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Could this be the Best UFO Footage Ever? (Clear Video of UFO)

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by Sys_Config

Thank you

I've made it by myself, using xara3d and ats logo

Feel free to get it mate

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 06:42 PM
this photo is too much photoshopped by nasa. I request all of you to download the photo from nasa site, fire up ps and see literally ANYWHERE in the photo in detail, everything has been blurred or has been blackened. This aint mars photo, this is photo of our beloved earth. I saw PIGEON # on that photo.

Nasa pwned itself with this.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 08:48 PM
I see the guy who shot that video has more out on his site. he had that mexican ufo man that goes on TV come take a look at his video and he said its real. They both are in the video and hes explaining what happened. I would post it here but not sure how.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by coastlinekid


He'ssays his batteries ran out... read the description..


posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by JPhish
This guy has seen way too many spielberg films. The lights on the bottom of the object seem to be completely pointless. I'm pretty sure it's fake. expert on ufos? Where do you think Spielberg got his ideas for his craft? Eyewittness sightings
Where does the reality cross over into the fiction?

Well, I've been within 80 feet of the underneath of a ufo in daylight, (witnessed by thousands incidently) and I can tell you that it's a bizarre and amazing sight. It looks like nothing you've ever really seen before - outside of a few scifi movies


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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by jimbo999

reply posted on 17-4-2008 @ 08:26 AM by coastlinekid

one month and 14 pages late!

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by Soylent Green Is People
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

The cloud was left behind 2 days later...what makes you think they are related and this isn't "Just a cloud"? Why did it take 2 days for the cloud to appear if it was left behind by the UFO?

Isn't it more likely that the cloud was just a cloud. I don't think it's unusual to see clouds in the sky, and I bet that cloud would have been there whether or not someone saw a UFO in that part of the sky 2 days earlier (plus it seems to me that the cloud was at a higher altitude than the UFO...but it's hard to tell exactly.)


Originally posted by TeslaandLyne
Chemtrails last long after the high flying triangle craft goes by.

But that cloud moved in a hurry. Again I ask, why would the "air disturbed by the UFO" just sit there fo two days, then become a cloud, and then float off?

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[edit on 4/17/2008 by Soylent Green Is People]

Why don't the three puffy clouds just float off?

Why don't chemtrails float off?

See. They are made the same way. With high static from the UFO propulsion.
Why does the UFO sit in the air. What gives it the anti gravity.

In some of my latest post I linked some material on the
effect on gravity by positive charges.

So positive charges surrounding the craft gives it anti gravity.

So the surroundind air will now be transformed into a monoelectic
(as opposed to a dielectric) of all positives charges and sit around
just like the craft did.

A negative beam moves the craft off.
Since few people consider this solution or theory, even the
pilots do not know what is going on.

So now they know.

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 08:06 AM
Somebody here in ATS found a longer video and started
a new thread!
Take a look!

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 10:20 AM
Not that i am a disbeliever in E.T.'s

But the video in the Original post, to me, looks like a fake.

The reason i say this, is go watch the video again, when the bird flies by it...the machine looks only slightly larger than the bird (the bird gives it scale is what i mean)

Unless of course, someone wishes to make the argument that maybe they're micro-aliens

In which case my theory is totally debunked

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 10:58 AM
Star and flagged. I'll need to look into this further. Before I can respond.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 12:29 PM


The video is CGI

The truth about Alvin video, Texas

Due to the large number of mails from all over the world requesting information on the issue of screen shots and the controversy raised in this regard I make the following clarification.

For those who insist that the last famous video of Alvin, Texas is an object suspended from a wire, we have been informed the it was created with a 3D modeling software: we confirm the identity of its "author" who sent us informations on the development of the video.

Here are some screenshots (reduced from actual size) that were shipped after Maussan documentary was aired:

Video SANS object

Object modelling (wireframe)

Object modelling (textured)

Object being located in the scene

Source: .::El Tachiblog::.


I would like to point out that the sofware used to model the object (not mentioned in the article) was most likely Caligari TrueSpace

End of story.

[edit on 12/6/2008 by internos]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:27 PM
Well I knew it was fake, but that was the most convincing CGI I've ever seen. Props to the guy who made it...

I guess case closed

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:44 PM
You just made a fool of yourself Internos !! This guy tachiblog is a hoaxer
well known in Mexico who's real name is Humberto Villafuerte Alvarez and
along with a teacher Ana Luisa Cid perpetrated a cheap hoax trying to
discredit the Alvin Texas / Mauricio Ruiz case and you know why ? Just
because the witness refused to give them his story and they retaliated.
This scandal rised in Mexico and was exposed on the media and national
television several times ridiculizing these couple of charlatans tachiblog
Humberto Villafuerte and Ana Luisa Cid, big scandal indeed.

These guys tachiblog and Ana Lusa Cid invented the tale that an
anonymous student from Alvin Texas made the whole video using
animation software but they refused to mention the name of the alleged
student and the actual recreation in real time, simply because it was a
false story with no evidences whatsoever. The real story is that the Ufo
witness Mauricio Ruiz received the visit of the research team in his own
house comanded by mexican researcher Jaime Maussan in May 2008.
The witness Mauricio Ruiz was interviewed and he showed the locations
the actual videocamera and even provided the original 8 mm tape to be
analyzed by experts in Mexico. The witness showed his garden, his home,
his neighborhood, everything required for the research and all these
elements were presented in several tv shows on national tv and the case
is still on investigation. At this moment the original 8 mm tape is being
analyzed by experts and the results will be published very soon.

Now I ask you Internos the same question these charlatans tachiblog and
Ana Luisa Cid were asked and failed to answer. If this video was indeed
made by that alleged anonymous student and added the animation then:
How In God's name this "unknown student" managed to get into Mauricio's
house and videotape Mauricio's garden ? Because the frames this guy
tachiblog is presenting show Mauricio Ruiz home garden, you see ?
Besides this guy tachiblog never presented a real time video anywhere
just some frames taken from Youtube precisely from Mauricio Ruiz own
uploaded video from April 12, 2008. Then the hoaxer tachiblog just erased
with photoshop the Ufo from every frame and then made a 3d drawing to
suggest it was the model used, cheap very cheap debunking attempt that
was exposed on national television. This guy tachiblog is a webmaster and
make webpages so he has knowledge of making computer designs but he
is not a researcher or ufologist and certainly not a smart guy either. His
failed debunk attempt is just a revenge against Mauricio Ruiz for not
giving the videotape and the story.

Humberto Villafuerte a.k.a. tachiblog is the accomplice of Ana Luisa Cid in
this fraud against a legitimate case and they were exposed big time on
national tv.

And I have much more to show you Internos about this pair of scum from
Mexico, you will be surprised. But first let me challenge you Internos.

I make a public challenge to you Internos, here and for everyone to see
so you can present hard evidence that this Ufo over Alvin, Texas /
Mauricio Ruiz case is a hoax, with your own research elements just to
prove your allegations and sustain your claimed End of Story statements.
I'm ready to present enough evidence to support this case against
your debunking attempt and graphic evidences of a legitimate research
performed on this case. I'm ready to prove that you certainly made a
fool of yourself Internos by beliveing what this unknown person tachiblog
who's real name is Humberto Villafuerte Alvarez just said and you fell for
that without even bothering to make a proper research about the
background of this guy. I was under the impression you were a smart guy
Internos but from now on for me you just fell from the grace.

Anyway let's do this big Internos. Let's start the challenge, just show your
cards on the table. I will wait for your response that is if you are
interested, i guess you will think twice now. Go on.

By the way do you know who forgetomori is ? I bet you don't know him
either Internos. For your information forgetomori is Kentaro Mori, a well
known skeptic and debunker from Brazil, he is like the brazilian Shermer
and a CISCOP member. What did you expect from him Internos ? This
guy Kentaro Mori debunks every single Ufo story around. Well ? Go on
and check him.

If you want to support Kentaro Mori then it will mean you are also a skeptic
yourself Internos and maybe you also belong to CISCOP or whatever in
wich case I've been wasting my time with you. In any case I will like to
hear your arguments and see your evidences to claim the Alvin Texas
case is a hoax. I will prove it's legitimate. That's it.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

Free_spirit, i consider you an excellent researcher, so no need at all to make challenges, but not because i fear you, since you support a WORLDWIDE HOAX SUPPORTER LIKE JAMIE MAUSSAN:
i'm reporting what has been reported by other media: do you have some FACTS intead of WORDS to back up your claims? I'm here: waiting for FACTS.
Now let's assume that im wrong: if i made a fool of myself then it has happened once.
But YOU mate, are supporting the SHAME OF THE UFOLOGY after he has been proven to be a supporter of hoaxers.
So mate, keep for yourself your comments and watch at the mirror before posting here, and try to get in touch with HONEST people rather than with CONFIRMED HOAXERS LIKE YOUR FRIEND JAMIE MAUSSAN.

[edit on 12/6/2008 by internos]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by internos
reply to post by free_spirit

Free_spirit, i consider you an excellent researcher, so no need at all to make challenges, but not because i fear you, since you support a WORLDWIDE HOAX SUPPORTER LIKE JAMIE MAUSSAN:
i'm reporting what has been reported by other media: do you have some FACTS intead of WORDS to back up your claims? I'm here: waiting for FACTS.

Please don't insult our intelligence internos by trying to be smart here
ignoring the REAL ISSUE on discussion. The Alvin UFO Case / Mauricio
Ruiz Story that you claimed is a hoax but providing an already debunked
and hoaxed source: The Infamous Tachiblog.

Now you are distracting the attention of your original claim by diverting
the direction of your position. I knew something was wrong here with you
so again internos. This is ABOUT the Alvin Ufo Case / Mauricio Ruiz story
not about Jaime Maussan, MUFON or any other party involved ok ?
So let's stay on topic and hear your arguments, do you have any ?

Just present your evidence based in your own personal research on this
case that is if you made a research at all, did you ? Don't play foul game
by invoking third parties and focus on the escence of the case, the actual
witness, the actual evidence, the actual facts. Do you know all these elements ?

This case is not new here on ATS and it was discussed since the time that
Mauricio Ruiz posted his video on Youtube using his user name
luckymauro. Then a lot has been said by the members according to
everyone's own interpretations and personal points of view. But you
are the exception internos because you did'nt make your own research
but just posted a hoax story perpetrated by a couple already exposed and
ridiculized on national television and their cheap hoax was revealed as
well as the motives of this couple: revenge. This exposé was big time
but you did'nt know about this right ? As I said you did'nt bother to
investigate who this tachiblog is, what are his motives, how convincing
is his story and his claims, where is his evidence etc. And plus you also
posted a link to forgetomory site, infamous Kentaro Mori declared one
of the most voracious brazilian skeptics from CISCOP.

Well internos you want facts ? For a start your facts tachiblog/Kentaro
Mori are just wet powder, not reliable. And these are your sources ?
Now you know what I mean. I will tell you this: Since I guess you did'nt
know actually who your sources are, their background, their personality,
their credentials in Ufology then now you realize you made a mistake by
trusting the wrong sources. Unless you are a skeptic I think you just
navigated on the Internet from web page to web page by googling and
you found these two debunkers with the same debunk and that was it,
you thought immediately internos, Voila !! the Alvin Texas case is false,
these two say it then they have to be right, end of story.

Well end of your story in your mind only internos because this story is
still ongoing with legitimate research and more to come.

I'm very dissapointed internos, I thought you would at least give me and
by consequence to all of us reading this thread some thoughts from your
perceptions on this case, some feelings, some proposals, some rebuttals
anything but not. You just ignored the escence of this discussion and took
a easy way out by mentioning a third party Maussan who is not the
escence of this case. Why you did'nt mention Mauricio Ruiz who is a
honest ufo witness who came forward the same day of the sighting telling
the world about his experience and sharing his video evidence ?

Mauricio Ruiz has been there all the time sustaining his story and
presenting his evidences, his whereabouts, his certificates by the city
council and local goverment agencies just to credit his honesty and
reputation. Mauricio Ruiz has shown his home, inside and outside,
his two dogs who also were with him during the sighting, his neighborhood
where the two energy transformers were burned causing two big blackouts
after the Ufo sighting, the repairment work from the goverment's workers
repairing the transformed burned, the cellular phone's screen that is not
working either after the sighting as well as all the house clocks that are
not working since that day.

Mauricio Ruiz has been showing his analog 8 mm videocamera he used to
videotape the sighting, he has been showing the original 8 mm tape taken
from the camera. Mauricio has been showing the strange interference that
the videotape registered during the Ufo sighting, interference that shows
sounds and distortion when the Ufo moves affecting the camera's function
and finally discharging the battery. This interference is solid evidence that
can be analyzed in a laboratory to establish it was caused by a strong
electromagnetic field present when recording, an evidence that is now
in the hands of experts in Mexico from the University conducting several
tests with equipment and their results will be presented on national
television the same that I will post here when it's done.

Mauricio Ruiz has shown to the world not only his evidences of a quite
unique experience lived that April's day in Alvin, Texas but also Mauricio
is showing his complete comittment to his story and continues doing it
accepting his compromise and the challenge it implies.

What else do you want internos ? So far you still have'nt provide nothing
from your own harvest. I just gave you in advance a teaser of my cards.
And you say you want facts ? No, you want debunk. Well, go ahead and
play your cards.

Two important questions for you internos:

1- How trustable for you is this guy tachiblog ?

2- How trustable for you is this guy forgetomori (Kentaro Mori)?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:21 PM
Lets attack the issues people not each other.

Thanks and carry on.


posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by free_spirit

Two important questions for you internos:

1- How trustable for you is this guy tachiblog ?

2- How trustable for you is this guy forgetomori (Kentaro Mori)?

free_spirit, listen to me now please.
I've been looking at your work here for a long time.
I accept many of your criticism because im not a person who never makes mistakes. In my opinion you are an excellent researcher who (AS ME) may have some wrong friends (and i have MORE THAN ONE).

Tachiblog=trustable technically zero, cause i can't make any assesment on his identity, nor i can't perform a whois, so this point comes to you

Well, this is my take: since you rised a problem about the reliability of the debunking, let's make so:

I will try to get in touch with the guy who made the alleged CGI wile YOU will convince the author of the sighting to share his original footage, HERE: no other people allowed: the original footage will be sent straight to Jeff Ritzmann's email.

All i see from you is a bunch of blah blah blah while im interested in facts:
where are the facts?
Ahhh, right, "they will come", right?.

[edit on 12/6/2008 by internos]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by internos

I will try to get in touch with the guy who made the alleged CGI wile YOU will convince the author of the sighting to share his original footage, HERE: no other people allowed: the original footage will be sent straight to Jeff Ritzmann's email.

[edit on 12/6/2008 by internos]

You mean you are going to find the alleged student from Alvin, Texas that
allegedly took a video from Mauricio Ruiz own garden and later added a
CGI animation over the video ? Go ahead and be my guest because this
mysterious student has never come forward yet. If you find him in Alvin
Texas could you be so kind to inform me right away to investigate him
and see his evidence ?

So far both Ana Luisa Cid and her partner Humberto Villafuerte a.k.a
tachiblog never presented this mysterious student along with the actual
recreation footage made, not to this day and the challenge was made on
national television in México in April internos. Then if you think you may
have luck and find this "nonexistent student" that claimed to have made
the Mauricio Ruiz Ufo footage make your search. Then you will find out
the "student" was just a bad debunking shot by this couple, simple as

About the original footage you metioned a name Jeff Ritzmann ?
Who is he ? Where does he live and what are his credentials cause I
don't remember hearing about him. Is Mr. Ritzmann reliable ? Is he
a researcher or a skeptic ? Maybe you could give me more info about
Mr. Ritzmann. Anyway i have to be clear on this internos.

First I'm not in charge or involved in any way on this investigation
regarding the Alvin Texas / Mauricio Ruiz Ufo case. I knew about this story
when it was released on Youtube and discussed here on ATS in April.

I got very interested since I considered a spectacular footage. I decided
to make my own private research and contacted luckymauro the next
day on Youtube and he kindly replied my message giving me his name
Mauricio Ruiz. He told me the sighting took place in Alvin, Texas not in
Houston and gave me his personal email. We emailed each other that
day and then he gave me his personal cellular phone number.

We continued emailing and talking by phone the subsequent days and
Mauricio provided me all the details of his sighting including the two
blackouts and transformers burned etc. Mauricio Ruis is a gentleman
and never refused to share anything to me, that's when I really knew
all about his case. Then Mauricio sent me a DVD with a copy of the Ufo
sighting along with copies of two subsequent sightings including the object
landing the next day April 12 and the Ufo forming a strange cloud. These
videos are also in Youtube.

More strange events happened in the neighborhood related to this incident
and Mauricio videotaped some of these events. Mauricio told me that he
received a long distance call by Jaime Maussan from Mexico City the same
day he uploaded the Ufo video to Youtube that is April 11. They arranged a
meeting and Mauricio asked Maussan to do a research and gave him the
original tape. Also at that time Mauricio Ruiz was receiving a lot of emails
and request in his Youtube inbox from many researchers and groups
asking to handle his case. Mauricio answered he was working already
with Jaime Maussan. Mauricio Ruiz told me all this sequence of events as
we were in touch almost daily.

Then I tried to contact Jaime Maussan by phone and finally I was able to
find him in his office in Mexico City. We exchanged informations and later
emailed each other. In a matter of few weeks I gathered important data
from this case thanks to both sources. In my mind there was no doubt,
this was a legitimate case and I had the evidences that supported the story.

Then the failed debunk attempt was performed by the school teacher
named Ana Luisa Cid who interestingly and according to Maussan's people
was banned from the research group years ago for conspiracy and
difamation activities against several colaborators of the organization.
From that time Ana Luisa Cid transformed herself in an all time debunker
for every case, witness or evidence related with Jaime Maussan only as
revenge due to a frustration for being banned. Recently Ana Luisa Cid
made partnership with an unknown individual named Humberto Villafuerte
who writes under the pseudonym tachiblog and who is also an enemy of
Jaime Maussan.

This couple Ana Luis Cid and tachiblog Humberto Villafuerte decided to
debunk the Maurucio Ryuiz / Alvin Texas in retaliation for not giving them
his story and also because Maussan is invloved. These are undeniable facts
and can be proved anytime if required. I received every detail and
evidence of the failed hoax perpetrated by this couple Cid/tachiblog
from the Jaime Maussan's office wich I thank them and that's how I knew
all about this outrageous debunk attempt.

The Jaime Maussan's office was kind enough to send me every episode of
their tv show with their investigation on the case including the recent
exposure of the failed hoax by this couple, a demolishing exposé.
This is the real story behind the debunk attempt by Cid and tachiblog
internos, the real motives merely personal. You asked me about facts
and I'm giving you these facts from my own private research.

I think it's important to know all the issues on this case not only the video
itself but how this incident happened, who is really the witness and what
were the consequences registered in that place. There's been many
hours spent in this investigation and the results have been presented only
in Mexico but very soon the story will be released by the american media.

In my own private research I'm satisfied of the data gathered after many
emails and phone calls. At this moment my conclusion is that the state of
Texas is experiencing an intense Ufo wave of sightings that attracted the
attention of people and media. This Ufo activity is real and ongoing and
we as researchers must insist to all those witnesses videotaping or
photographing Ufos please come forward, share your evidences, tell your
stories. Times are changing.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:28 PM
Why is every thread you write a mile long spirit... do you really care that much? He presented a news story and said he believes it, you don't have to make it personal. Present the facts in a calm way that doesn't portray you as attacking internos. Chill pill, please.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by free_spirit

Regarding ALC and her partner i don't want ot enter the details but i do recognize that it sounds strange.
That said:

About the original footage you metioned a name Jeff Ritzmann ?
Who is he ? Where does he live and what are his credentials cause I
don't remember hearing about him. Is Mr. Ritzmann reliable ? Is he
a researcher or a skeptic ? Maybe you could give me more info about
Mr. Ritzmann. Anyway i have to be clear on this internos.

First I'm not in charge or involved in any way on this investigation
regarding the Alvin Texas / Mauricio Ruiz Ufo case. I knew about this story
when it was released on Youtube and discussed here on ATS in April.

Mr. Ritzmann is a person who dedicated time, knowlwedge and efforts to

He's a world class analyst and everyone who tries to avoid analysis made by Jeff Ritzmann is simply someone who FEARS their consequences because he/she has something to HIDE.

Jeff knows how the light hits an object.
Jeff knows how a post processed object can interact with the general environment.
Jeff is a world class analyst that you shouldn't mention before getting some informations about him, and this is a huge mistake from you.
Jeff Ritzmann does NOT hide behind a nickname

Now, what you are asking to me? A PHD for jeff? Well, i dont' know if he has some, but i DO know that he's one of the best analyst ive ever seen in my life, perhaps the best: but you can prove me wrong: just take one of his analysis and tell me where he was wrong

But please, use pictures, use images, use FACTS:
we desperately need facts here.
So you are nor confident with Jeff for some reasons?
Well, WHO are the analyst who analyzed the video may i ask?
May I have a raw copy of the video? May ATS have one? Or someone fears MIB?
Is it to ask too much to ask for a raw, uncutted, unedited copy of the video? Who's this genius claimed to be better than JEFF, WHO IS THIS GUY, claimed to be better than Jeff Ritzmann??

[edit on 12/6/2008 by internos]

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