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Are the Freemasons but a scapegoat?

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:01 AM
I have examined the power structure of the Elite and have concluded that Freemasonry, it appears, may not be part of a global conspiracy after all!

Examine the power structure today: the "outer circle"=Committee of 300; the "inner circle"=Council of 13. The Rothschild family, the one in control of the Federal Reserve, Back of England, and the mainstream media, is in the Council of 13 Families and is an active participant in the Bilderberg decision-making process. So are the oil-and-drug giants, the Rockefellers. And so are the other 11 families! You see, there are 120 Bilderberg members and the "inner circle" consists of 13 families...

There are 300 families in the Committee of 300, the "outer circle", who also play a significant part in the decision making/manipulation process.

The Council of 13 and Committee of 300 want a totalitarian New World Order to gain control over their citizenry and ensure their throne for generations to come. But how does Freemasonry tie into all this? Simple answer: IT DOESN'T!

Let's begin with the ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek roots of nobility. The Rothschilds print the money, and place ancient Egyptian occult symbols on the dollar bill as well as countless occult symbols in Washington DC. And according to genealogy studies conducted by MIT I think, the American presidents and English royalty are connected to the Egyptian pharaohs. That explains ancient Egyptian occult symbology!

The Elite steer political events, manipulate billions and starve the 3rd world. They release AIDS into our blood and fluoride into our water. They are power-hungry people!

On the contrary, Freemasonry was formed after the Knights Templar supposedly found the Holy Grail, and ascended to positions of power. That sounds more like a legend or propaganda. How can a runaway rebel group gain control of a government?

In general, the Freemasonry tale CONTRADICTS the well-documented Egyptian bloodline theory. Theory states that Egyptian pharaohs founded Israel, and later England, securing theeir position of power.

And why did Mussolini honor the totalitarian Roman government?

Clearly today's Elite power structure goes back far more than the Knights Templar.

You know that monarchs of different nations could be cousins, or other family members? That means MOST monarchies of the up till the 18th century were controlled by a few interlocking families!

Then the monarchies began losing power with the various revolutions. It is a well-known fact that the Founding Fathers were Masons. If the Masons were evil, would they provide the rights in the Bill of Rights our rulers are so valiantly trying to take away?

And do you know HOW the MASONS IN PARTICULAR have influenced ANY major event? Mason are, most likely, nothing more than a benign charitable organization.

Manipulators have a history of blaming their political enemies. Jews were blamed for Reichtag, Christians for Roman fire, Muslims for 9/11 (it was an inside job). So could the Freemason hype and the rumor that all presidents are masons be anti-mason propaganda? Could the Elite HATE Freemasonry for initially bringing forth the Enlightenment ideals?

In conclusion, there are NO connections between Masons and manipulations. There are some 33rd degrees on ATS who do not claim anything suspicious. So could the anti-masonic hate be anti-masonic PROPAGANDA?

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