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How could WW3 begin? and is it about happen soon?

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 06:18 PM
This is just a THOEORY on how, in todays political and social climate a World War 3 COULD start based on whats happening around us. Also on how it seems we are being pushed into it on purpose.

Obviusly world wars or even wars in general require various incidents to occure before war is declared, so based on previous wars we can get some idea of how this happens and what to look for.

Step 1 - Creat an Enemy
I'm sure we all know that Iran, China and the East in general are being veiwed recently in a very hostile manner. The question as to if these stories are true I dont know and in some respect it doesn't matter, just the fact these stories apear in our news is enough to worry about.

Sorry for the amount of links but its just to prove a point, in most cases you only need to read the headline to see my point... The folowing links are from just one source and every one seems to aim to either scare us or make us angry towards the countries I mentioned above -


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