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We Are The Ones To Fear?

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

That's a really good point. I've though this to be the most likely.

But before we can look to the skies we have to deal with the problems down here. We are only hostile because we believe we are. Lets say that we believed we are loving beings and that we care about everything in the world. Then we would become loving beings. Right? Why not? If you think your smart, then you try to extend your knowledge and you become smart. Lets say that your walking down a street and you see someone. You automatically think hes/shes threatening, but lets say that you believed that he/she is a kind person. Then you would likely say hi to him/her. Right? And when someone says hi to you in a kind way do you smack him across the head? No, he/she will probably say hello back. Thats how we should view life.

I'm sure you've heard that saving the Earth from pollution begins with you.
Well this is practically the same thing. If you are kind and loving, then you are making the world we live in a better place. In our time and age, the Media will have given you thoughts, and you think that this is "gay". Then your becoming a tool. Don't be afraid to express yourselves. After all, whats the worst that can happen. I have become far more intelligent, starting this year. Why? Because I think outside the box. Remember, the world changes because of you. Soon riots are going to start. Revolutions change history, thats a given fact.

Always use the Golden Rule in Practice!

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:21 PM
Like I've said in countless threads:

Contact will not happen until we, as a species, can settle our differences and think beyond this planet. Not just exploring Mars, or colonizing the moon, but jumping to other solar systems in search of other intelligent life. I believe the Universe and intelligent life will be revealed to us once we put war and suffering to rest.

I believe we're approaching the worst times in our history; being at war with one another over religious differences and struggles for power and money. Once humankind has had enough of suffering and each and every man has decided they will put down their guns because it's not worth dying for selfish wants, then we will begin to recede from the violent paths that have been holding us back as a species. We will then begin to focus more, and as a whole planet, on exploring our solar system, then our galaxy, and then other galaxies.

Of course this will take thousands of years for mankind to reach this level of reasoning. This is where many religious zealots will take offense. Spouting claims of Jesus's return, or some sort of Armageddon. This, of course, is the same linear thinking that has kept us on this same path of death and destruction for 2,000 years. Think about that number for one second. 2,000. It's really not a lot. Supposedly, we've only existed for roughly 6,000 years, Biblically speaking. Yet, we've found traces of mankind dating back to at least 70,000 B.C. And these people still cannot think beyond their religion and themselves. We need to start thinking more in terms of our planet and our universe.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by EagleTalonZ

" And what if..

There are other beings visiting us, but they are hindering our growth to prevent us making that leap. To prevent us from "invading". From extending our evil to other peaceful planets. "

I'd say the enemy has been planting these, "seeds" of doubt, for many many years, about the existence of God, by pointing us skyward for answers instead of allowing us to decide for ourselves by teaching a balanced view in our schools!.

Have you ever asked yourself why wasn't both sides presented, if they were so confident the world was created over billions of years instead of 6-days, they should have been confident enough to present them side by side.

Instead, they ripped the truth out of the school, then force fed clever lies to fit their agenda. I have no respect for liars that refuse to show both sides of an issue on an equal playing field and allow the light of day to show where the truth lays! [ not you eagletalon, but the powers that did this ]

I cannot buy into this, new theory,, but I will say, that it shows how creative the enemy can be!

And why on earth would you trust the known liars at nasa [assuming that's where this came from ] ?

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 06:42 PM
all we can do is get wiser by getting more conscious more aware of our ego we are life it self ego is the thinker,the pride.....

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by grimm703

Or, we can offer free strawberry ice cream to all Aliens that contact us!!

Now, that might be wise.

I wonder if SETI should stick that on an out-going message??

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:15 PM
So the basic view of this thread is the human race is a threat to the universe…..
Yeah, I could agree with that……

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:35 PM
humans are a threat to everything even themselves if controlled by the ego it is almost impossible to suppress it a dysfunction of the mind i believe aliens should know about it thus if we act this way it is not our fault 100% we are like babies just walking using our brain is hard due to our civilization
i hope somebody will understand that fact

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Theories, and what if's. We all have this thing called intuition, but it goes way further than that, if you can understand things, certain things. There are what we would call aliens. How old is this planet compared to all the other planets out there. To think we are the only beings in this universe, I laugh at those ppl who thinks that. If you study and research on this Nibiru planet that is supposedly headed this way, and everything connected to that story, the logic is there. Certainly, stories are changed throughout history, it's normal. Before humans are allowed to space travel though, we must change first. Right now, this whole planet is on a verge to change, since ppl won't change, change will be forced upon us, history explains that over, and over again. But, Earth is way different than most. I gaurantee, human species have the most races than any aliens ever seen before for one type of species. I can go on forever trying to explain, but will try to sum it up as short as possible. The real problem in the beginning of the creation with this planet and humans, was free will. Free will kind of off balanced things, and whoever created us, God or aliens, not sure really, but I'm pretty sure, that whoever, didn't know completely what was going to happen. Here's the thing, christian or not. Once this world was destroyed, because everyone, but one man, claimed they were God, or godlike and kept doing things to really tick off our creator, or creators. Before that, we thought we could become that way if we built a tower, reaching past the sky. That got tore down, and our creator/creators made us change. We used to be one race, until that time. I go by the bible simply as a guideline, that's it. I know what's right, what's wrong, we all do. The thing that really gets ppl as well, is our short life span, totally logical. Squids live a year long, which explains their behavior, they will attack and kill anything, even themselves, just for that simple fact. They know how long they live, so they go krazy. These aliens are only observing us, nothing more, nothing less, at the moment. The simple fact the government hides everything from the ppl, is just for control, which control is just an illusion, especially in this planet. Too much emotions. We are one of the youngest planets created, with beings created with it as well. Which y of course, the aliens are so advanced than us, because their planets was created way way long before us, billions of years before us, even trillions or more for others. I'm sure they are even trying to help us out, but we don't listen. Something created them as well, as us. But, there is another theory of mine, another time tho, on when this world was created. Anyways, to me, nothing is what it really seems, accept some of the evidence aliens have left, thousands of years ago. Not sure if I'm making sense to anyone, it's hard to sum things up in one big paragraph like this. Till next time I guess.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by Nohup
I loathe this kind of species self-hatred. We didn't manage to survive this long by being weak. We're obsessive builders who will move mountains for our benefit. And we're dedicated fighters who will toil at horrible tasks and voluntarily sacrifice ourselves to save people we don't even know. I don't call that weak.

Any alien species that thinks they can just roll over us or that we will just bow down to them will be in for a rude shock.

While I tend to agree with your general sentiment here, I can't fully support it since something like 98% of the world is religious, which is evidence of a tendency for humans to blindly follow a socio-cultural set of beliefs based on nothing truly empirical or reliable at all.

So in other words, religion is just a bunch of lies, and humanity can't shake it off. So in that sense I consider us weak-minded morally and spiritually.

And don't confuse religion with spirituality or a god/creator, because I'm speaking only about man-made myths.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:21 PM
OK....We are gonna be in a war soon, but before that happens, something must happen first, since no one is dumb enough to actually start this war coming up, something is going to happen by nature. By what I mean by nature is, nature itelf, whether b part of outter space, an asteriod heading our way, or bunch of tornados, some flooding, huge fire because of a drought somewhere flaming up somehow, or whatever that can happen naturally without a human's touch.
There are clues of aliens visiting us thousands of years ago. Every culture, religion back then has one thing in common. A reptilian creature, being involved in their culture/religion....Mostly a dragon, or something snake-like. The mayans, chinese, europeans, whatever, they all portrayed this dragon as something they praised or whatever. News didn't travel that fast back then at all. Way back then, they were able to move things we couldn't imagine moving now, without breaking them down into parts, then moving them, especially the stones. How did they get the knowledge of doing so. I'm sure God wouldn't tell them, no reason too. Somehow, not exactly sure how yet, but aliens are involved in this planet. I know we're gonna find out, after this transitional phase we humans are gonna go thru here soon, we're gonna know more. We are gonna go into a world war, it's gonna last several years, but after that, we will know more about something, mostly because we have to get rid of these bad ppl, in order to gain some more of this truth. This war is gonna change everything for sure, and I'm ready. Again, the bible is only a guideline, because of it's many changes throughout history, yet there are plenty that really hasn't been changed. For me, it's not too hard to figure which. I could even tell ya which country is going to rule this planet for awhile, but that would totally defeat my purpose, and that even scares the crap outta me, not as much as it did when I found out. But revelations, in the bible explains the end of times on this planet. But the planet and will live on a long time still, even it says so in there. Ppl think it's gonna be the end of the world and what not soon, but it's not. Now a lot of ppl are going to die, as we say, death is also an illusion. Ppl just scared of the unknown, the what if's kinda. The only reason why we get scared of the unknown, is because our closed mindedness, even if we were created that way, and no matter how open minded we are. We have this brain, only what, 10 percent we use, as we were made that way. We have a crapload of knowledge stored in us, we just can't grasp it, becasue we were made that way. The only reason why, ppl ask all the time to someone or themselves is, because of our short life span. We know how short our lives are, and we hate it, even I do. I know that our so called soul will move on, but maybe it's the emotions I don't want to lose when I do move on. Humans reincarnate, I guess that's the word I want to choose, and we get a glimpse of it, and the future, which we call deja vu at times. Actually for the past, as a person reincarnates, they really don't see themselves as they were, but more like feel it, and try to see it in a dream or daydream as they feel it.
Now I don't know who was here first, God or aliens, in this part of the universe. Why would God let hatred build up and up for so long in this planet. Maybe God did create it, but having this universe so unimagibly big, how can one being literally watch over so much. Why give us free will, let us do whatever we want for billions of years. Why create so many beings, and keep creating, after all the killings we do to each other and what not. The bible states that good ppl heaven, bad ppl, hell. There are way more evil than good. If the point is, because it's the few that counts, I'll be ticked off. Why keep dragging this out. well, gonna go to bed now, more tomorrow, about

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 11:21 PM
Religion is what starts wars. Always have, always will. The question is, when and how history is gonna stop repeating itself like so. Logically, destruction of the world again. God/or whoever, said, they will never flood this world again. Don't mean something else is gonna happen. Revelations, one story that has been untouched, too much, why, because it's a puzzle. There are lots of things going on that story tells us. There will be rumors of a war breaking out, the the world will b talking about. How does something like that old story know all these specific things going to happen, unless it were true.
Now, again, religion is a bad thing, yet having billions of ppl in this world, full of hatred, there's still alot of ppl that wants that hatred b gone as well. Now, if everyone was like that, this world would be in total chaos long long ago. But that's not the case. For some odd reason, all those ppl full of hatred are a stepping stone for the few that aren't. They are the sacrifice for the few.
Aliens come down, helps us out, they turn it into a religion, which as evidence show, they've been all over, helpin everyone out. The thing that bothers me some is, all that could've been prevented. Yet, it has been tried before. Whomover created us, did tell us long long ago, which is why the world was wiped out, but one man and his family. We've been told and told, over and over. Yet, we don't listen. Why? This illusion called power maybe. We were created to have the knowledge as our creator. Free will, mixed in with mortality, if ya ask me, that's a bad combo there, having the knowledge of our creator along with it. I could see why now thinkn about it, why we are the way we are, no matter what.

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 06:50 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan

Think about the greys and then listen to what your gut tells you, its not a fuzzy warm feeling now is it...

I have to respond to this first. lol

If you put a rattlesnake in front of a child. And having never said a word to her about it's poison and the danger that represents to her life... the child will be completely amused. Fear will not even be an emotion within her. She will be so trusting in fact, that she will reach out and willingly take the hit. The point is... you have to be taught fear somewhere, before it becomes an emotion to which you are familiar.

You have a not so warm and fuzzy feeling about greys because of what you have heard, and read. And due to this, you would either scream and curl in a ball if you saw them, or you would pull out the first weapon you could find and attempt to exterminate it.. with extreme prejudice, I might add. lol

You don't know the aliens personally, but you're willing to buy into fear tactics. I'm curious... when you first saw the events of 9-11, did you go and buy the "Terrorist Hunting Permit" sticker for your car? Did you say, "HELL YEAH! BOMB THOSE MUSLIMS!! GO INVADE THOSE DIRTY NATIONS!" or were you quick to sit back and say, "something doesn't seem right here..."

[however... false flags are another thread entirely] lol

You shouldn't fear all that is unknown to you. No one should. I would say, evaluate it. Don't just hug it. But don't be afraid of it either. You don't know if it is stronger or weaker. Don't show your cards, obviously.

Now... for the other replies:

This thread is entirely based on a theory, and would be a good bet to say, some facts.

Most of you have admitted that this world is hostile. My theory is simply that: We are truly hostile and if given the chance, we would attack aggressively as many worlds as we could. We are determined to be the best. To show our determination and our strength to the universe. "WE ARE HUMANITY! FEAR US, AND FLEE OUR INCOMING WRATH!!"

And there is really no way anyone can argue this much. We do it everyday. I don't have to provide links to this, simply turn on the news. I'm sure any day now, Bush will announce, "We have declared war on Iran... *snicker snicker wink*" And the UN will act shocked and say, "This isn't progressive... here's a trillion dollars and a couple thousand 'peacekeepers' for your use"

I have seen many other arguments brought into this thread. How we will evolve into this new race. How change will be necessary. So forth and so forth. But keep in mind... my other point is that I think we are being hindered from further growth. After all, in the last hundred years, we have discovered more than ever before. It's as if someone or something.. opened up a dam of information to us.

I like your replies though. And I'm glad you are paying attention to this thread. I hope you will flag it to get more attention and speculation brought here. I'm not in it for the points, I'm in it for the vast contributions of thoughts and theories. So keep posting, and I'll keep questioning.

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 10:10 AM
What makes anyone here think that aliens would be any less aggressive, destructive or "better" than the average human.

Watch a nature documentary. Read a book about astronomy, geology, etc. Be it animals or various forces or phenomena, the world is a violent place.

posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by SaviorComplex

You are correct, the universe is a violent place.

However, squirrels and volcanoes don't build weapons intended to kill.

I don't believe a species that wars with itself could ever be capable of escaping it's own solar system, much less a galaxy for further universal exploration ... which is why extraterrestrials would even be here.

posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 02:20 PM
reply to post by tyranny22

i agree with you other species dont kill in order to gain power or money they do it in order to survive ,to eat......
perhaps we are hostile for a reason and yet being aware that we are is a step to a new world

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