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2012 New theory

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by hILB3rT

Hiya, i am doing the same thing as you and my personal opinion is that it is more than enough to be safe if it comes to pass. Just be kind to others and do not get upset when other people pass their personal judgement on you. Be at peace with yourself and everything is ok. The fun thing about it is even when nothing happens out f the extraordinary your life is better then it is when you get yourself pulled in to the opinion of someone else. Be sure you are on the right path and be honest with yourself and i think you are ok for wathever happens

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by mightymouth

The article that tells about the two galaxies colliding are from This Site and then there is a bit from that Harman linked in an earlier post. It is nothing new, perhaps started billions of years ago, and it doesn't suggest that we are entering the center of the Milky Way but rather crossing it's plane at a 60 to 90 degree angle with our south pole facing the galactic center. We are still in the same location out on Orion's spiral arm.

I have found it odd that the Milky way, as seen on a clear night, is no where close to our solar systems plane of the ecliptic. It seems natural for celestial bodies to rotate and orbit relative to a plane like our solar system and galaxies. So our obliquity of the MY's ecliptic looks unnatural.

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posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by Devino

Thanks Devino for the's look like an interesting supposition, but not a "discovery" as stated by the OP. If it's ever possible to go out into deep space to look back at our colliding (or not colliding) Galaxies we'll be able to know for sure. Until that time....?? Not a discovery...

True or not, it is still not possible to make a "right hand turn" in space without some sort of propulsion system that the Earth is not equipped with.

If anything we'll pass through The Milkyway and come out on the other side. So whatever effects passing through the side on center of The Milkyway will have on us they will only be temporary...or at least until the next time we pass through...

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 06:13 AM
If you had read through the analysis and resultant debunking at,

you would have found out that this idea of our Solar System being a part of the cannibalized Sagittarius Dwarf(SD) galaxy is highly improbable, ie Astrophysicists agree that our solar system orbits the Milky Way(MW) Galactic centre and our Sun has an iron content within a range more inline with stars found in the MW and not the SD.

You would have also read that a certain scientist's work had been appropriated to fit in with this "out of the box" theory and had been misquoted

You can read more here:

However because of the close proximity of our Solar System to the actual intersection of these two Galaxies I wouldn't discount the possibility that some Paraphysical(Dark) exchange of matter/energy isn't effecting us indirectly?

My .02

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by OEAOHOO

I agree that theory is way out of the box (but anything is possible.) If you read my post from above there is another theory that we were actually exiled from the milky way by coming to close to a larger star. Which kinda makes sense. But even if we are totally a part of the milky way this theory still works..

"Earlier this year, a team of researchers at the University of Kansas came up with an out-of-this-world explanation for the phenomenon of mass extinctions on Earth that hinges upon the fact that stars move through space and sometimes rush headlong through galaxies, or approach closely enough to cause a brief cosmic tryst.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that marine fossil records show that biodiversity increases and decreases based on a 62-million-year cycle. At least two of the Earth's great mass extinctions-the Permian extinction 250 million years ago and the Ordovician extinction about 450 million years ago-correspond with peaks of this cycle, which can't be explained by evolutionary theory.

Our own star moves toward and away from the Milky Way's center, and also up and down through the galactic plane. One complete up-and-down cycle takes 64 million years- suspiciously close to the Earth's biodiversity cycle.

Once the researchers independently confirmed the biodiversity cycle, they then proposed a novel mechanism whereby which the Sun's galactic travels is causing it.

It’s no secret that the Milky Way is being gravitationally pulled toward a massive cluster of galaxies, called the Virgo Cluster, which is located about 50 million light years away. Adrian Melott and his colleague Mikhail Medvedev, speculate that as the Milky Way rushes towards the Virgo Cluster, it generates a so-called bow shock in front of it that is similar to the shock wave created by a supersonic jet.

"Our solar system has a shock wave around it, and it produces a good quantity of the cosmic rays that hit the Earth. Why shouldn't the galaxy have a shock wave, too?" Melott asks.

The galactic bow shock is only present on the north side of the Milky Way's galactic plane, because that is the side facing the Virgo Cluster as it moves through space, and it would cause superheated gas and cosmic rays to stream behind it, the researchers say. Normally, our galaxy's magnetic field shields our solar system from this "galactic wind." But every 64 million years, the solar system's cyclical travels take it above the galactic plane.

"When we emerge out of the disk, we have less protection, so we become exposed to many more cosmic rays," Melott has said.

The boost in cosmic-ray exposure may have a direct effect on Earth's organisms, according to paleontologist Bruce Lieberman. The radiation would lead to higher rates of genetic mutations in organisms or interfere with their ability to repair DNA damage. In this way, the process could lead to new species while killing off others.

Cosmic rays are also associated with increased cloud cover, which could cool the planet by blocking out more of the Sun's rays. They also interact with molecules in the atmosphere to create nitrogen oxide, a gas that eats away at our planet's ozone layer, which protects us from the Sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

Richard Muller, one of the UC Berkeley physicists who co-discovered the cycle, said Melott and his colleagues have come up with a plausible galactic explanation for the biodiversity cycle.

If future studies confirm the galaxy-biodiversity link, it would force scientists to broaden their ideas about what can influence life on Earth. "Maybe it's not just the climate and the tectonic events on Earth," Lieberman said. "Maybe we have to start thinking more about the extraterrestrial environment as well.""
Whole article

(ran out of space)

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 01:11 PM
A great read! And thank you for making this post!

I can follow this, and I do have a question or 2 if you have some time.

1.- Will this change our skyline? Like will this change the stars we see in the night sky? Or will they remain the same?

2.- Do you think that with becomming part of the milky way galaxy this could bring forth other life from the milky way to welcome us to our new home? And prehaps make us a part of the Milky Way Council of planets?

3.-Will this affect weather, or anything upon our Earth? Like what are some of the changes we can expect to see or feel?

Thanks for your time, and agin thanks for a wonderful read!
I really enjoyed this thread!

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by OEAOHOO

Now.. if you check out my post from before I noticed major changes at about 250 million year cycles.. (about the time it takes to do one orbit around the milky way.) So, if the scientists from above found a trend at 64 million years. And I found a trend a major major trend at every 250 million years (they say its actually about 226 million.. wikipedia says between 250 and 225. Either way.. they both coincide with major evolutionary changes... vertebrates and mammals... now us.) To quote what you said in your post.. "However because of the close proximity of our Solar System to the actual intersection of these two Galaxies I wouldn't discount the possibility that some Paraphysical(Dark) exchange of matter/energy isn't effecting us indirectly?" Maybe the two energies harmonize at their exact point of intersection.. and when we pass through that we will experience an evolutionary change we haven't seen in 250 million years...

Check this out.. I read this a few months ago.. didn't know what to think about it but now it makes sense.

"I would like to tell you about a dream I had last night.

All my friends and lots of other people I don't know were in a big field, having a party. Then I could see the whole world, as if from space, and at each pole was a huge white light, with lines going from each pole, round the earth. Then I was back in the field again, and me and my friends were getting ready for something, and we were finding seats in the trees above the river. Then, we looked at the lights to either side of us, and they were getting bigger and closer.

The white light was moving, and enveloping the world as it moved, transforming everything to light. When it came into contact with people, all their sadness and confusion disappeared, like it dissolved, and they were pure light beings again.

It felt like I was being told that this was happening, and I would not have to wait very long.

It was a good dream.

Love Lindsay"

She is an indigo child


posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 09:12 PM
It has been a long time coming.

The story has been told and now is near is end, for another one to begin.

You may recall history has its lessons, and we are try to learn from it. But with the numerous distractions, is has made it unclear.

This is for those whom have mastered the understanding to things.

We have been given the zodiac and the stories of old, passed down through many generations. The stories differ in nomenclature, but are relatively the same. To understand the possibility of sameness you can look at the simple idea of the dinner party. A story could be started and told to a friend, and in turn that friend repeats their version later that evening. This continues for the night, and at the end the story is heard back to the original teller and it is not the same. This concept can be set to the macrocosm of a variety of worldly myth and ancient religion.

The zodiac is a time clock on an immense scale. It was not something that appeared to ancient man by chance. It was created as a clock on a scale that you have yet to fathom.

Precession: According to current scientific understanding, the precession of the earths wobble through the zodiac to complete a cycle every 25,920. This is a calculated concept, understood over 5000 years ago, and more. You must understand that to measure something is to understand something. To know that we see Aquarius every 26000 years, then that concept is something that has happened and witnessed many times before calculating it would come to mind. Keep 26000 in your mind for a moment.

Center of the universe: According to scientific and astronomic research the center of the milky way is in the Sagittarius region. It is 26000 lights years away. Stars spin around the Milky Way. We spin around a star. Our sun, a star, spins around the center of the Milky Way.

Precession of the earths rotation is not necessarily it wobble, but it is due to the fact that this planet rotates around a star, that rotates around a center of a galaxy. The constellations we see are so far away that they are not part of our closeness, but beyond our galaxy to the extant that it has no bearing on these major constellations.

Let's digress for a moment and look to the physical evidence of the past. Macchu Picchu, Tiahuanacu, Stonehedge, Gi-sa, etc... These places existed a long time ago. But they all have been destroyed and abandoned.


Back to the duration of the zodiac. 25920 years to complete a cycle. A cycle around the center of our galaxy. A center that is 26000 lights years away. A cycle, a recurring event, measured and told through the ages. It has had different names, but still always the same measurement.

Why Aquarius? The water bearer. Named so for a reason, not because somebody looked up into the night and said "Hey, let's name those groupings of stars Aquarius!" No, no, no. The water bearer came first, then the association to mark an eternal time clock. When the sun begins to rise in Aquarius the cycle will be complete. This planet will then be at the crossing mark of 26000 years, both spatial and temporal.

Our sun, a star, orbits the center of the galaxy. As we do around our sun, in an elliptical manner, so does our sun. Our system is heading into its periapsis, the energy that the center exerts on this system will effect our planet and the sun. As the moon causes the tides, so will this but in a catastrophic way.

To look at the ancient ruins, and that is what they are, in a new light may help you understand that an awesome event happens to this world every 26000 years. The Mayan calender has a measurement of 13...... Half of 26000.

The beginning of the letters starts with Alpha. Aquarius begins with the letter "A". The Alpha-Bet is a story in its own right and talks of this cycle, of destruction and chaos, waters a. Alpha and Omega talks of "The Beginning - The Ending"... You can search online and find numerous sites that discuss this.

The stories are for you. They are there for a reason

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 04:35 AM
reply to post by danman23

Hey Dan ..thanks for the reply

As you have evidenced, and has been theorized, there might be a direct correlation between the solar system's exo-planar motion; and subsequent weakening of the earth's ionosphere as a function of the galactic "bow shock" effect; and the great extinctions of the earth's past:

It seems probable that at least the Permian and Ordovician extinctions fit in with this pattern..but logically you would then have to ask that, if this bobbing motion is on a regular 62 million year cycle, then surely there would have to be corresponding mass global events ie.extinctions every 60 odd million years on Earth as well, which there is no evidence for.

Anyway this is all heresay ..I'm assuming you're no astrophysicist and neither am I and even cutting-edge physics remains firmly in the skunk works pile for now..

I did however want to bring your and everyone else's attention to another theory though which is what what I was tentatively referring to in my last post and that was that Dark Matter might be the possible culprit in all of this.

I paraphrase from a study by a couple of Indian physicists;

""Dense clumps of elusive dark matter in the galaxy may have caused the worst mass extinction in Earth's history 250 million years ago, a team of Indian physicists says.

Clumps of dark matter passing through Earth would have a direct biological effect and an indirect geological effect, says Afsar Abbas, a professor at the Institute of Physics in India's eastern city of Bhubaneshwar.

"The result would be two waves of extinction, separated by a few million years," says Abbas, lead author of a paper describing this new model for mass extinction in Current Science, a journal published by the Indian Academy of Sciences.

Earth has witnessed several mass extinctions of species over the past 600 million years; the worst of these was the Permian event 250 million years ago that wiped out 90 percent of marine species and 70 percent of life on land.

The cause of the Permian mass extinction has been under debate, with previous theories ranging from severe climatic fluctuations to volcanic eruptions to an Earth-asteroid impact.

"This hypothesis should motivate experiments to detect biological effects of dark matter."

In the mid-1990s, a Chinese-American team showed that the Permian mass extinction was actually a binary extinction -- an event that involved two pulses of extinction separated by about 5 million years.

"This new model is interesting because it explains the binary event," says the Chinese team-member Xiangning Yang, now a professor at the department of Earth sciences at Nanjing University in China.

Abbas says the dark-matter model predicts two extinction pulses. "The first is caused by the direct interaction of dark-matter particles with living organisms, and the second is caused by long-lasting volcanic eruptions triggered by dark matter at the Earth's core," Abbas says.""

As visible matter is basically draped over a dark matter framework and is pretty much a function of it; it might be a number of ways that this dark matter interacts with our solar system ie. as the effect of our own Milky Way's dark matter or that of the Sagittarius Dwarf's Dark Matter,
or even the possibility of the near-by Virgo Cluster's shadowy prongs of Dark matter reaching out to us and drawing us towards it?

Who knows..this might be the time when a compound of these dark trysts are taking place and building their stage sets for a grand showing..mwahahaa ..who knows?

Does anyone know where we are in relation to the radial plane of the Milky way? ..and how long before we reach it??

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 04:41 AM

Originally posted by Mark Roazhar
I still dont believe all the 2012 nonsense, but with the Solar system only recently joining the Milky Way, could it be this that the aliens are interested in?
That we're the aliens invading (accidently) their galaxy?

"I don't believe in this doomsday 2012 nonsense. Maybe it's because of aliens."


Do you have any idea how ridiculousness that sounded? hehe

u may very well be right man. But i got a good laugh out of the ironical nature of your post.

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Maybe i can try and clear things up for ya

Originally posted by zysin5

1.- Will this change our skyline? Like will this change the stars we see in the night sky? Or will they remain the same?

The skyline is changing already only incremential and it has always been this way, it's not like our skyline changing overnight so to speak. The skyline was different at the time the Pyramids where built

However, controversy over Giza's exact age continues to linger. Turn our attention to the layout of the 3 pyramids on the ground in 2500 BC. It is then observed that the Orion's belt stars are somewhat skewed in relations to the ground plan of the 3 Pyramids. Since precession causes the height of stars to change with time over a period of 26,000 years, try tilting the sky-image anti-clockwise back to the night sky we would observe in the 10,500 BC epoch. We then observe a perfect match of sky-ground image! While star Mintaka, smallest of the 3 stars of Orion's belt is slightly slanted in a south-westerly direction relative to the axis of the Milky Way, the 3rd pyramid too intimates this layout by being offset from the 2 greater pyramids in a similar direction. The Great Pyramid aligns perfectly to Al Nitak, Second Pyramid to Al Nilam and the Third Pyramid, to star Mintaka.


2.- Do you think that with becomming part of the milky way galaxy this could bring forth other life from the milky way to welcome us to our new home? And prehaps make us a part of the Milky Way Council of planets?

Who knows, maybe they just want to eat us
. But if they really are here and the cropcircles for instance are messages from them they seem to be benevolent, at least the ones that make them.

3.-Will this affect weather, or anything upon our Earth? Like what are some of the changes we can expect to see or feel?

Global warming is real only it should be called solar-system warming i think. Almost evewry planet in this system is warming up because of the path it takes into the centreline

Other planets warming up

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 08:11 AM
I have a few questions:

Wouldn't all this sudden change in direction and momentum just completely muck up Earths gravity? Wouldn't it mess around with how fast/the direction the Earth is spinning?

I was under the impression that the Earth is only able to support life because the conditions it's under (like the speed that we're spinning, our distance from the sun, the moons position, etc) have to be so exact and precise. If we weren't under those pin-point conditions then we'd all be dead?

You'd think that moving into a completely new galaxy that apparently has super-strength gravity would muck it all up, wouldn't you?

Feel free to completely and utterly prove me wrong. It's just what I thought.

Also, with all this talk of a "Polar Shift" in 2012, wouldn't that also have the same effect? I read in one thread that the Earth would "stop spinning for 3 days". Woulnd't that pretty much = everyone and everything on Earth dead?

Or am I just completely delusional?

posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by Harman

Thank you for the reply Harman! Yes that clears up enough of what I was getting at.. Thanks agin!

So we are going to have a bit of a changed skyline? Thats kewl! I have always pondered the idea of getting to see some new images within our night sky.
I just love looking up at night.. One of my favoirt past times in life, is to go and get a blanket, and lay ontop of my roof on a clear and beautiful florida night!

So much to see, and so much to know! I look forward to 2012 with a great sense of pride, and knowing that its not the end.. but merely the start to a new age..
I try to manifest the best in postive energy. As this can work to counter all the negtive feed back that twists this world.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Dark Crystalline

The jews of times of old from possibly 2500 BC until 96 AD,gave us a valuable mixture of texts ,66 in one volume called the bible,whether true ,false or mix of both, the info is there. A large piece of the puzzle,the mayans are another piece and so on until we complete the whole picture.We are the lucky ones that have the possibility to put the pieces together without leaving home. mike

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 02:19 PM
Hi guys,
Not a scientist nor an expert in any way. Just the layman that everyone is trying to dumb the science down for.

Well according to Speed of sun the sun moves through space at between 217 and 250km/s. so using 232kms the sun in 4 years is going to be about 7,321,363,200 kms away from where it currently is.

Assuming we are not the only object moving is space it is possible for something else to be moving towards the same area of space?


So even if it was traveling at the same speed as us it could be 15 billion KMs away from us. If like many of you have said we are at 90 degrees to the rest of the MW if that object follows the normal spin of the MW it will come at us from which direction?

North or South?

Being slightly skeptical I would say the South.

With all this as a possibility has the Earth had many near misses in its life time or will this be the first time?

Who knows - guess we'll have wait Four More years.

(humm why is that phrase some thing I don't want to hear this US election year..

So here is my question for the experts.

Is it physically possible for an object orbiting in the Milky Way to be on a collision course with Earth and not be known about by the astronomy centre's of the world?

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by OEAOHOO

What I am saying is that every 64 million years evolution occurs. And ever 250 major evolution occurs. We are 4 years away from the 64 million evolutionary change and the 250 million year evolutionary change. What I think is going to happen is that we are currently in traveling through the spread out Sagittarius Dwarf galaxies ecliptic plane and when we pass through the Milkyway's ecliptic the two planes will harmonize and cause major evolutionary changes. (Not that we are all going to die.)

posted on Feb, 6 2009 @ 11:02 AM
after 2012 we will evolve 2 100% brain capasity
then we can talk 2 plants and animals

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