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Antarctica - Why did ALL the Researchers get sick at the same time?

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 10:53 AM
Hey there Duckster, excellent thread here
, what I'm posting here in regards to the subject will probly most likely get the "eye-rolls" from most readers. But I thought it was relevant to the subject matter.
I hope some find it interesting still.....

Some people believe there is a base built under the Antarctic ice to house up to 2 million people.

It is thought that towards the end of the Second World War the Nazis moved to Antarctica and that they began to construct a base there. It was to be manned by mostly SS men. As the allies got closer and closer to Berlin, Hitler was moved out to this Artic base.

The location of this base is said to be Lake Vostok. This lake, about the size of Lake Ontario, is about 2km below the surface ice. It contains life forms that are not known anywhere else on the planet and is at a relatively comfortable temperature of between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Not bad considering the surface temperature is about -60 degrees F.

In 1998 NASA and JPL were involved in a scientific operation to drill into and explore Lake Vostok. Their stated objective was to train astronauts for future missions to the frozen moons of Jupiter. It seems that in 1998 the chances of any manned craft getting to Jupiter in the life time of the men being trained was not very likely.

In February, 2001, all drilling and scientific work at Lake Vostok was abruptly ceased. NASA and JPL stated that they were vacating the area and abandoning their research. They just up and walked away from billions of dollars worth of equipment. Why? Because they were concerned about damaging the natural environment. Since when has NASA had a 'Green' conscience? However, they didn't leave the base unattended. As they walked out, the NSA walked in.

Many other strange events happened around the same time. Extraordinary and unprecedented emergency airlifts were made to evacuate ill personnel during the dead of the six-month winter. Scientists discovered massive magnetic anomalies beneath the ice at Lake Vostok. Three of those same scientists died in 'accidents' before they could leave Antarctica. Another technician apparently "became insane" and was evacuated to New Zealand. This is after the hitherto lucid, rationally-minded man publicly broadcast news of large UFO's at McMurdo Base.

What could have caused them to stop? One site believes that a civilization from Mars is below there. Iit’s just as likely this could be the Nazi base that was constructed in the war.

Now, I realize this is "fringe", speculation and some will probly just say its silly but there is another interesting part at the top of the same page. Much too large for me to include the entire quote/article I think, but here is a portion (please follow the link for the rest)....

The Interrupted Press Conference

“Good morning. Could I speak with Debra Shingteller?”

“Of course, one moment,” replied the switchboard operator at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

This was my second attempt at contacting the protagonist of the extremely bizarre press conference allegedly held by NASA regarding its involvement, or rather, the sudden end of its involvement, in the Lake Vostok project. It appeared that the agency’s budgetary cuts had been so severe that not even background music could be heard while I was on hold.

“I’m sorry, sir. She’s not in at the moment.”

“Ah...could you please give me her voicemail?”

“Of course. Hold on, please.”

Although I doubted that the elusive Ms. Shingteller would actually return my message, I thought that it was still worth a try. I was surprised, however, when the voice on the answering machine did not correspond to that of the spokesperson, but to another functionary of the NASA Public Information Office. It would appear that Ms. Shingteller had taken some time off after the conference that would make her a household name in conspiracy circles around the world. My question, in any event, was straightforward: why didn’t the press release regarding the sudden distancing of NASA and JPL with the Lake Vostok project appear among the ones publicly available on the web (www.nasa. gov)?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Why would researchers in a closed, confined, limited-space laboratory possibly get sick? (Emphasis on "closed" "confined" "limited-space"). Geez I don't possibly know...

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