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Could this be the Best UFO Footage Ever? (Clear Video of UFO)

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by free_spirit

Do you mean to say that Ruiz is not the man in the video who claims to have taken it?
[edit on 4/18/2010 by Phage]

On the countrary Phage, I said Mr. Mauricio Ruiz also known as YouTube luckymauro is
the actual videographer of this footage, this is a fact. He lives in Alvin, Texas with his
family, near from Houston. I contacted Mauricio Ruiz just after he posted his footage in
YouTube, he replied and we emailed each other, later I called him by phone and we
had conversations. Mauricio Ruiz worked for the municipal goverment in Alvin and sent
me images of his certificates and diplomas from them. Mauricio Ruiz is a respected
citizen in his neighborhood and works as a legal tax account in his office in Alvin.
This is the background of the videographer and these are facts, you may check
and confirm this information anytime calling or asking the Alvin municiple goverment
inquiring who Mauricio Ruiz is and where does he live. I made my own research when
this footage was released, you can do the same thing Phage if you are interested but
please don't suggest Mr. Mauricio Ruiz is not the man in the video, that would be naive.

Now to the video itself. I'm afraid you are not well informed at all. Mauricio Ruiz gave
his footage and his videocamera to the Open Minds Group in Arizona for research and
analysis, they are in posesion of the original video and the videocamera. Mauricio Ruiz
also gave interviews to mexican tv journalist Jaime Maussan, japanese tv researchers,
italian tv journalists and researchers, brazilian magazine and others. If Mauricio Ruiz
gave his video to this or that researcher / group this is not an issue to criticize, attack
or debunk, it is his privilege.

On the other hand your judgement at this moment is based in the YouTube video
uploaded by Mauricio luckymauro but this was a short version, edited. The original
footage is longer than this copy and also shows the interference and other details.
Therefore in order for you to make a valid judgement you need to study and analyze
an original copy of the 8 mm raw footage wich includes the actual time frames, audio
etc. In the original resolution just like the scientist from the UNAM University of Mexico
analyzed the interference in the tape in this case he was given the original videotape
and once the analysis was made the scientist presented an official result and returned
the videotape to the owner. Conclusion, if you want to debate this footage and the
people involved you need to study the original tape, make your own analysis with
professional equipment and then present your evidence.

But first you need to know the case and all the facts presented if you want to propose a
formal debunk because guessing is not an argument.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by free_spirit

I agree that the who, what, how the video was made is actually more important than the video itself. The problem though is that it still doesn’t eliminate fakery. I can use myself as an example: I could fake a video and my credentials as an honest broker would be viewed as impeccable, but the video would still be a fake.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 01:59 AM
@ Free Spirit - Do you know what the results were from the analysis made by Open Minds Group of Arizona? Did other organizations also receive copies of the tape made on that video camera? (Jaime Maussan included)

I was under the impression (based on his follow up statements on YouTube and via Jaime Maussan' show) that Mr. Ruiz gave the original tape and camera to Maussan and that an organization in Mexico made an analysis of the tape (and camera).

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:38 PM

Originally posted by synchro
@ Free Spirit - Do you know what the results were from the analysis made by Open
Minds Group of Arizona? Did other organizations also receive copies of the tape made
on that video camera? (Jaime Maussan included)

I was under the impression (based on his follow up statements on YouTube and via
Jaime Maussan' show) that Mr. Ruiz gave the original tape and camera to Maussan and
that an organization in Mexico made an analysis of the tape (and camera).

According to the information Mr. Mauricio Ruiz gave me at that time he provided the
original tape as well as the actual videocamera to the Open Minds Research Group from
Arizona for the investigation purposes and they agreed to the special request by Jaime
Maussan for the original tape to be analyzed in Mexico by the UNAM National University
of Mexico wich is the top institution and has the most advanced laboratory and
technological erquipment for this purposes. Once the complete analysis was done the
tape was returned to the Open Minds Group for their own investigation, other copies
of the raw footage were delivered to the japanese tv crew, italian tv crew and people
from Brazil.

The mexican analysis by the University (UNAM) covered only the interference recorded
by the camera that affected the tape in the UFO sequences, this was a condition the
scientist requested as they didn't want to be involved in any UFO issues but agreed
to perform an objective analysis very impartial of the segments where this interference
was recorded and then to present their results in an official report. Their analysis
concluded the tape had some segments of a very intense electromagnetic disturbances
of a high level but interestingly these magnetic interferences were only present is two
segments of the whole tape precisely in the images where the black object is present
not in any other part of the 2 hours tape wich resulted extremely rare for them.

The videotape contained many family images and sequences that were not affected
by the magnetic interference, the UFO sequence was the one affected and only in the
segments where the UFO looks closer wich is odd. According to the explanations they
found no traces of manipulation on the tape to impose this intereference over the
images and they explained there is no way you can apply a magnet just to two
segments located at the middle of a 2 hours Hi-8 videotape without affecting the rest
of the tape, simply no way. Besides the levels and nature of this magnetic interference
is unusual and very rare concluding the source of interference could not be identified.

Here is a video of the UNAM scientific laboratory study and analysis of the Alvin, Texas
videotape. (Unfortunately is in spanish)

Here is the Open Minds Research Group website.

Informations and links courtesy of Mr. Mauricio Ruiz.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

Free Spirit, Thank you for that information.

I wonder if the people who examined the tape from Open Minds or other organizations that were given a copy of the tape were able to determine if the segment with the object (including the distortion on the tape) was "printed" or transferred from an outside source (video editor) using inputs (FireWire, Composite, S-Video, etc. connections) onboard the camera or if the images from that segment of the tape were captured with the camera itself via the lens and internal recording mechanism?

Also, I wonder if the original tape (or copies) were ever given to other video experts or labs (besides the UNAM) or other organizations to analyze in order to rule out CGI or the use of models? Was there any word from the Japanese, Italian or Brazilian people as to the veracity of what was shown on the tape? I could not find anything via google or other internet sources regarding this.

I went to the Open Minds link you gave to attempt to find out more about the analysis of the tape. I could not locate any findings regarding the tape in question and a search for "Mauricio Ruiz" and "luckymauro" "Alvin Texas" yielded no results.

I hope we are able to find out more about this fascinating video one way or the other.

posted on Aug, 6 2013 @ 01:54 PM

Originally posted by BlasteR

Originally posted by Phage
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

I removed that second video. It got in by accident and I couldn't make any sense out of it.

Jaime Maussan is known to be a UFO sensationalist rather than and investigator. He just doesn't care.

You're so correct! He does whatever he can to sensationalize the phenomenon through photos, videos, etc.. without even properly analyzing the evidence or investigating the claims. We've known this for years too. For starters, he's probably raking in untold millions off of the UFO craze that started down in New Mexico ever since that solar eclipse in 1994/95 (whenever it was).

There was a show that was aired on Discovery channel a few times (can't remember the name of it). It involved MUFON investigators looking into evidence of UFO's around the world. The first show I saw was about sightings in New Mexico. Jaime Moussan was on the show too. It turns out he has cronies that actually go out searching for any video or photo "evidence" that looks like a UFO so they can air it on Jaime's TV show. In some cases they even fabricate their own evidence and get people to tell wild stories. Why do people go along? They get to be on the most popular TV show in Mexico!!

One of the stories Jaime told the investigator was about a boy who snapped 4 or 5 photos of a UFO with his cell phone from his back porch. Just a minute or two after MUFON took the photos back and analyzed them they realized it was a complete hoax!!! And how many other times has this happened where evidence has been fabricated for profit? There's no way to know for sure!

The MUFON investigator that found evidence of a hoax said there's no way it could've been overlooked. Plus the EXIF data witin the photo proved they were taken MUCH further apart than the witness claimed. Either Jaime's cronies are getting people to fabricate evidence and witness testimony for attention or they aren't investigating anything.

That show was so awesome because MUFON actually challenged the hoaxers for wasting their friggin time!! Jaime included.


Why have you provided no links ect to back up all your claims ,can you provided any links that show MUFON investigated this case , what was the name of this MUFON investigator?? MUFON are pretty organised and do provided data on cases they investigate more so involving hoaxes.... can we have source links to all your claims of hoaxing please..

posted on Dec, 4 2015 @ 09:12 PM
a reply to: Phage

Hello Phage, the second video you talk about is related of some part of my investigation about Alvin TX UFO that I think maybe was edited or made with "TRUE SPACE" software from "CALGARI".

About that video it was not made by me but by a friend named Tachiblog (globaluyo in Youtube)

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