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Is "Zodiac" Author Also the Killer?

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posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 04:32 AM
For those interested in the Penn saga, Farmer and Opord Analytical are releasing a "Part II" to their initial report in the near future. There is also a forum on the site discussing the case from a lot of different angles.

I have been voraciously reading up on Farmers theory for the past couple of months as well as following the forum. He pretty much spells it all out and has convinced me! I did have bias toward other suspects but the Report has an overwhelming amount of data that points to Penn.

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posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 08:52 PM
i completely agree i am researching the zodiac killer for an unreal research assignment in school i found a website completely on the solved cipher my name is.. someone actually could have solved the cipher i could bearly understand the math and thinking involved with it but at the end it ciphered PENN gareth penn worked at a library in tiburon california where coincidently a zodiac letter was found he also wrote a zodiac book who knows more about the zodiac then the zodiac here is the link to the site you must check this out it is absolutely amazing

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 01:55 PM
Greetings Friends of OPORD,

My name is Christopher Farmer, and I am the President of OPORD Analytical, and the author of the report that names Gareth Penn as the Zodiac Killer. Gareth Penn's name wasn't pulled out of a vacuum--it was derived from thousands of hours of hard work on the Zodiac case, and while we do have our share of critics regarding the report, to date there have been no challenges to the information provided in the report, and an energetic campaign across the internet by many people to discredit it and our work has been initiated.

This can only mean we are very close to the truth now.

We at OPORD are therefore pleased that you folks understand our work and are talking about it. Capturing the Zodiac Killer is important and our efforts demonstrate that such criminal activity will not be ignored by us as well as law enforcement.

There are many rumors that my work isn't taken seriously by law enforcement, and we are subjected to that babble on the internet all the time. In answer to that, and I haven't said this at any other site external to OPORD, is that in 2004 I met with the FBI in relation to the Zodiac Killer's "My Name Is" cipher that I solved, and law enforcement is following this case. So while we do not have the time to address every claim on the internet made against our work, it is easy to contact me via email and I do read every email I receive.

I am convinced Gareth Penn is the Zodiac. Penn tells us in Times 17 that he was a Zodiac suspect, and yet law enforcement has said he never was and wondered why he said that and Penn also stated that it would be easy for him to take a military charter to commit a murder. Like the Zodiac did, Penn is brazenly saying he is the killer.

In Times 17 on page 15 of that book, Penn explains step by step how to solve the "My Name Is" cipher, but instead of using the keyword ZODIAC, he uses WIZARD instead in the example. So are we to believe an intellect like Penn's wouldn't use a different 6 variable keyword ZODIAC instead of WIZARD, and thus not solving the cipher? The evidence just keeps mounting.

We have caught a lot of flak for figuring out that Penn is the Zodiac, and this is due to the fact that he has been dismissed as a crackpot by other Zodiac investigative groups, amateur and professional alike. Penn, to us, is no crackpot. He had training in cryptography, map reading and land navigation, and he has credentials in Library Science. His research skills are extraordinary. As a librarian, he would have the tools and the time to research and draft up the ciphers and other puzzles the Zodiac left for the media and law enforcement.

Now, I just wanted to say thanks for linking the Savage Nation You-Tube video. That is very interesting and I will share that with the folks at my forum. You guys have an excellent website. Keep up the good work!

posted on Jan, 10 2009 @ 09:34 PM
I appreciate your work! I skimmed your report (it is exceptionally complex after all!) and am very impressed.

Perhaps you already addressed it, but what about the most elementary riddle?

Why is Zodiac named "Zodiac"?

All I could come up with is that the contents of the Zodiac are elements in mythology, and a mythos (King Arthur though, not grecoroman) you say is involved in the Zodiac riddle system.

Is there more to it?

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posted on Jan, 11 2009 @ 11:07 PM

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 03:28 PM
Dear Mr. Farmer,

I have a couple of questions regarding your report:

Your solution to the My Name Is cipher is ATRAIN8BLOOD13, later changed to A BLOOD TRAIN H M, the H and M being clues to coordinates on a map leading to Tiburon, Ca., a location of sorts of Gareth Penn, your suspect.

I am attempting to post an image of the mag, if it does not show up here is a link:

" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

One line is based on the M from the right hand column of the map and "H in the left column center of mass".

The other line is based on "magnetic north of the Phillips 66 map to get a resection anchor point. That 10 digit grid coordinate falls perfectly with Paradice Cay."


1. Where exactly is "H in the left column center of mass".

2. Where is the anchor point of the magnetic north on this map?

3. What exactly do you mean by "resection anchor point" and "10 digit grid coordinate"?

Prior to writing I asked someone very knowledgeable in the field of mapping and surveying and he couldn't make sense of it. Perhaps other readers of this forum can?



posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 10:40 AM
Apparently Mr. Farmer is incorrect about there being no challenges to his report, he just ignores them.

posted on Jan, 20 2009 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Dick Chenney is the Zodiak Killer. look at his background!

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 10:21 AM
Gareth Penn is part of the Zodiac conspiracy, he was behind the Zodiac letters. There was also a Zodiac killer who died in 1983. Penn has continued in his footsteps by killing in N. Calif and Seattle. Law Enforcement are starting to investigate him.

reply to post by ipsedixit

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 03:33 AM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

From Billie. I have yahoo group: BTK Strangler and Other Serial Killers
Enjoy. And I hope they bust "the Zodiac" soon. (Whether it's Penn, or someone else.)

"JFK" was "assassinated" 1963.

19 "66"

This person's talk / actions, was actually about these keywords / these keywords together:

JFK, "JFK assassination".


(This is also stated about Pythagoras.
Pythagoras is known as the "FATHER" of "numbers.")




(and, "Golden ratio 666")

(I have also since read):

Celtic Cross
...."ancient navigation tool"...

(Included in the later references)

"Golden" Gate Bridge

("Golden ratio 666")

Tiburon at one end. (I read that: That is where the cables were "first" laid, for the "Golden" Gate Bridge.)


SAN FRANCISCO at the other end.

His reference ("38"), stated after the SF case:
8 8 8

(3 8
Gareth Penn stated: On
"all of the houses on the block" had 38.

did the 'homework' well.

"Federal Triangle"
("Washington" D.C.)

THIS is why (as shown by the solving of the evidence, by Mr. Farmer)
the skeleton was ACROSS THE SAN FRAN BAY,
(hands hanging on a line, San Francisco side
feet, at Tiburon
(location at / near: "Navy" Net Depot / later became Tiburon fish "library".


His "Golden" 666 - 888,
architectural masterpiece.

(Gareth Penn would later work at this fish library.)

(His "Domebuilder's Blues" article, written under the name of George Oakes,
is (like all of his other writings), talking about the Zodiac case.
"515" stated in it. (That is actually: "5.15") etc., etc., & etc.


(other keywords in that 'article'.) It is all about the Zodiac case.

Not sure if he was / is the Zodiac, or was an obsessed wanna-be.)

Here is the most interesting part, however:
Gareth Penn talked about
but didn't tell anyone that it was there. (or rather, 'what' was there)

Including, with his little 'article':
"Portrait of an Artist as a Mass Murderer"

("His commentary included"): Zodiac outdid them all.

He also said that "gold" thread was used to stitch the symbol on the outfit at Lake Berryessa.
(It doesn't even matter whether or not it was actually stitched in "gold".
Either way, he made "gold" statement.)
* The victims were "chosen" in this case. *

"Boy Scout"; recently received the "God and Country" award.
"JFK was a boy scout", when he was 'younger'.

(I have no doubt that he knew that about David Farraday - the one who fit the bill - 'before' he killed him.)
"SHE" (keyword, Shepherd) "She" - fit the bill - was Betty Lou Jensen.)

Riverside case:

(Bates was the word substitute. )
"had to die" (He is talking about "JFK".)
Only reason "She" died, is to play the part of JFK.

"She" (also short for word: "She"pherd)

"She" "went to slaughter like a lamb"
(Another reference to "JFK")

Lake Berryessa:

(I have no doubt that he knew her name.)

(I'm not sure about Stine, because like "Gareth Penn" stated,
a cab-driver can be "put" where you want them.)

"Golden" ratio "666"

(I think "attorney" Melvin Belli may have played a "part":
What "attorney" would that be. How's this one:

Dean Adams Andrews, Jr. (pic shown is: John Candy, as Andrews, in JFK)
was the jive-talking attorney
who told the Warren Commission
that he'd been asked by a "Clay Bertrand"
to defend Lee Oswald...

That was the postmark of a letter Zodiac sent in.
In "reading" about the case, it has been said that Oswald had been at the horse races in "Pleasanton.")
(You can also see "Pleasanton" on the map.
It is south of "Mt. Diablo" (that played the "observatory", in this case)
(/ and that has the "Celtic Cross" (was used as an) "ancient navigation") symbol he put on the map.

(Do a search for:
"Knights Templar navigator"
It will explain more.
"Celtic Cross ancient navigation" will too.)

The person in "the Zodiac" case was playing the bit part of
JFK "assassinator".

(That would be "Lee Harvey Oswald".)

(Or, he is playing the part of possibly another unknown person.
"A bullet shell was found on the grassy knoll.")

(Gareth Penn:

"Where Were You?"

(when JFK was shot?)

- He says he was: "standing on the steps"
(of duplex, "with Gerard")

"Steps" was stated in the Zodiac case:
In "golden" - SF case,
police saw a guy going up "the steps".

Jackson St.

(On the map, you see that

Geary and "Masonic",
are south of there.)


"Lee Harvey Oswald spent the summer of 1963 in New Orleans."

Jim Garrison theorized that Oswald had been set up to take the fall...
Jim Garrison finds a "Clay Shaw", and takes him to trial.
(He is found not guilty.)

If the Zodiac, or a wanna-be Zodiac, did the "Webster" case,
area of "Brookline, Massachusetts". ("JFK was born in Brookline, MA.",

could there be a "Clay Shaw" and "Jim Garrison" in the case:

(D. A., who Gareth Penn kept gold-bugging, telling him that he didn't think Lenny did it.)

(Lenny Paradiso might be his "Clay Shaw".)

(Gareth Penn:

"The Geometry of Jane Brewster"

(real name: Joan WEBSTER)
; He says: Her "father" once worked as an upper echleon in the Central Intelligence Agency.
(Interestingly, when he describes Joan WEBSTER, he capitalized one word stated in the middle: "Intelligent")

And he carries on about Lenny "Paradisio".

(If Penn did this case, how would he "get" Lenny into the picture, of the "Webster" case:
to be his "Clay Shaw", and (D. A.) to be his "Jim Garrison")

(location) of where, in 1979, Maria Ianuzzi's body was found.

(Webster's purse and wallet was found in the same 'location'.)
(At the link, you will see pics / info. about some of the "characters".

Who are possibly some of the "characters", that the Zodiac did
'substitution' parts for.

There's even a "Davis".

(Bruce "Davis" may have played that part.
I think something was "said", or "done", in regard to Bruce "Davis".

It is interesting that the sketch done in the Lake Berryessa case
(supposedly of some guy watching some girls, with a cigarette in his mouth, looks AMAZINGLY similar to the "high school" pic of Bruce "Davis", from the "school yearbook.")

How was that "finagled".

(and, Deja' Vu.
Penn looked in a "Harvard yearbook", found a guy who lived in "Brookline, MA."
("JFK was born in Brookline, MA.")

And is the guy in the SF sketch supposed to be (keyword, "character")
"Clay Shaw"?
Wouldn't surprise me one bit.

(Probably pretended, at some point, here or there, that he was an "agent", for:
"FBI", "CIA") (or "detective".)

"Zodiac Associates".
(Penn's 'company'.)

Zodiac / Associates
Penn / 's 'company'
(In regard to: "Clay Shaw")

Also, within the evidence that Mr. Farmer solved, were keywords / included keywords:


"clay" "shooting"

Mr. Farmer stated he thought this might be, "clay shooting"
I then told Mr. Farmer that I thought it was another reference to JFK case:

"Clay" Shaw


(And any reference to: "hunting", "hunter",

could be a reference to:

"clay" "shooting"

"Clay" Shaw



WHY did Gareth Penn state this to (supposedly) the "FBI":


(Here's why:
..."His father graduated from Harvard.")

(Gareth Penn then looked in a "Harvard" yearbook
and found an "architect".)

He knew that Mr. Michael O' Hare was NOT the Zodiac.
He did all of the "research", before he (supposedly) talked to the FBI.

Said, he thought he was going to do it on his "38" "birth" day.

(reference was actually to: "8 8 8")



("She"pherd and the lamb".)

"architect" "student"

(Gareth Penn later makes a statement in his writing:
"Students of the Zodiac.")


went missing.

Joan "Webster" went missing, right after Penn came out of the woodwork in 1981.

Her remains were found in 1990.

As in his nine previous years at the head of the FBI, William Webster, retiring after four years as head of the CIA, took over a troubled institution, ...)


Gareth Penn comes out of the woodwork. "Said" he had a radian theory.
(Zodiac could possibly say the same thing.
Not to mention, if they really don't have his fingerprints, like he said:
"I didn't leave fingerprints."
....police are lying about me.
He wouldn't be worried about fingerprints.)

Started out by 'saying', he noticed that the two legs of an angle (possibly got in a "38" on that one, in his talk. "38" angle), passed through the area of where cab-driver Stine was killed, and one of the other cases.
(Then wrote all of his little 'articles':

"Portrait of an Artist as a Mass Murderer".
Zodiac outdid them all.)

Was she killed by
- the Zodiac
- Zodiac wanna-be
- (or someone else.)

Police better "REALLY" (word is "stressed")
check out the "Webster" case

"Brookline, Massachusetts"
(JFK was born in Brookline, Massachusetts)

(Penn found someone who lived in "Brookline, MA.")
Found him in a "Harvard" yearbook / did 'research' on him.

(JFK: "His father"
, graduated from Harvard)

over FBI / Director of CIA)

It is also important to stress that,
the person in the Zodiac case seemed to be playing the bit part of
JFK "assassinator"
(and, that he seemingly "did not like" JFK.)

So, not only does the victim selection have keywords that fit the story,
he also puts them in the place of, he "does not like" them.


She, an "architect student".
He, an "architect".

(And, he might even think he is better than the "architect" of the Golden Gate Bridge.)

(He might even think he is better than Pythagoras.)

Gareth Penn talked about some "masterpiece", that could be seen "from above".

Talked about it / but didn't say that he solved it. Strange, because he - stuck on himself, and big-mouthed -would cerntainly want the credit for it.

Maybe understandable, though,
If he was / is the Zodiac:
WANTING someone else to solve it, so people would then state:
How "smart" the Zodiac was.

(Noone could solve it, at the time)

So, he gave "himself" a kudos slap on the back:
"Portrait of an Artist as a Mass Murderer"
(stated in his "commentary", possibly about himself)

Zodiac outdid them all.

(This 'article' was put in California Magazine)

We can't forget to toss in a "code", in the Zodiac case.
(It will be referring to) the one that he "read" about.

(P. S. The Mt. Diablo code has to do with # inches along the radians.)

He had an arrow pointing to: "#"

(Statements such as this, seen during a google search)

Pythagoras wrote a paper on the 666/8-8-8 triangle,
in which the natural numbers 1 through 36 inclusive are arranged in the shape of an equilateral triangle ...

Illuminati Under the Microscope: Golden Ratio 666 links Pythagoras ...
Golden Ratio 666 links Pythagoras to DaVinci Code.
The complexity and depth of the Illuminati numerology is truly beyond human calculation and ...

(It doesn't even matter if this is actually / factually true or not.
It shows what he was "reading".)

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by mbkennel

There are a few different theories on why the name zodiac was used, but this is Penns take on where the Zodiac Symbol comes from (page 28 of times 17)

"I Brought out the Airforce angle, and he pointed out to me that the cross-circled sign that the zodiac had used as a siganature is used by SAC to mark targets on satelite reconnaissance photos of the Soviet Union."

I am personally paying attenion to all developments on the Opord Analyctical Forums, it makes very interesting reading.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 08:22 AM
There was similar case in Poland few years ago. Krystian Bala. He killed lover of his wife and writ about similar murder in his book which was published. He was judged only on that only trace.

There was although case of Vlad Taneski in Macedonia a journalist who write in paper about murders he made by himself. He was although cough

I thought it is very possible with that zodiac he could be a writer.

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posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 04:33 AM
reply to post by ipsedixit

One of Mr. Farmer's Opord forum members has went to the gravesites on Paradise Dr which were pictured in the Opord report. He found human teeth in one of the holes and Marrin County Sherrif is now investigating.

Also Mr. Farmer has been in touch with FBI.

And yes the Zodiac case may be solved in 2009

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:43 PM
Very interesting thread. Was convinced that Richard Gaikowski was Z, now I'm not so sure!

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by Beelzebubba

I was wondering if people who posted here have been following the devlopments regarding a new Zodiac suspect named Jack Tarrance. If you follow the links on the page linked here they lead to half a dozen or so video interview clips with his stepson, Dennis Kaufman.

Kaufman has found evidence among Tarrance's possessions that point strongly to the possiblility that he is the Zodiac, including the famous black hood with the circle and cross logo sewn on.

I had never heard of Tarrance before in connection with the case. Apparently the FBI have taken some of his possessions for DNA testing, but I must say I am very surprised that they don't seem to have taken the hood itself, which must have blood on it from the stabbings at Lake Berryessa.

Tarrance had among his possessions rolls of film containing photos of apparent murder and mutilation victims.

Just wanted to run this stuff by folks here to see what you think.

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 07:51 AM
Further muddying of the waters here?

Dad was the Zodiac, and I can prove it.

Documentary in works

Dad was Zodiac killer and I can prove it

Privately, some investigators wondered if the timing of Perez's announcement - publicized by Hollywood PR agent Edward Lozzi, renowned for dating the late Anna Nicole Smith - had something to do with a documentary on her story that she is hoping to finish soon.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 02:33 PM
A woman named Deborah Perez claims her father, Guy Ward Hendrickson is the Zodiac Killer:|main-t2|dl1|link5|

They do have some DNA from the case, and would need the daughter's to see if he is responsible.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 08:52 PM
Deborah Perez said that Guy Ward Hendrickson was friends with Gareth Penn.

I spoke with Gareth Penn 3 different times last year. The first time he spoke with me he told me his mother contacted spirits of the dead with a Ouija Board.

The Zodiac said he was collecting slaves for the afterlife.

In 2004 a young couple was killed at Jenner Beach Calif. They were shot in the head as they slept. Nearby were found several pieces of driftwood with evil faces drawn on them. Penn lived near Jenner Beach then.

In 2005 Penn moved to Seattle, WA. In 2006 two women were killed while hiking at a remote spot in a park. Both shot in the head.

Penn is Zodiac and if not for his knowledge of the Opord Zodiac report, there would be more murders.

Chris farmer of Opord received an email in german and it was signed "Zodiac" Penn studied in Germany for awhile.

posted on Aug, 20 2009 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

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