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The Syntekian Legacy

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 09:19 AM
I believe I am receiving knowledge from a source that is void of time and space and have come to interpret these images that I see as messages from the creator of all. I believe that we have reached a pivotal point in the history of not only Earth but the entire Universe and is the reason this planet may have attracted outside observation from possible alien civilizations. In the summer of 2000 at the age of 14 i began writing a story, for fun over the summer prior to entering my first year of high school. The story took place in the year 2442 and was called "The Demonic Wars" The story was based off of dreams I had had throughout the summer that depicted images of demons with swords and spears attacking villages that resembled Medieval like societies, knights on horseback riding off to engage these attackers, and powerful warriors engaging monsterous creatures from hell with supernatural abilities. These images became more graphic and detailed and as i continued to receive them through my dreams i began to piece together a plot line of events. Today, I still receive messages and my knowledge and understanding of the Universe grows immensly. I feel it is very important that i inform the world of what is to come, I used to never want to believe that any of this was real, but as i received more knowledge and studied more and more about the history of earth I became more convinced that perhaps I was being warned of some impending global disaster. The story is long and will take many posts for me to tell but once it is said and done it will open your mind to the unerlying purpose and inner workings of the universe. I am now in my 3rd year of college and have devoted my studies to understanding history, religion, time, space, philosophy, and ideology. I have an entirely new original concept of creation, as well as a fundamental understanding of new political ideologies and religious concepts that can be accepted by all because these truly are coming from our creator, no matter what religion you are or hopw much you know, this will make sense to you because your soul houses all the knowledge in existence, it is only unlocking this potntial that is difficult. Hopefully these many posts will allow readers of this forum to appreciate and grasp the Time space continuim that they call home.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:32 PM
This sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing.
Please continue

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 08:46 PM
I agree 100%, i have the same feeling/instinct as you...and now i feel empowered...

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 10:37 PM
The Syntekian Genesis
Prior to the existence of time, there existed a being of pure energy with unrivaled knowledge and limitless potential, however one thing remained a mystery, where ahd this being come from himself. In order to discover this the Creator developed an Experiment, the Experiment of Life. Inorder to do this he created a device that I have dubbed the "Quantum Fluctuator" (QF) In order to power the device the creator used his own limitless energy. Once the device ahd been activated it shot out quantum fluctuations of dark matter that began creating a never ending expanse of time and space. Around the device formed a planet and within a matter of moment around that planet formed an entire galaxy, The Syntekian Galaxy. In this galaxy formed two representations of the Creator's energy, a God of Light and a God of Darkness. They settled first on the planet that had formed around the QF, The Syntekian Planet. They knew their mission was to develop life and expand it in hopes of coming up with an answer to the origin of the Creator. Initially all had been created by the creator's energy which meant that everything was technically a piece of the creaotr itself. However these pieces were divided between 4 spectrums of the time space continuim (TSC).
~Time~ The systematic organization of events. All events that happen within the TSC all occurred at the same exact moment and were recorded in this log we call time, however we are unable to read this log because althought for the creator it all happened at once, we are bound by time and forced to life out the events that are destined to take place, no matter how small and insignificant.
~Space~ the place in which the events recorded by time are set to take place. Where as time was finished the moment it started space operates a little slower. New galaxies form constantly and space is always growing larger and larger.
~Matter~ The physical things that occuppy the space created and participate in the events set to take place according to time. Matter is the slowest moving part of the TSC. It is the part they we are forever bound to.
~Spiritual Energy (Dark Matter)~ The energy that creates souls and allows life to be given to matter which allows life to fulfill its destiny determined by time. Souls are divided into a hierarchy aand are bound eternally to the flow of dark matter which detemines where they are to be sent within the TSC
1~ The Creator Spirit- Dominant spirit that is the whole of all, The singularity if its better to understand that way.
2~ The Representations of the Creator - A Omnisicient God of Light and an Omniscient god of Darkness, both equal under the creator, both bound to the material plane.
3~ Syntekain Souls - Special unique souls that hold immense potential and almost a spiritual kinship to the creator but lack the omniscient abilities of the Representations of the Creator. These souls are very few in number.
4~ Creation Souls- Souls that have powerful unique abilities that are fundamental in developing the growth of life. These souls once placed in physical form are immortal.
5~ Demonic Souls- Souls bound to the darkness of the creators energy that once placed in physical form are immortal and have very powerful abilities and knowledge.
6~ Immortal souls- Souls that once given a physical form are immortal and age at a very slow pace.
7~ Mortal Souls- The majority of all souls, do I really need to firther explain???
The two omnisicent beings began giving physical form to these countless souls, first forms were given to the 12 creation souls which became 12 Gods that were to help develop life. Most important of these was Gaea who possesed the ability to manufacture a mana tree. The mana tree is a fundamental part of the universe that allows souls to be caputred from the dark matter and transferred into physical form. The Mana Tree was planted on the Syntekian Planet and allows life to form throughout the universe.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 10:56 PM
Staci thank you. Ineresting! Could you break up your story with

paragraphs, it will be easier to understand.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

Hey DG...nice to see others up at this hour!

And I quite agree with ya there....paragraphs please? It sure does help the eyes. Mabey I'm getting old...probably...I love the seperation of sentences!!! Hate small letterings et al....blah blah....lololol


posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 11:37 PM
Sorry about that lol... it's kinda hard to organize all this information, I've been telling alot of my local friends about it for the past three years and its all been through random assortments of varied information that I think they are just now starting to piece together the way I have. I will try harder to seperate in paragraphs.
Because the mana tree is probably the most influential compnent of the TSC next to the QF, and because it actually exists within time/space, unlike the QF which exists void of Time/Space/Matter/and Dark Matter, it has been built in with multiple safety measures to ensure its survival and the continuation of soul transferrance throughout the universe. The first of these back up measures is that the tree houses twelve specially designed mana souls which contain the same abilities as the tree and can continue to transfer souls even if the mana tree were to be physically destroyed. These twelve souls are further divided and spread out across the Syntekian planet, hidden in Mortal bodies and forced to live mortal lives, most likely unaware of their actual importance to the maintainece of the Universe. Apart from these mortal forms comes permanent spiritual forms of energy which were contained within pyramids constructed on the old Syntekian Planet.
I say this because the Syntekian Planet does not exist within the same TSC as Earth, It exists in a smaller yet equal TSC called the Syntekian Galaxy. The end of this galaxy is what resulted in the Big bang that created our universe. Everything within the syntekian galaxy, its physical compnanets, its duration of time, its number of souls, and its division of dark matter was multiplied by twelve following the destruction of the syntekian galaxy, which means that even the Syntekian planet it self was multiplied in our universe meaning that twelve syntekian planets, each containing a mana tree exists within our own TSC. The Earth is one of these recreations of the original Syntekian Planet, but instead of merely housing twelve souls within the Earth's mana tree it is most likely that 144 exist. But since these souls are further divided it means that there is really like 288 total Mana souls on Earth, Earth's mana tree was destroyed long ago by the way, probably around the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs, but I'm getting ahead lol, I shouldn't even be talking about our TSC yet.
So anyways.. The Mana tree is planted and boom life starts to evolve all over the Syntekian Galaxy, the next task for the omniscient Creation gods was to ensure a spiritual royal family, no physical ties to royalty but rather a spiritual family directly connected to Yahweh. In order to do this the god of light and dark utilized two of their creation gods who posessed unique abilities. First was Lilith, a goddess of darkness with the ability to extract syntekian souls from the dark matter directly, and Atum who had the ability to manifest these syntekian souls into immortal energy forms. This led to the creation of the syntekian royal family, a family of souls eternally connected to Yahweh's. Atum and Lilith became the king and queen of this family and they developed seven royal family members, six princes and one princess. The princes proved to be evil and horrific monsters bent on destruction and the ultimate annhialation of all life on the surface of Syntekia.
Because of this there energy forms were seald away within special temples and pyramids constructed by the god of light and the god of darkness to seal away their tremendous power. Their souls were placed in mortal forms and their ability to retain information after death was extinguished. The princess however was entirely opposite with a desire to protect the TSC at all costs, she too was bound to physical form, male form to hide her identity, but was allowed to retain her knowledge. Following this event the Creation gods sat back and allowed evolution to run full course.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 12:13 AM
Once intelligent life had evolved upon the surface of Syntekia the God of Light led an expedition to teach these peoples about technology and civilization. All of the crreation god participated and soon Syntekia had been set up to become a grand planet for conducting Yahweh's Origin Experiment. Understanding that life was evolving on other planets within the syntekian galaxy as well the God of Light decided that the God of Darkness should lead a special expeditionary team to spread the knowledge of the universe to these other evolving planets. A team was organized of 10 creation gods and the God of Darkness became their leader.
However the God of darkness had a very different plan then the god of light, he wished to become the only omniscient god in the TSC and saw this as his chance to build up a massive army capable of thwarting the God of Light and allowing him to rule over all without equal. Prior to leaving Syntekia, The god of darkness secretly established a secretive organization upon the Syntekian planet, known as the Syntekian society. This society was ruled by ten Illuminati, Demonic and Immortal souls who would be able to influence the political spectrum of Syntekia for many centuries while the god of darkness was away on his mission. The planet's surface was divided up amongst these illuminati and they began to slowly work their way into establishing total dominance over Syntekia's political spectrum. This society rules our planet much in the same way it rule the previous one but they use a different name, you may know them today as Templars of Free Masons, only the highest ranks within the organization realize the power they truly hold.
After this the god of darkness left to spread knowledge and wisdom throughout the universe (Not.. really he made a giant army of demonic warriors who would eventually return to Syntekia with The god of Darkness ( From now on i will refer to him as Beezlebub) and conduct a massive war against the Syntekian people in hopes of eliminating them).
The god of Light (Jehova from now on) remained on Syntekia not to interferre but rathe to observe the development of the people, completely unaware that Beezlebub had already altered the experiment by developing the syntekian society.
Many many many centuries passed and eventually the Syntekian Society had established complete dominance over Syntekia. They used this power to create havoc and war, they preformed genetic experimentations on peoples physical forms, and altered their soul structures in hopes of developing more warriors for Beezlebub's army. They threw the people of Syntekia into war to keep them unaware of the truth and to test out their new weapons and soldiers, and to weaken the people of Syntekia in order to make them easy to conquer upon the return of Beezlebub. However the centuries of warfare actually made the people of Syntekia more prepared for a war to decide the fate of the universe.
Seven years prior to Beezlebub's return the Illuminati set into motion their ultimate plan, they eliminated the mana tree, which the Syntekian Princess had been ordered to protect at all costs, which forced the princess to gather the mana souls in hopes of regenerating the tree. (The Syntekian princess became the Syntekian Guadrian following the imprisonment of the Syntekian princes). This is where the Syntekian Royal Family comes into play.
Yahweh realized what was going to occurr within the TSC and understood that his dark manifestation would try to over power his light, he also understood that the light manifestation would lack the brute anger to develop a race of warrior peoples to conduct war with the demons, this is why the creation of the Syntekian royal family was so important. Because of their unrivaled power and the destructive nature of the six syntekian princes they would be the ultimate rivals for a demonic army.
However since the powers of the princes was sealed the Illuminati felt they were no threat

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 12:53 PM
OK, it's a grand story on the order of the urantia book. The OP sent a mail to George Ure and it caught his attention Although he placed it in the "here's a dandy" department.
I would like to point out, OP, should you return to this thread, that while you feel very strongly that the events on this planet somehow affect the entire universe, you should consider the ultimate smallness of this planet in the larger picture.
Many paranoid/delusional/schizophrenics become that way by entertaining thoughts of grandeur. Scale down the planet/universe idea to a person/population perspective and one can't help but to see the inherent danger of becoming swept away with undue self-importance. Remember, the world was once the center of the universe until knowledge cured us. In this time, our world is the center of intelligence.....until knowledge cures us.
I too have had revelations, but like Icarus, I flew too close to the sun. Temper yourself and take a joggers pace that can make a long run.
Please don't see this as negative criticism. Rather, I'm attempting to help you keep your ground.

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 05:54 PM
What a fascinating story! Is there more? Or is the Princess doomed to go it alone? sign me .. Despair

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:36 AM
Thanks for helping me to keep my ground, I'm the original OP of this thread but forgot my old password so I made a new account tonight after watching Close Encounters LOL. Anyways I understand what you're saying with the vastness of the events, and had I decided to complete the unfolding of the Syntekian Legacy on ATS then it would have become clear as to how this single planet played such a monumental role in deciding the fate of the universe.

But I've instead opted to release it in illustrated novel format, not graphic novel, just a regular novel with illustrations LOL, and will be releasing it as a work of fiction, not as a book of universal truths in the nar future, hopefully. For the past 11 years I've interpreted the messages I've been cursed to receive and have compiled them into this series which by following a group of characters will reveal more about the time space continuum then has ever been released in any single work before, apart from maybe the histories composed by the Sumerians.

But to clarify why Syntekia was so important is that it existed in a much smaller time frame then the current one we live in now. Syntekia was the precursor to Earth, one could say the Earth is merely a recreated version of Syntekia.

Prior to the Big Bang there existed only a single galaxy, which much like a dividing cell, over time, grew and divided until it formed a larger organism. However this change happened fast, almost like a sudden BANG of energy that had been slowly building up like the energy of two tectonic plates. As a result the original Syntekian Galaxy was destroyed and in its wake began the development of this Universe.

What made Syntekia so vital, and thus what makes Earth so important, is its unique spiritual ability to harbor a Mana tree. This mechanism allows spiritual life to flow into physical matter thus giving life to a biologic world. It's like the outlet for a machine that allows the invisible force electricity to give the machine life. Spirits or souls being the invisible force that brings life to biological machines such as you and I and this damn gnat that keeps pestering me LOL

But it's more than that because it not only allows life to flourish on this planet's surface but also serves as a medium for this entire dimensional sector of the universe.

Think of it like this, originally there was only one galaxy, thus only one planet was needed to provide spiritual life to all organisms on all planets that existed in that original galaxy, but since the Big Bang and the creation of this universe things have grown more complex and much larger, thus 12 planets like our own exist that harbor Mana trees within this universe.

Another big difference is the existence of dimensional alternatives and parallels within this universe, the original galaxy was on a set time line, basically what happened was destined to happen and written in stone, by some un-seen creator, the story is still the same for us, eventually what is intended to happen will befall us and there isn't anything anyone can do to stop it. However free will comes into play which allows alternative time lines to emerge for instance when the destined timeline is alternated.

For example let's just say that in 1940 Nazi scientists had managed to develop the atomic bomb and Germany had won WW2. Well they did, somewhere in the Universe exists a world, not within our own dimension, where this event did occur, the major difference is that this time line, or dimension will eventually either merge back into the destined time line dimension or completely die off.
Think of time as a bush growing into a sphere from a center. The center represents the Syntekian Galaxy Core, the Big Bang Shell, the 12 largest branches represent the 12 destined time lines where Mana Tree Earths are located, and the other small branches represent alternate or parallel dimensions that either rejoin the main branch or come to an end somewhere off in the distance.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:51 AM
What this all basically means is that everything that is happening now, everything that has ever happened in the history of our Universe, originally happened on a smaller and less complex scale in the Syntekian Galaxy, and will likely happen again, following the next Big Bang, in a much larger and much more complex Time Frame in a much larger and more complex way then it occurred here. Maybe instead of WW2 being a global conflict, it will be a solar system conflict in the next time line, as it was most likely only a continental issue in the Syntekian Galaxy.

I have no delusions of grandeur, and I pray, hope, and wish, that I'm completely wrong about everything and that someday I can be the laughing stock of the world, hopefully a wealthy one though, because if it doesn't come true then it's gonna make a great series of science fiction novels and have the potential of becoming an epic movie series only comparable to the Star Wars franchise in its marketability. Perhaps that's my delusion of grandeur if anything LOL, but by all means if its true then there will be nothing grand about it for myself or anyone else.

But I just felt like returning to the forum and seeing if anyone else's interest had been peeked by my thread. Oh and I tried to contact the person who showed slight interest in my story but have not received a reply, if you're still connected to the individual let them know that I'll soon have a working rough draft, complete with illustrations, finished hopefully by December of this year.

There's so much more I could say, but I don't feel like it, maybe back when I first wrote this thread I had hope that we could change things and make a better world, but that was before I had reached my full potential and arrived at complete awakening, now I'm just gonna hang on to my board and ride this wave wherever it takes me, because it's foolish to think that small insignificant biological machines living on a giant floating rock in the middle a void of nothingness could have any power in shaping the flow of time. I suggest the rest of you do the same because it's either gonna be one hell of a ride, or you're gonna get to read one hell of a good book LOL.

There are no coincidences, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 02:55 AM
Oh and its only the rough draft for the first book in the series that will be finished by December, I have a working rough outline for practically the entire series hand written in 13 college ruled note books LOL, but only the first book will have a complete rough draft finished by the end of the year.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by SyntekianGuardian

December is almost over, how's the story progressing? Would like to hear the rest of it, I find it very interesting ;-)

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