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"FATWA" against Obama 'Bitter-gate' whistleblower

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 12:17 PM
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The citizen journalist who first revealed Barack Obama’s “bitter” remarks about small-town Americans has received death threats from Obama supporters.

Mayhill Fowler of Oakland, Calif., was the citizen journalist who revealed to the world Obama's condenscending 'bitter' remarks. She is (or was?) an Obama supporter and contributor.

After her report on Obama’s comments appeared on the Huffington Post site, Fowler received about 200 e-mail messages. She said they ranged from “creepy to threatening,” . There were death threats. She likens it to a 'liberal blogosphere fatwa'.

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 12:40 PM
Oh BOO HOO! "Citizen Journalist" my ass!
I'm sure there is more to that story...

Obama is just expressing the prevailing national sentiment available everyday here on ATS. Don't be a hater. Do you really want to put up with Billary and McSame for the next four years? Get on board or get out of the way.

Barack Obama caught hell last week for daring to tell the truth about the ragged thing that the American spirit has become. He said that small-town Pennsylvania voters, bitter over their economic circumstances, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” to work out their negative emotions. He might have added that the Pope wears a funny hat (see for yourself this week), and that bears # in the woods (something rural Pennsylvanians probably know). Nevertheless, in the manner lately prescribed for those who slip up and speak truthfully in public (and in contradiction to the reigning delusions), Obama was pressured to apologize for his statements.

The evermore loathsome and odious Hillary Clinton, co-owner of a $100 million personal wealth portfolio, seized the moment to remind voters what a normal, everyday gal she is -- who would never look down on the small-town folk of Pennsylvania the way her "elitist" opponent had -- forgetting, apparently, that the Clinton family's consigliere, James Carville, famously described the Keystone State as a kind of redneck sandwich with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as the bread, and Alabama as the lunch meat in between.

As I mull over all this, I begin to think that Hillary is exactly what the USA deserves and, that should she manage to winkle away the nomination and get elected president, the outcome would be instructive and salutary. For one thing, she will be buried under an avalanche of political woe, beginning with the basic financial insolvency of everything in the nation except the Clinton family. Then she would proceed straight into an oil-and-gas cluster# that could take this society back to the eighteenth century economically.

This would have the positive effect of forcing the American public to look elsewhere for governance than the usual parties in Washington, D.C. It's time for a national purgative, anyway. In fact, it's way overdue. Are the Democratic and Republican parties anymore necessary than the Whigs? Neither of them can really articulate the problems we face (and when their honchos slip up and come close to the truth, they're persecuted for it).

A President Hillary will also go a long way to defeating the popular delusion that a world ruled by female humans would be heaven-on-earth. (It would be more like one of those chaotic single-parent households in Section-8 housing, ruled by a harried and distracted mom, with a shadowy man in the background molesting the little ones while she was off working at the WalMart.)

I'm very sorry that Barack Obama apologized for his remarks. It compromised his authority. They were truthful and correct. He might have added that the anxious and bitter lower classes were also neurotically hung-up on cars, and that his first act as president would be to shut down the Nascar tracks by executive order in the interest of national energy security.

It's been illuminating to see how almost nobody has come to Obama's defense in this matter -- hardly anyone in the press, anyway. It shows what the mainstream media's interest in the truth is (close to zero).

In the background of these sad and sordid campaign doings, the financial sector -- and the dog's-body economy that the wagging financial tail used to be attached to -- is whirling steadily down a big wide culvert, along with the rest of the debris shaken loose by the spring rains. Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd have been putting together mortgage rescue schemes that are gut-bustingly hilarious because they don't seem to take into account the basic fact that nobody knows who the lending parties to all those distressed mortgages really are. (Hint: they're not the "servicing" companies who send out the default notices.) So when they say that the government will "negotiate down" the principal owed on a house hemorrhaging dollar value, who exactly did they have in mind as the negotiating partner?

These are issues that would, in a more mentally-healthy republic, occupy center stage of the political conversation -- not whether a cohort of Cheez Doodle addicted rural Pennsylvania morons prays out loud for God to shoot all the Mexicans.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by kosmicjack
Obama is just expressing the prevailing national sentiment available everyday here on ATS.

Prevailing sentiment is that we all 'cling' to our guns and our religion?
Prevailing sentiment is that we are all bigots? :shk:

Don't be a hater.

You mean - quit exposing Obama for the typical corrupt politician that he is.

Get on board or get out of the way.

Spoken like a true Obamatron. Has Obamessiah given the order to round up those who dared to expose him? That's coming .. and it sounds like you will be right there taking names for His Highness.

The more I read .. the more I'm sure ... Obama = anti-christ. :shk:

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:06 PM
he said some people cling to guns and religion, and some people in fact do that. I'm not seeing any issue with what he said.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I thought you said Americans weren't really clinging to religion? Yet there you go...

Floating the meme that he is the AC is strictly designed to scare away the ever-growing segments of the Religious Left and Middle. More Catholics and Baptist than ever before are voting Democratic and that just jacks the Republican base right up. So what does the GOP and the PTB do? They haul out the same old triangulation tactics of religion and guns. *Yawn*

All you have to do is read half the threads on ATS to know that Obama's premise is accurate, though his delivery was flawed.

As a Southern, White, Libertarian I will be proud to cast my vote for Obama. He doesn't necessarily represent all that I hold dear but he damn sure will try harder than the other two, and he can't possibly screw it up more than the current administration.

Come on, if America can survive Bush/Cheney (9 1/2 months left - Yikes! I hope we make it.
), we can take whatever else comes along!

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by kosmicjack
I thought you said Americans weren't really clinging to religion? Yet there you go...

'Clinging' ... is different then practicing.
It has a whole different connotation.
It is condenscending and it implys mindless holding onto something.

A few months ago I dismissed the Obama = Anti-christ posts.
Now .. I'm thinking they are probably correct.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I was verbally assaulted by someone over my Obama bumper sticker...I'm going to guess it was someone belonging to your camp.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by Witness2008
.I'm going to guess it was someone belonging to your camp.

I don't have a camp.

BTW - I have been verbally assaulted by Obamatrons when they find out I'm not voting for the guy. So far it's only been verbal .. so far.....

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:23 PM
I am going to probably regret asking this ..but..why would Obama reach the ranks of anti-christ in your mind?

Camp meaning your political afilliation, like all of those threatening emails coming from obama supporters. HMMMM, maybe they were not Obama supporters at all, but instead a bunch of Obama haters trying to get some bad press going.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:45 PM
Well I can see this is quickly becoming the "bash Obama" propaganda forum

Not entirely unexpected, the quasi-fascist far right is nothing if not persistent.

I just wish they could make up their minds whether he is a closet Islamist, a closet communist, or an empty suit with no goals whatsoever. The accusations seem to vary depending on which variety of slime they think is most likely to stick

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by xmotex

I find these links educational as well as entertaining. I am most curious as to how these lines of thought are born, and then of course the fervor by which they are expressed.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:00 PM
Well just read WND, Newsmax, Free Republic...

These are the major propaganda organs of the American far right, and you can find 90% of this stuff on there. Then the droids go out and tirelessly repost the stuff elsewhere on the internet...

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 06:04 AM

Originally posted by Witness2008
Camp meaning your political afilliation,

DUH! I was aware of that. I have not endorsed any candidate.
I have lots of political stickers .. even a McCain sticker.
"vote Constitution party" "Vote Libertarian" ... but until I get an
"Anyone but Obama' sticker ... that's what I have.

Originally posted by xmotex
"bash Obama" propaganda forum

Actually - it's EXPOSE Obama's lies ... (and he has plenty to expose)

the quasi-fascist far right

OMG ... glass houses! Obamatrons are so glassy-eyed at the thought of Obamessiah that they are well on their way to being his stormtroopers. I have no doubt that once their messiah gets in, they'll be taking names of those who 'don't believe in His Majesty' and who
dare to expose his lies. Far left Facism is alive and well.

Originally posted by xmotex
the droids

Poor Obamatrons ... they just refuse to see that Obama lies and lies and lies. That he is no different. He offers no 'change'. He offers no 'hope'. He is not the savior of the world. He's just another stink'n politician with corrupt ties (REZKO) and corrupt bigoted mentors (MEEKS, WRIGHT) and highly questionable friends (Weather Underground Alumni).

The TOPIC of this thread is about the woman who exposed Obama in BITTER-GATE and how she is now receiving death threats from the Obamatrons. THAT is the topic. Try to stick to it.

[edit on 4/16/2008 by FlyersFan]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 01:09 PM
Who put the crack in your cornflakes this morning?

Is it possible for you Coulter types to have a debate without namecalling & bug eyed hysterics? Guess not.

I'm hardly an "Obamatron", I prefer the guy based on the issues, some of which I agree with him on, some on which I don't - gun control and the space program being the big ones.

He's hardly a "messiah", he's a politician with faults like any other, but he is easily the best candidate of the three still in the race.

As far as his "lies" go, where are they?

The fact that the loony far right hates him so much only convinces me he must be on to something good

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 02:47 PM

Originally posted by xmotex
Who put the crack in your cornflakes this morning?

the rice krispies guys.

He's hardly a "messiah",

Best tell that to the other supporters. Some of them - even here - are going around saying - Obama doesn't lie - he's like our savior. Seriously.

As far as his "lies" go, where are they?

Pay special attention to the 'Obama's Friends' link.
Corruption .. and lies .. no change.

Oilbama is as corrupt as the day is long . Or should I say – as bigoted as the sunrise is red . His wife is no picnic either.

Obama - What big ear(marks) you have

All the better to eat you with, my dear.

Oh .. and don't forget the big pandering LIES about African relatives and about SELMA. Ugh.

the loony far right

I'm not far right. You should see what I've said about Bush43 and Cheney.

The fact is - Obama is providing the fodder. I'm just exposing it.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 08:53 PM
God I miss AbovePolitics's incessant posts like this that made me mostly avoid the place, but at least it was compartmentalized. Now we'll have to deal with it everyday on the main forum board.

...And please don't anyone bother telling me not to click on these types of threads, believe me I'll do my best to avoid them. However, they will still suck oxygen from the rest of the board whether I click or not.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 06:45 AM
FlyersFan Obamas comments were true, you do get rural bitter americans clinging to their weapons and using their religion to justify the way they treat and see others. The truth hurts.

7 years of a failed administration and we have the economy and the Iraq war, just two of a list of faliures to point out to the Bush administration, and here we have people supporting McCain who will follow the same path.

I cannot understand why some people are so sure for voting in McCain who intends to follow the exact path of faliure.

[edit on 20-4-2008 by southern_Guardian]

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