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When It's Cool to be Evil

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posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 04:36 PM
Well I also play Return to Castle Wolfenstein,

That's killing humans... You kill nazi's or allies depending on what side you pick.

Do I still need to go to s shrink, because I sometimes play a nazi in that game???

posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 06:49 PM

"And I already seen a shrink, they say we are normal."

Who's we?

Everyone who think's game's kill,

Grow up. It's a game. The kid's can't get access to these thing's from the movie's, or store's. Someone has to get it for them, and that person is the one at fault.

Again I ask you guy's...

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY ADVENTURE'S IN BARNEY LAND? wouldn't that be such a kick as$ game to play? Maybe we can play fun with shape's? I hear the latest Dora the Explorer game is to die for!!!

posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 07:09 PM
Who's we? You never met Joe, or Jack? or Acomolah? Say hi everyone! HI! Ji! SHUNAIN!(Acomolah ain't from around here)

Being a nazi? Well, as long as you aren't one in real loife, no harm.

posted on Dec, 29 2002 @ 07:12 PM

Hi guy's!

posted on Dec, 30 2002 @ 10:55 AM

Just for the fun of it in the game....

In real life, I would probably be the first to be linched. I'm black and I have some jewish ancestors.

posted on Dec, 30 2002 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by TheBandit795

I'm black and I have some jewish ancestors.

It could be worst ! Imagine.....You are an gay dwarf,who's black, who have some jewish ancestors, you are voting communist and your faith is going to allah and the muslims faith !

posted on Dec, 31 2002 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by Truth
Ive played these games myself and my brother owns one of these things, they are sick, nasty, violent games and if in the hands of young kids could be devistating withot any guidence.

This is one of the few things that I find myself agreeing with Truth about...The key phrase here is "without any guidance".

Japan is much more crowded than America, considering the corellation between population-to-landmass...Yet there's much less youth-violence committed in Japan. Also consider that much of the Japanese media (cartoons, comic books, dtc.) that migrate over here has been edited somewhat to remove the more "excessive" sex & violence portrayed in that media...

The key difference between Japan & America is that *parents are more involved in what their kids do* in Japan...They take a more active guidance in their kids than American parents do.

Therefore, it's not the actual "games & media" that are to blame for excessive youth-violence in America...It's the parents themselves, for not exercising the innate responsibility they have for having & raising their kids. As such, it's not right to judge a person by what games he plays...As long as that person realizes the difference between games & reality.

Originally posted by Truth
Those kind of games can only lead to more evil thoughts which ultimately come from satan.

This may or may not be true...But this is also cloesly tied in with the concept that it's not what a person *thinks* that causes trouble...It's how he *acts* upon those thoughts. No *thought* can have any kind of impact on the world unless some *action* is taken based upon that thought. In other words, it's not what you think...It's what you do.

Originally posted by JediMaster
Yes, James but they cause young kids to kill.

No they don't. What causes the kids to start killing goes along with the earlier-stated phrase "without any guidance". If the parents were to make sure that their kids don't associate the games with reality, then those kids will begin to live in that "fantasy world" without knowing the real consequences of what they do in reality.

Originally posted by James the Lesser...the guy had heart problems, was playing a tetris game, got pissed when he lost went nuts, had a heart attack.

...Technically, it wasn't the *game* that killed him, it was the pre-exsisting heart problem...If the game didn't get him pissed enough to die over, it would've been something else that would stress him that much eventually.

Originally posted by James the Lesser
GI Joe isn't violent, it's patriotic.

No, it's violent...military, war & guns being shot at people all the time. It's merely dressed up in the "For love of Country, THEY must die" concept (What ever happened to the concept "For love of PEOPLE"?). How can you say that it's not violent?

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
If you ever go and watch an action-hero type movie, especially a kick-butt martial arts movie, watch the people as they walk out of the movie, especially teenage boys. You'll notice a bit of a swagger, a cocky attitude as if they have now become a billy-bad-butt. A psych prof had us do that, and it was pretty entertaining!

It is also known that the more acts of violence one observes the more callous to others one becomes.

Yes, this is true...But then it also goes back to the "basic-education" that a parent must take responsibility for when it comes to their kids; TC was referring to teenagers...Did this "educational observation" also take into account the relative *maturity* of those teenagers compared to their physical ages? Probably not. Did it take into account what type of upbringing they received from their parents up until the time they saw that movie? Probably not.

I grew up with the same accessability to violence, racism & hatred in the world as everybody else...Over 40 years old & I still play violent games (like those "combat flight simulators", the newer "Jedi Knight 2", etc.) as well as the non-violent ones (Can you really consider The Sims as being non-violent when you can kill off the characters?). Yet, would TC say that all of this has "calloused me" to the point where I don't have concern & compassion for my fellow human beings? Considering that I've tried (& apparently failed) to get The American Petition to go somewhere positive for my fellow countrymen speaks more for the relative apathy of the general public than it does for my "callousness" towards people.

Using TC's "computer anology", I'd have to say that it has more to do with "what programs you choose to execute" (pardon the pun) than it does for what's actually stored on the hard drive...Granted, my hard drive could use a session of "Uninstall & Delete", followed by a "Scan & Defragment", but if I choose *not* to run those bad programs from my "hard drive" then it can't do any harm in the real world.

Originally posted by Thomas Crowne
Anyway, How any decent person can play a game that is about violating laws and the basic liberties of other human beings and find enjoyment in it is beyond me.

It's called "Cathartic Release"...Consult our resident psychologist, Toltec, if you have any questions...

Originally posted by TheBandit795
In real life, I would probably be the first to be linched. I'm black and I have some jewish ancestors.

...In this case, you could blame "racist attitudes" & "religious intolerance"...

But where do *those things* come from?...Parents & the people with whom a child interacts as they grow up. It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're flocked with a bunch of turkeys...

I'm over 40 years old & I still remember when these same complaints & discussions came out when RPG's like Dungeons & Dragons started becoming popular...I played them way back then & I didn't grow up to become a psycho who wears armor & slashes at random passers-by with swords. This is because my parents *knew* that I wasn't going to start bringing such fantasies into the real world.

posted on Jan, 9 2003 @ 12:43 AM
It's well known computer games have a hideous effect on the impressionable mind. I use to play a lot of Tetris, until one day I found myself... fitting together the fridge magnets while humming the theme tune!
Good Lord, who knows what would have happened had I been a Doom player! I might have, well, thrown them at someone!

And the Sims... I realize it's mostly non-violent. But as a friend informed me- 'If you lock them in rooms for hours, eventually they wet themselves. And better still, then they cry, because they're ashamed!'
They've never tried to lock me in a room, though... maybe they know about the Tetris, and fear I'll make all the furniture interlock...

[Edited on 9-1-2003 by Gryphon]

posted on Jan, 9 2003 @ 01:41 PM
HAHAHAHA!!! What is you played pong??? Be bouncing off the walls. Or maybe Pac Man! Eating pills in a basement running away from "ghosts". Or maybe even, dare I say? Risk! Be outside trying to take over the world!!!! Oh no, those games must be banned! Who knows who could be hurt!!!! Or what if you played......

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