part of the United States and have never met anyone if Skull and Bones personally to my knowledge. I was wondering if anyone on this site has had any experiences with this particular secret society they would be willing to share. I will share my experience, insignificant as it may be.
As stated before I have been researching many conspiracy theories over the past five years; early in 2004 I starting delving into the material focused on the Skulls with some intensity. I researched Skull and Bones quite a bit and then remembered that I had seen the movie "The Skulls" back in 2000. The first time I watched the movie thought it was just another movie and had no clue was based on real secret society. I decided that I would rent the movie and watch it again now that I had learned much about the "Brotherhood." I went down to my local Blockbuster and rented it along with two other movies. I watched it and the other movies then returned them all to the store. A couple of weeks later I looked at my bank statement and saw I had a charge from Blockbuster for the movie. I called Blockbuster to find out what was going on and they informed me that I had not returned the movie "The Skulls." I found it very odd that "The Skulls" was the only movie of the three that was not returned when I am positive I returned all three at the same time. I have never had a problem with a movie not being returned at this Blockbuster or any other. I know some will say this is just a coincidence, but I do not believe in conincidences. Anyway, as said previously in the post, I know that this is a very insignificant experience and am much more interested in others personal experiences with the Skulls. I just wanted to share my story to start things off and introduce myself.

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 08:01 AM
That movie sucked.

And the sequels were even worse.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 07:57 PM
Yes, I would agree that the movie did little to shed light on the real society; and the sequels were almost unbearable to watch. Maybe I was not clear in my OP. I don't believe that Skull and Bones somehow manipulated the system to get my dvd lost, I was merely stating my story of how I really started to research the society. I am much more interested in first hand accounts from people on this site. This was not intended to be a discussion of poorly made cinemas. 257 views and only one reply come on people.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by egosuminatrum

I recently bought a $2.99 KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) happy meal box. I encountered bones inside the chicken. I said to the cashier before buying the happy meal: "Hey, I want a boneless chicken". However, much to dismay my happy meal chicken was NOT boneless. Perhaps, a conspiracy at KFC is going on.

I'll keep you all updated. I'm currently investigating this issue.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:46 AM
I think Skull and Bones is nothing more then a dumb school frat. Do you really think kids 18, 19, 20, years old real have any pull in the world, or have the abilty to make a plan strong enough as world domination? I think not. I do believe in the NWO and a shadow government but I don't believe skull and bones has anything to do with it.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 08:17 AM

Originally posted by UltimateSin
I think Skull and Bones is nothing more then a dumb school frat. Do you really think kids 18, 19, 20, years old real have any pull in the world, or have the abilty to make a plan strong enough as world domination? I think not. I do believe in the NWO and a shadow government but I don't believe skull and bones has anything to do with it.

Skull and Bones is a major arm of the NWO:

The Skull and Bones secret society was officially founded at Yale University in 1832, but finds its roots in German Freemasonry, and takes its symbology from the Pirates/Brotherhood of Death. Like the Masons, Bonesmen choose their own initiates, and the only way to enter the Brotherhood is to be “tapped” by an existing member. Only 15 members are accepted each year which is absolutely amazing considering the number of important historical figures who just happen to be Skull and Bonesmen.

For instance, U.S. Presidents William H. Taft, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George Walker Bush were all three members of Skull and Bones. The following U.S. Senators: Prescott Bush, John Kerry, David Boren, Jonathan Bingham, John Chaffe, John Sherman Cooper, James Buckley, Chauncey Depew, Frank Bosworth Brandegee, Robert A. Taft, William Maxwell Evarts, and John Heinz were all Skull and Bonesmen. Governors Averill Harriman, William Bissell, William Henry Gleason, Simeon Eben Baldwin, and David Boren were Bonesmen and so were Congressmen Frank Bosworth Brandegee, Howard M. Baldrige, and Jonathan Brewster Bingham. Supreme Court Justices Morrison Waite, Potter Stewart, William Taft, Simeon Eben Baldwin, and Edward Baldwin Whitney were all Bones brothers. Also Pierre Jay, the first chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, and George L. Harrison, president of the NY Federal Reserve, were both Bonesmen.

“Investigations revealed that the main purpose of the Skull and Bones is to get as many embers as possible into strategically placed positions of power. Robbins stated that President Bush has ‘tapped’ five Bonesmen to join his administration. One of them is current Securities and Exchange Commissioner William Donaldson (Class of 1953). Donaldson will answer no questions about the Bones.” -Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”

Right down the line almost every Bonesman has proven unbelievably successful in his chosen profession. William Maxwell Evarts, class of 1837, became U.S. Secretary of State, Attorney General and a Senator. Russell Davenport, class of 1923, was editor of Fortune magazine and created the “Fortune 500 list.” Amory Howe Bradford, class of 1934, married Carol Warburg Rothschild and was General Manager for the New York Times. Richard Gow, class of 1955, was president of George Bush’s Zapata Oil Company. Winston Lord, class of 1959, was chairman of the CFR, Ambassador to China, and Clinton’s assistant Secretary of State. Founder of the National Review and Host of TV show Firing Line, William F. Buckley is a Bonesman and so was Henry Luce, the founder of TIME magazine, Life, Fortune, House & Home, and Sports Illustrated. Percy Rockefeller was a prominent businessman, founder and Vice President of Owenoke Corporation, and sat on the boards of directors for over a dozen large corporations. Alphonso Taft was U.S. Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Ambassador to Russian and Austria. His Son William Taft was President of the U.S. and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

“I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the Mafia in the sense that the leaders of the five families are all doing 100 years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bones families are doing four and eight years in the White House.” -Ron Rosenbaum, CBS Interview

Many Bonesmen have graduated with CIA and “intelligence community” jobs waiting for them too. F. Trubee Davison, Howard Weaver, William Sloane Coffin Jr., V. Van Dine, James Buckley, Bill Buckley, Hugh Cunningham, Hugh Wilson, Reuben Holden, Charles R. Walker, Robert D. French, Archibald MacLiesh, Dino Pionzio, William and McGeorge Bundy, Richard Moore, and George Bush are all Bonesmen with U.S. intelligence agency jobs.

“Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other University, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.” -Gaddis Smith, Yale Professor of History

The Skull and Bones building at the Yale campus is called “The Tomb.” The imagery and décor inside the Tomb is of death and darkness, crypts, tombs, skulls, bones, blood, knives, swords, armor etc. Inside the Tomb, the Skull and Bones brothers annually perform their infamous, strange, and sexually promiscuous initiations. Ear-piercing screams are often heard from outside and many say the Tomb radiates negativity that they feel physically. In April 2001, ABC News and the New York Observer filmed Bonesmen enacting mock throat-cutting rituals. In the most rumored ritual, it is said each new initiate must lay down naked, blindfolded in a casket and masturbate while the other brothers stand in a circle watching.

One particularly notable Bonesman was (George Bush Sr.’s grandfather) the banker and businessman, George Herbert Walker, who was director of W.A. Harriman & Co., Harriman Fifteen, American International Corporation, Georgian Manganese Corporation, Barnsdall Corporation, American Ship & Commerce Corporation, Union Banking Corporation, G.H. Walker & Co., Missouri Pacific Railroad, New Orleans, Texas, and Mexico Railroads. He was also a golf enthusiast and president of the USGA United States Golf Association. The biennial Walker Cup is named after him. He had three sons who all graduated Yale and became Skull and Bonesmen as well: George Herbert Walker Jr., co-founder of the New York Mets, Dr. John M. Walker became a CEO, and Louis Walker a CIA agent.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 08:19 AM
His daughter Dorothy married Bonesman Prescott Bush (George Sr.’s father) who would become a US Senator, CBS board of directors, and vice-president of his father-in-law’s business Harriman & Co. Bush’s Yale classmates and fellow Bonesmen E. Roland Harriman and Knight Woolley would join the company too. Soon it expanded into Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. which became the main Wall Street connection for German companies leading up to and during World War II. Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, steel, fuel, coal, and treasury bonds to Nazi Germany for building Hitler’s war machine. Other Bonesmen controlling Union Banking Corporation and Guaranty Trust also helped fund the Third Reich. Not until October 20, 1942 were they finally forced to stop and their assets seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

“The Bush-Nazi connection was highlighted again more recently by John Loftus, the president of the Florida Holocaust Museum, who pointed out that Prescott Bush derived a portion of his personal fortune from his affiliation with a Nazi-controlled bank. Loftus, a former prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Nazi War Crimes Unit, confirmed that Prescott Bush was a principal in the Union Banking Corporation in Manhattan in the late 1930s and the 1940s, and that leading Nazi industrialists secretly owned the bank at the time. He said they were moving money into the UBC through a second bank in Holland even after the United States declared war on Germany … He said he had a file of paperwork linking the bank and Prescott Bush to Nazi money. ‘That’s where the Bush family fortune came from: it came from the Third Reich.’ Loftus said in a speech during the Sarasota Reading Festival.” -David Icke, “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center”

Henry Stimson, Skull and Bones class of 1888 was President Taft’s Secretary of War (1911-13), Herbert Hoover’s Secretary of State (1929-1933), and then Harry Truman’s Secretary of War (1940-45). This means that during WWII members of Skull and Bones were both in the White House and financing Hitler simultaneously. 33rd degree Mason/President Harry Truman and Skull and Bones/Secretary of War Henry Stimson controlled the U.S. while a dozen other Bonesmen funded Thule secret society member Adolf Hitler through Union Bank, Guaranty Trust, and Brown Bros. Harriman Company.

“During the 1920s, the W. Averill Harriman, Prescott Bush, Fritz Thyssen and Friedrich Flick created several entitles to help finance Hitler and to produce the weapons Hitler would need to fight W.W. II.. One of these companies was the German Steel Trust. This company produced 35% of Nazi Germany’s explosives, 50.8% of Germany’s pig iron, 38.5% of Nazi Germany’s galvanized steel, 36% of Germany’s heavy plate, 22.1 % of Germany’s wire, and many other things essential for Hitler. If it had not been for Harriman’s and Bush’s money helping Thyssen who was Hitler’s major backer, Hitler would never had been able to have launched W.W. II.” –Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”

E. Roland Harriman’s brother Averill Harriman (Skull and Bones, class of 1915) was Secretary of Commerce, Governor of New York, and director of Guaranty Trust while it financed Hitler during WWII, and also while it financed Masons Lenin and Trotsky triggering the Russian Revolution. Shortly after being accused of war crimes, he was serendipitously appointed US Ambassador to the Soviet Union. The Harriman’s were always known as die-hard “Democrats” but very close friends of the “Republican” Bush family; Prescott Bush even called Averill Harriman his mentor.

Averill Harriman’s wife, Pamela, was later appointed US Ambassador to France by Bill Clinton after she helped finance his presidential campaign. Throughout Pamela’s love life she stayed very close to the Brotherhood. She was married to both Skull and Bones, Nazi financier Averill Harriman and Randolph Churchill, the son of Britain’s Committee of 300, 33rd degree Masonic Prime Minister Winston Churchill. She also had affairs with bloodline/Illuminati agents Giovanni Agnelli and Baron de Rothschild.

“This was the background into which George Herbert Walker Bush arrived in this world on June 12th 1924. He was groomed from birth to serve the Illuminati in a long list of roles, including US Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the Republican Party at the time of the Watergate hearings, Director of the CIA, and Vice President and President of the United States. The Herbert Walker in his name comes from his grandfather, George Herbert Walker (Skull and Bones Society), another man heavily involved with Prescott Bush in the manipulation of the Russian Revolution, the expansion of the eugenics movement and the funding of Hitler.” -David Icke, “Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center”

World War Two was not the first or last time Skull and Bones members posed on both sides of the political dichotomy. For instance, The Nation Magazine and New Republic on the "Left" were financed by Willard Straight, using Payne Whitney (Skull and Bones) funds, while The National Review on the "Right" was published by William F. Buckley, another Bonesman. In 2004 “Republican” George W. Bush ran neck and neck against “Democrat” John Kerry, his Skull and Bones fraternity brother and 16th cousin.

“Both President Bush and John Kerry have appeared on national television with political pundit Tim Russert of Meet the Press. Both of them refused to answer any questions about their lifelong membership to the Skull and Bones Fraternity.” -Dan Thompson, The Order of Skull and Bones, Idaho Observer 2004

Their method of manipulation uses the bi-partisan system as a control mechanism; by having members on both the political Left and Right, they create the boundaries, divide the issues, and control the playing field. You do the math. What are the odds that the two top candidates for the presidency of a 300+ million person nation would be 16th cousins and members of the same organization reputed by many to be the most powerful secret society in America? In MSNBC interviews, when asked pointed questions about the implications of their membership in Skull and Bones, both Bush and Kerry laughed and changed the subject, refusing to answer.

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