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Violent Journalism; MSU President 4/7 response to Cedar Fest Riots

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Statement From MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon

From the President's Desk
Monday, April 07, 2008
Weekend Disruptions

Although it is clear that the vast majority of Michigan State University students did not participate in the disturbances at Cedar Village on Saturday night, the events harm the collective image of MSU and the city of East Lansing.
It may also be the introduction that prospective employers have to future job applicants, which is another use for the technology employed by those who encouraged the weekend's events. Social networks such as Facebook and You Tube are increasingly used by human resource professionals to check the backgrounds and behaviors of potential employees. The repercussions for some attendees of Cedar Fest may not come today or tomorrow, but may be felt in the not too distant future when they embark on their first job search after graduation.
resorted to the use of tear gas as a last, and very measured, response to a group of individuals intent upon inciting and participating in violent behavior.
There are no casual observers once a notice is given by police to disperse. Those who chose to stay after such announcements were made became participants in the violence, whether they threw a bottle or FILMED THE ACTION on their cell phones.

the main ATS thread on the Cedar Fest Riots is here:

I would like to hear your opinion/commentary on the statements in bold above.

...step back before I snap a picture at you!

Sri Oracle

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