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No, That Never Happened

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posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:26 PM
everybody is well acquainted with de ja vu (most likely misspelled, my bad) and other mind games that are unexplainable.

but what about remembering things that never happened? not thinking something could have happened, not thinking of what could have been, not fantasizing, but actually having a memory of something so perfectly...and then someone telling you that it never happened.

heres a link:

the site describes it as "false memories" but for someone whom actually does this, its alot more than that. you begin to question everything, everything good and bad, everything that has changed you or that youve done because of an event.

when people say you changed for no reason, but you changed because of blah blah blah, you begin to question whether that ACTUALLY happened or if its all in your head.

daily conversations, walking through a hallway, looking at old photos, all of it becomes unreal. its not like, oh thats weird it never happened, and thats the end of it. it changes everything.

yeah, everything.

take me for example, i dont have any memories. i remember things happening, i know things happened. but i have no memories. well, i have a few. lets say i have 20 real rock solid memories. one by one, i realize that they never happened...he never hit me...i never went there...ive never been to new orleans...she never died...i was never kidnapped...etc. etc. etc.

the strongest memories you have never happened.

does anyone have any explanation tot his other than creating false memories for an occasion?

because its freakin me out

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:29 PM
Occasionally I have had very realistic dreams that for days or even weeks I remembered as actually happening, until I realized it never did. Some memories I have actually I'm not sure if they were dreams or if they really happened.

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:32 PM
Could be many reasons why someone would give you false memories.

One reason is to disguise something that DID happen to you, but make you think it was something else. Like an abduction.

Another reason could be just to confuse you, or to "guide" you in some direction that *they* want you to go. For example, if you had a memory of getting beat up in highschool, you might consider taking Karate courses... even if that memory is false. And because you decided to take Karate courses, you did NOT do what you would've done had you NOT decided to take Karate, something that possibly could threaten *them*, so they had to alter things around.

Another possibility is that you have memories of a different lifetime.

Another possibility is that you're having memories of another YOU in a different dimention, whose life may have been just like yours except for that experience etc.

There's more...

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posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:34 PM
I get Deja Vu like every other day. The best part is when I stop my friends and tell them what they are going to say do or ask.Freaky stuff.

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:49 PM
yeah ive gotten dejavu like that before too...the weirdest was when i was on the phone and my friend performed a spoken word he had written. it started out about blue grass and green skies and went on to talk about "sugarcubes being placed on this tounge which once spoke of never eating sugar." it was all about the first time he tried acid. note- he performed it, if any of you do spoken word you know what i mean.

then about a month later we are on the phone and he said ahhh i just finished this!!! i was like oh read it. note, he READ it, spoken word people know what i mean. it was the same thing, so i assumed he had added on. but it hadnt, it ended with the same line about the tounge which once spoke of never eating sugar. i told him i had heard it before, but he said he had just written it. then i explained what every single thing in the passage meant, the symbolism in all of it. i looked at his notebook the next day and he really had just written it, it was the last thing in there.


but remembering things that never happened isnt really dejavu, it doesnt happen again. its just a memory you have along with the day at the park and your summer vacation to disneyworld.

does anybody know what im talking about?

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 08:07 PM
Yeah, I have had this before. I recall something that seems like I had been there before or done this a while ago, but it couldn't have happened. Perhaps that "rush" that you get when you expierence dejavu, is just some trigger of blood or that tingle is just some odd trigger in your head going off - even if it hasn't happened. Does anyone know the area of the brain assigned to this?


posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 08:16 PM
go here for deja vu:

honestly, i believe its a beautful gift....and too many people regard it as a brain flaw or a "scientific" phenomenon. screw science! this is life!!!!!!!!! look at this:

"As much as 70 percent of the population reports having experienced some form of dj vu. A higher number of incidents occurs in people 15 to 25 years old than in any other age group. "

15-25? sounds like the age group of the revolution...but once they hit 30, existence replaces life. what the heffa?!?!?!

too many people do this with too many things. disregarding beautful things because they wont profit from it, or they are "flaws."

ive known too many beautiful writers, too many beautiful artists, that want to do that more than anything. i say, well lets take off and do it! and they respond, theres no money in that, ill go to business school.


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