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Ed Grimsley Night Vision UFO footage (video)

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posted on Feb, 17 2009 @ 11:26 AM
mr 'grimsely prehaps what beign seen with the nightvision is the same phenome that was capture on a NASA shuttle mission inwhich a tyeather broke between a satellite. in this video you can google and you my have already seen. the space around that satellite was filled all kinds of moving shapes this was also filmed in infared. None of what's shown in the video would be visible if not shot this way. it almost look it giant amiba floating in a petre dish. No one has explained what was on that video NASA seemed to ignor everything that was going on at the time the video was being recorded. it's just a thought but maybe they're living oragnisims living in our upper atmospher and in space close to earth that can only be seen with you type of nightvision or infared. Just a thought I wanted bring it up to you the other night on Coast 'to Coast with Geogre Noori. Like I said it's just a thought. There is something unexplained in that NASA video and it looks like what your shot from the ground....


posted on Mar, 7 2009 @ 04:51 PM
Even tho this is an old thread, I found it googling this Ed Grimsley character after hearing him on C2C again. This guy has single-handedly turned me from a believer to a debunker. Anyone who believes this guy - including George Noory and Johnny A - is an idiot. I spent many years in the military using all sorts of night vision devices - many of them well beyond the "3G" variety. This whole subject is nothing more than a ploy to strip more dollars out of the UFO community.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 04:19 PM
I live in the Bay Area and went to meet Ed Grimsley. I was very impressed with his Sky Watch scession which I attended.
I personally witnessed at least a dozen objects in the night sky. Ed has 5 or 6 pairs of NVG7s which are Ver3. The field of view is only 40 % and there is a lot of Sky to look at.
I saw at least 2 beams of light aimed in the direction of other objects, I saw some objects flashing a strobe and another object go towards them and then the 2 objects merged into one and then disapear. There were several objects visable and I only counted the ones that would fly into the field of view and change direction. These had to be controled by a pilot.
An airplane flashes a strobe and normally flys in a relatively straight line, they are easy to identfy.
For those who doubt, contact Ed Grimsley and go to his area. He holds scessions whenever there are individules who are interested. I was so impressed that I bought my own set of NVG7S and show my friends all the time. If the night sky is clear and you can see stars, normally you will see Unkown objects. Ive never sceen lass than 6 or 7.
You note, I do not lable them as UFOs as I do not know what they are, But they can go horizon to horizon in a few seconds and are under intelegent control. There not hostil because anyone who can go that fast can out run anything we have. I just hope there not UFOs and belong to the USA.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by OEAOHOO

Hello reply to your comment.

I actually spoke to this guy Ed Grimsley. I WAS very intriged by his stories I saw on youtube and other places, and was even more intrigued by his method of "finding" UFO's in the night sky using those night vision goggles. So, I called the number that is on his website to contact his "company". I received a call back from Ed himself...because that IS his company...just him alone...Just Ed.

First we started by talking about his claims on the vision goggles and his first experience with UFO's. It all was extremely entertaining, then out phone call was cut off. I called him back, and he (serious as can be) said that the governement is responsible for his phone calls being cut off, and couldn't possibly be from bad cell phone service in that was my first moment of "this guys nuts" thoughts that went through my head...moving on.

He claimed that he saw many many UFO fights in the night sky with hundreds and hundreds of UFO's being shattered to pieces in the laser wars that they (UFO's) have "every night". My first problem with that is this. If hundreds of UFO's are being blown up 200 miles above our earths surface, then there would be thousands upon thousands more space debris orbiting our earth to the point that no human would be able to lift off our planet to make it to space because of this space debris. If something is shread to pieces in the earth's orbit, it will stay in orbit until it is knocked out by some other means. Thats my first problem with it, though Ed says his position on that is the space debris get's burned up in the atmosphere every minute of every day.....but there would STILL be space debris to one degree or another.

I was enjoying his stories until he started to tell me that his grandfather was taught how to shoot guns by Billie the Kid, and that the Government has HUGE space ships with all these special powers and that the government has alien technology of biblical proportions.

Let's see, he also said (I wrote down some of the things he said cause they were too entertaining not to share with anyone that takes what he say's seriously....don't get me wrong, I wish I COULD take him seriouslly...but, I just can't)

He believes the sun was created and is maintaned by aliens. Says Oil companies are run by aliens. Aliens created H1N1 to kill a certain % of people every year. Nasa/Govt. controls the ability to teleport people anywhere in the Universe, and that they use this technology to transport people to Mars and the far side of the moon. And that because they have been doing this, that there is a population of 40,000 people on Mars, UNDERGROUND!!! lol...uuuggghhhh, also, he states that the Nazi's are quietly infiltrating our police stations and cities/towns local govt to take control of America.

I asked him if he was going to be back to the UFO conference they hold in Las Vegas, and he started by saying...." I'm a lover, and I love women, but they don't see it that way, and the women that complained...well, she came on to me!!! So, I don't know if they WANT me back! "

LOL...I said, Ok....nuff said... So apparently this guy had a bit of a problem with a women talking to him, and he thought she was ready to go to his room with him, so he asked her that, and she was offended and complained.

Either way, this guy seemed like a nice guy, it just seemed more like he had some other issue's he was dealing with (on this planet anyway!! lol) and seems to have a good imagination. Other than that, his stories were all over the place.

I will say that he has many witnesses that have "seen" the UFO's using his technique of those night vision goggles, including the coast to coast DJ, as well as numerous other credible people involved in UFO research, UFO hunters, etc etc. That seems legit!!!

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by 48Donbray

My first problem with that is this. If hundreds of UFO's are being blown up 200 miles above our earths surface, then there would be thousands upon thousands more space debris orbiting our earth to the point that no human would be able to lift off our planet to make it to space because of this space debris.

Hi48, VisionQuest was my old account here at ATS. It was shut down for irrelevant reasons to this topic. I think you bring up some valid points. From what you describe, Ed may be suffering from 'UFO disease', a common symptom of individuals who have seen something truly incredible, then later adding and/or exaggerating details to stroke their own ego, or simply because there's nothing new to report. I could give countless examples naming well knowns, but thats neither here nor there.

In regards to your challenge about the falling debris, there may be one possible explanation. IF most ET's have interdimensional capability, this would mean they (and their ships) have the ability to co-exist in another physicality. Any debris in this physicality, falling or not, would be contained within it. Nightvision specs may be picking up a lightwave spectrum in that physicality only visible in infrared, and not to the naked eye. Either that, or Ed is hallucinating.

thank you for your post.

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