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The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:01 PM

In 1945, battle for control of intelligence raged in Washington. In America’s wartime intelligence operations agency, Office of Strategic Services, ALLEN DULLES reported to Wild Bill.

OSS was competing with U.S. military intelligence, for control of Reinhard’s Foreign Armies East microfilmed files …for control of Reinhard …for Reinhard’s anti-Soviet, intelligence assets … spies, and paramilitary death squads (inc Otto Skorzeny's Werewolves, active in eastern Europe til 1952).

At Fort Hunt, seven Americans met with Reinhard …Admiral William D. Leahy, Chief of Staff & United States National Security Adviser under President Truman …Loftus E. Becker, lawyer working w/ Army G-2 intelligence (where Kissinger was assigned) on the Nuremberg Nazi War Crimes operation, later first Deputy Dir of CIA …General George Strong, Head of Army G-2 Intelligence …Major General Alex H. Boling of G-2 …Brigadier General John T. Magruder, first head of Army’s Strategic Services SSU …Sherman Kent, head of OSS Research & Analysis Branch, and a Yale historian …ALLEN DULLES, WWII OSS Station Chief in Bern, and Schroder attorney.

Carl Oglesby’s, Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt, in Lou Wolf’s, Covert Action Quarterly

Reinhard wrote in diary. “Our discussions to found the Service began ...and, ended with a gentlemen’s verbal agreement, a handshake. There were six basic points.

“1. A secret German intelligence org, using existing German information gathering assets in the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe, was to continue under leadership of Reinhard Gehlen, for the common purpose of United States and Germany to fight against Communism.

“2. This Gehlen Intelligence Organization was not working for, or under, the United States ...but, working jointly with the United States.

“3. The Gehlen Organization would have only Germany leadership that, the Gehlen Organization would receive assignments, and operation directives, from United States ... only until a new government was established in Germany.

“4. The Gehlen Organization would be financed by United States. The funds were not to be part of costs of American occupation of Germany ...and therefore, could not be charged as costs, to Germany. Gehlen Organization’s first budget was to be $3,500,000. In return for United States financing, Gehlen Organization would supply anti-Soviet intelligence reports to the United States.

“5. When a new and sovereign government was established in Germany, that government would have jurisdiction over the Gehlen Organization. Until then, the United States would have trusteeship, care, and control of the Gehlen Organization.

“6. If the Gehlen Organization ever found itself in the middle ...between conflicting interests, between the United States and Germany ...the Gehlen Organization would always put the interests of Germany, above the interests of the United States.

“I realize this last point might raise some eyebrows ...that, the United States has gone overboard making concessions, to us. This last point demonstrates General Sibert’s great vision. General Sibert realized that, for many years to come ...interests of the United States and West Germany must run parallel,” Reinhard wrote.

July 1, 1946, Reinhard and staff were in the U.S. a year. left Fort Hunt ...Returned to Germany. Reinhard accomplished his Nazi mission, realizing a Christian West plan save the underground German Officers Corps, help Odessa, save himself …& unite United States and Germany in a combined mission against the Soviet Union.

In Germany, the Gehlen Organization, then a staff of fifty, was housed in Oberursel ...then, settled permanently in a walled-in, self-contained village at Pullach, near Munich. Reinhard set up headquarters in an estate, originally built by Martin Bormann, leader of the Odessa Organization of Veterans of the SS. Reinhard immediately began recruiting a staff of intelligence evaluators, couriers, and informers from the ranks of Odessa.

Two such men were Franz Six, and Emil Augsburg. Both had worked in the Nazi think-tank, the Wannsee Institute. It was at the Wannsee Institute, where ‘The Law For The Purification Of The Germany Blood’ was thought up, leading to, ‘The Final Solution To The Jewish Question’, genocidal extermination of Jews.

Franz Six and Emil Augsburg had both commanded death-squads, roaming through Eastern Europe hunting Jews, and communists. Reinhard located Emil Augsburg in Italy. Franz Six, found guilty of being a war criminal, at the Nuremberg trials.

Reinhard had him set free join Gehlen Organization. Reinhard finessed his way from total defeat into a position of total power …working under a United States budget ...from taxpayers whose fathers, husbands, and sons he’d helped maim, torture, and murder. Now, on U.S. taxpayer payroll, the Gehlen Organization would grow stronger, more influential …than when Gehlen was head intelligencer commanding Foreign Armies East for the Third Reich.

Gehlen Org was supervised by Major General John Magruder, head of War Department’s Strategic Services Unit ...then, by the org that evolved ffrom SSU, the -- Central Intelligence Group -- under Rear Admiral Sidney Souers. Gehlen Org was destined become the anti-Russian intelligence service of the U.S. ...and, at the same time, the official intelligence organization for the ‘New Germany’.
Carl Oglesby: “Just as the Czarist and White Russian spies jumped to the Nazis when their own army was defeated in World War I, the German Nazi and Russian Czarist spies together jumped to the American army as the German Wehrmacht was defeated in World War II. This is how a Czarist spy ring inside a Nazi spy ring became the inner circle of an American spy ring …as it became the national security and foreign policy instrument of Washington and Wall Street. Everything Washington and Wall Street would know about the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe came from Czarists and Nazis installed at the center of the U.S. intelligence system. How can a naive, trusting, democratic republic give its secrets to crime and its innermost ear to the spirit of Central European Fascism and expect not to see its Constitution polluted, its traditions abused, and its consciousness of the surrounding world manipulated ultimately out of all realistic shape.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:18 AM
An interesting read counter.. Somehow it doesn't surprise me one bit. The fear of communism is alive and rampant today and no doubtly very deeply rooted in history. It became obvious after WWII that the Soviets were the only other super power and I'm not surprised that german groups weren't just infiltrated by funded by America. Despite the forming of the United Nations the clear boundaries dividing the Western and Soviet spheres across Europe showed the deep mistrust between the two nations.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by counterterrorist

I am going to spend a sunday on the telephone, speak to some people, get their thoughts on this.

If this is true (and i suspect it very well maybe) then we are indeed facing a time of massive peril and danger.

Question: is the socialist ideals behind the european union a plot formented by the soviet union ? or is it as i suspect a NAZI ideal borne to frutiation ?

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 11:31 AM
I wonder.
NAZI does stand for socialism.
A different brand of socialism, true.
But maybe only a thin disguise is necessary, for the time being.
Once they establish their unshakable authority, the mask can come off.
We will find out that what could not be pulled off with brute force, succeeded by intrigue.

[edit on 5-7-2008 by jmdewey60]

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