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Alien Abductions are supported by Evolution

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:18 PM
Alien Abductions make sense in light of evolution.

Let me first say that I believe ufology is proven beyond a reasonable doubt through both circumstantial and direct evidence.

Direct evidence - eyewitness testimony from Presidents, police officers, military and more.

Circumstantial evidence - cave paintings, ancient manuscripts, paintings, pictures and video's.

Counter evidence to these things is not heresay evidence from skeptics who say these things can't be because I don't believe it. There is no counter evidence for eyewitness accounts from people in the military, there is no counter evidence to eyewitness accounts from pilots and I can go on and on.

Alien abductions are just one piece of the puzzle.

Now, I often hear people ask, if aliens are so advanced why do they abduct humans and experiment on them. The answer I think is obvious, evolution.

It's the same reason we do experiments on lower life forms like dogs, cats, mice and more. We do it because there bodies can tell us alot about our bodies because of evolution.

So, if aliens exist you would expect alien abductions because of evolution. Just like a dog can tell us about our body, a human can tell an alien about their bodies and help cure diseases and problems that they have. Aliens are beings who are ahead of us in evolution.

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