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does CLOTAIRE RAPAILLE got you figured out?

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 11:51 AM
Google the name CLOTAIRE RAPAILLE.

He's a psychologist and a marketing expert, and very rich clients.

They include banks, auto-companies, and retailers.

When trying to sell the SUV's, he admits to targeting the Reptilian part of our brain:

"It's absolutely crucial to understand what I call "the reptilian hot button." My theory is very simple. The reptilian always win. I don't care what you're going to tell me intellectually, give me the reptilian."

He works to understand the unspoken needs of people.


Here's a google video about the SUVs and the reptilian brain:

Google Video Link

I had problems linking the google vid, so here's the link

He's also a specialist in discovering archetypes for certain "codes"?

I think what he means is that he figures out why people do things. When you know why they do things, the unspoken things, you can then market specific products that appeal to those unspoken habits.

From his site:

"When you know the Archetype, you suddenly have the key which gives meaning to what people say and do. Now you understand why. Suddenly, everything makes sense, even what sounded contradictory before."

"When your organization decides to perform an Archetype Study, you will gain:

1. Understanding - of the unspoken needs of your customer.
2. Knowledge - of the unconscious code related to your product, the Logic of Emotion. You know the consumers' unconscious language. You speak " Archetype."
3. Ownership - Within your organization, the Archetype Managers, the Core Team, and the Archetype Team, own the results. They made the discovery, did the presentation. They are the experts.

So here we have 3 things that are quite scary. They understand how our subconscious works. Most people do not know anything about their own subconscious, as they're too busy trying to live externally.

There is a specific language that speaks to your unconscious mind. Symbolism anyone? Pictures and colors speak to your subconscious, even if you're consciously saying 'it's just a stupid logo. It's not doing anything to me'.

Now they own this knowledge. So I wonder if you one day do an exact study about yourself, can they sue you for copyright infringement over your own subconscious? "Who said you can figure yourself out? We own it!"

4. Alignment - Your staff now all speak the same language, and they understand it at the gut level. They know the unconscious meaning of the words they use; they share and bring into awareness the Logic of Emotion.

Again, the importance of words, pictures, images, are used for specific reasons, yet we're told and ridiculed by others that we're just 'conspiracy nuts' and 'you can find a meaning in any symbol if you really want to'.

5. Team Building - One of the results of your ownership and alignment is to create a team which is highly motivated to use the knowledge of the Archetype, and to succeed in doing so. The relationship between your Product Managers and the Advertising Agency, for example, is transformed.

Yes, the relationship is transformed. It's called mutual brain-washing.

6. Action Plan - The purpose of the study is not to produce a report or a book, but to learn a language, and to use it. The Action Plan becomes a living thing. Before the end of the third phase, the staff starts using some of the findings and we usually have success stories before the end of the ten Imprinting Groups.
7. Coaching - and permanent support from the Archetype Studies team. You are the Champions; we are the coaches.

I thought WE are the champions.

There are more listed here.

So now think about EVERY symbol, logo, painting, commercial, word, sound, you've seen from a product or company. Knowing now that they themselves are speaking through several languages, how can you further ignore that these things don't affect you subconsciously?

I wonder what would happen if we the people created our own group of researching these things. We would be charged with some mental manipulation/brainwashing tactics? We would be labeled as a cult?

It's kind of funny how David Icke speaks about external reptiles, which are either true or not, but here we have quotes and reports how private corporations are speaking to OUR INTERNAL reptiles.

Thank you for reading.

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