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Government to start a DNA Database

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 08:45 AM

WASHINGTON - The government plans to begin collecting DNA samples from anyone arrested by a federal law enforcement agency — a move intended to prevent violent crime but which also is raising concerns about the privacy of innocent people.


Here it comes guys the infamous DNA database that is going to store all of our data. Remember how the "NWO" works... Baby steps now, we need to DNA all the criminals so we can solve murders and rapes, However this artcile states that all those arrested will have their DNA taken. There is a huge problem with htis and it is yet another lose of our freedoms. Arrested doesn't mean guilty and how many people every year are arrested wrongly. How many times in the future will people get "arrested" only so their DNA can be taken. I can see it now swat teams pull up and arrest you becasue of hearsay evidence your neighbor supposedly called in saying you were a child molester. So they arrest you take your DNA and "Oh we are sorry for the arrest you are free to go.

The other problem with this is "DNA" is part of us as humans and part of who we are. What gives anyone a right to take a part of me and put it into a database. Sure fingerprints are one thing and the FEDS have mine becasue of a concealed permit but where do we draw the line. Personally I dont want anyone having a copy of my DNA, there are way too many things that can go wrong here. For starters you must think about security issues with the database, what would happen is someones DNA weas stolen and planted at a crime scene. All of a sudden you have instant irrefutable proof that the person who belongs to the stolen DNA comitted the crime because their DNA was found ( hmmmhmm planted) at the scene. The next problem comes from cloning, If there is a database of DNA what is to stop someone from cloning anyone they like. For instance they could clone a political figure that had just been assasinated or perhaps reincarnate the likeness of JFK. Maybe the technology is not there yet, but it will be.

Your thoughts and opinions? I wonder how long it will take befoer someon throws in the "well if i am not doing anything wrong why should I have anything to worry about" Dont forget its not always about what you did or havn't done a lot of times it is about who you ticked off or maybe your gun collection makes you look like a terrorist.

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