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Gov boycotting individuals (craft concocked)

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 10:56 AM
Is the government out to boycott certain individuals by any means so that those individuals wont be able to do certain things or move about freely?

Shouldnt we the ppl (we the individuals of the ppl) force the government to make a law, and oversee it is enforced, that the government wont boycott any individual by any means?

PPl who are individuals are coming up against a type of warfare that seems like a conspiracy bewteen two or more parts of the government of and in operation by ppl. Being that government can be looked as as one government, it can look like there is no conspiracy going on, but there are things of a hindering, premeditated craft at work going on by the government nonetheless. The government hinds as if it's a single person rather than persons working together. The government needs to clarify how it stands. Is it a thing? If it's a thing, then that can hind two or more persons as if there is no conspiracy. The definition to conspiracy needs to be changed so more than one person cant hide being as a thing or a place. When these things or places come against individuals they are as though set as branded outcasts not in line with the fold. If they do certain things as the fold would they on the other hand are singled out for being penalized in some way, shape, or form. Basically, crucified or disreguarded, so to speak, in a worst case scenario.

Take the real ID...

If you wont take up the real ID you will then be discriminated against to where you cant do certain things or go certain places as an individual. And not discriminated by race, religion, or etc. this time, but by individual. You wont be discriminated against to take it up.

Though will you stand for having your individual discriminated against by the government because of not doing a certain thing or even doing a certain thing?

When you say jump, it's time for the government to ask how high. Or else! Self-defense need to be applied to when anyone or anyone hiding behind as thing looks to hinder your freedom to do certain things as the rest or go certain places as the rest, especially when your life depend on doing those certain things or going those certian places says you.

Which of you dont see the craft going on even now toward yourself or even other ppl? If you dont see that's only because you wont see. Meaning, you are one to only see what you want to as a foolish person.

The government is not fa, fa, fa foolin me. They wont discriminate or let you be discriminated by what a ppl is. What is a ppl? What is we the ppl? A ppl they consider is a race or a language or a creed or a sex. Though what about the individual? They have no respect for the individuals which should count as a diverse ppl. Creed isnt as an individual because it's as one thing a recognized group by it follows which is just like a language which a recognized group by it follows.

[edit on 17-4-2008 by Mabus]

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