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I am Bitter and Obama called it correctly : The Bitter List

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 03:26 AM
You know, I normally dont spend much time in the politics section but this whole debate with Obama speaking on Pennsylvania is so overblown that I almost didnt know who Hillary was talking about when she said the word elitist.

So I got to thinking about whether Im bitter. This is my list. If anyone likes, lets keep adding to it if you can think of additional items.

1: The Iraq War

2: The Allowance of Torture within our armed services

3: Deficit Spending

4: Tanking dollar

5: The Home Mortgage Debacle

6: NATO Missile Defense system that is provoking Russia

7: Bushes careless actions with the SALT II treaty

8: Soaring Gas Prices

9: Soaring Food Costs

Did I miss something? Im beyond Bitter.

Im disgusted.


posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by HIFIGUY

Hiyah HIFIGUY...

I feel your pain...I am bitter too and I will tell you why:

1) The Iraq war - I am bitter that it's taken this long and will probably take longer... many many years win this war due to the U.S. trying to be politically correct and not just bombing the crap out of the place, out of our inept government not factoring in the insurgent factor, at the U.S. listening to the U.N. for 17 years passing their meaningless sanctions on Hussein in the first place.

2) The U.S. allowing for over 27 years, the kidnapping, of our innocent civilians abroad, the murder of our people at the hands of these religious fanatical Muslims bombing our embassies, highjacking our planes and other country's planes and cruise ships, executing our journalists, our clergy, bombing, torturing and using biochemical weapons on their own countrymen, torturing and raping and mutilating their women, subjugating their own populace and keeping them in the stone ages, genitally mutilating their young daughters, setting their wives and sisters on fire, stoning their women to death, jihading their way through the 3rd world like locusts and turning every country into their religious battleground for starters, I could go on here but I won't...

3) The Deficit spending is out of control, and as I recall, the Republican Congress started the out of control spending and pork barrel bills...hence, paving the way for the Democrats to seize control of the House and Senate on the promises that they would stop it, and of course they didn't.

4) The Tanking dollar has largely been inevitable, from the war, from the U.S. selling out our job market overseas for the last 20 years, NAFTA, allowing foreign countries like China and Saudi Arabia to buy up every piece of real estate in sight to name a few. If you think the "tanking dollar" got here overnight, then I have a Nike shoe factory to sell you in China, cheap, owned since the Clinton administration, very few miles.

5) The Home Mortgage Debacle - Just another example of greed on all sides...Lenders lending to people either too illiterate to read the contracts, yet knowing they couldn't afford the house when the price went up, to the lenders selling the mortgages to 3rd parties overseas who didn't care or even know the homeowners, a soul-less conspiracy of greed, stupidity and the fast buck all on display for all to see and weep.

6) LOL I can barely type this without laughing...NATO provoking Russia? I don't even know what to say about this. Russia has been taunting us with their dealings with China, North Korea, Iraq, France, Cuba, Venezuela and outlaw countries in Africa to name a few, for years. Not to mention the whole U.N. Oil for food debacle I guess no one remembers anymore.

7) The Salt II Treaty - Leonid Brezhnev and Jimmy Carter sign SALT II treaty, June 18, 1979...times change, see #6.

8) The soaring gas prices are the direct result of all the presidents going back to Jimmy Carter for sucking up to the Saudis and Big Europe and elsewhere the price of gas has been this high since at LEAST the late 70's. If we hadn't been in bed with the Saudis in the first place, our prices would have been this high from the get-go, not that it's right.

9) Soaring food prices...well this is a misnomer, do you have any idea how much a grapefruit, a single grapefruit from our Florida groves cost an average Joe in Japan? Around $7.00 a PIECE. This has been the land of plenty forever, we're spoiled and we're paying the price now, albeit not the price other countries are are paying for THEIR food, if they can even GET food.

The next time you feel disgruntled about our country, or unpatriotic or just feel down about the economy...

Just remember, the poorest of our ghettos, our Appalachian communities, our better then most inhabitants of any 3rd world country out there.

Thanks for the post Hifiguy, I am not knocking what you say, it just chaps my you know what, when people in this country seem hellbent on "dissing" it without really thinking about WHY we got to this point, and how bad it is elsewhere. This country of ours is a paradise compared to most other places...and if you think it's not? Go live in India for a week, or Bosnia, North Korea, Haiti, The Darfur region of Africa, etc. you get the drift.

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by LateApexer313

Oh shoot, after all that I forgot my punchline

Bitter, Table for one? Bitter?

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 09:58 PM
politicians that listen to reverend wright's sermons for 20 years and denies that he says racist comments really makes me bitter

posted on Apr, 18 2008 @ 12:54 AM
I don’t care what our politicians say. Most of what comes out of their mouths is what they hope will make you vote for them. I want to see one of them stand up and take care of its citizens. . How can one of the richest countries in the world let its own citizens go hungry homeless and without health care.

That is what makes me feel bitter.


posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 04:21 PM
ACORN and voter fraud

Republicans, ACORN feud over suspicious voter cards

TALLAHASSEE -- Two suspicious Seminole County voter registration cards became a flash point Wednesday in the Republican effort to suggest the community group ACORN is committing fraud in its historic Florida get-out-the vote efforts.

An ACORN spokesman said the group spotted what appeared to be forged registration cards weeks ago and fired a worker over them. Seminole's election chief, Mike Ertel, said he was still "tremendously concerned," but stopped well short of calling the incident "fraud." The Republican National Committee, though, levelled the accusation and blasted the housing and wage advocacy group in a nationwide conference call with reporters, saying this wasn't an isolated incident.

In Orange County, ACORN staffers submitted multiple, duplicate registrations on behalf of six separate voters this summer. One individual had 21 duplicate applications. Election Supervisor Bill Cowles and his staff protested, noting in a June memo that ACORN had been submitting sloppy forms as well.

ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, changed procedures, disciplined some staffers and improved relations with Orange. ACORN has signed up 135,000 new Florida voters since January in just three counties: Orange, Broward and Miami-Dade.

That's a fifth of all new voters. More than 58 percent are Democrats, who now outnumber Republicans by almost 500,000 voters -- providing Barack Obama a potentially crucial edge in the neck-and-neck race in Florida.


ACORN's voter-registration drives have come under fire from Republicans for being sloppy and allegedly fraudulent in North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico and Colorado, said Republican National Committee chief legal counsel Scott Cairncross.

Cairncross noted that ACORN in Washington state had to file an agreement with prosecutors to improve procedures after seven workers were charged with criminal voter-registration fraud.

''This organization is not new to this game. They are a quasi-criminal Democrat-affiliated organization that harms the elections process,'' Cairncross said.

ACORN's Florida coordinator, Brian Kettenring, said the organization is non-partisan. He dismissed the attacks saying the Republicans are trying to ``reduce the size of the electorate.''

''What's criminal is the way the McCain campaign is drumming up lies and misrepresentation to try to suppress minority voter participation,'' Kettenring said. ``It's clear they are willing to use mistruths and exaggerations to try to create an atmosphere of chaos.''

Plus, he said, voter-registration problems don't equal vote fraud, such as someone showing up to the polls with a false I.D.

However, Secretary of State Kurt Browning, pointed out that unregistered voters could be signed up without their knowledge and then have absentee ballots fraudulently cast on their behalf in rare cases. Browning said he had a good working relationship with ACORN when he was Pasco County's elections chief until 2006.

ACORN is a massive nationwide association that made its presence felt in the 2004 elections when it signed up 212,000 people to vote in Florida, where it now has 15,000 members.

Republicans said ACORN wasn't just working on the successful ballot initiative boosting the minimum wage in Florida -- it wanted to help Democrat John Kerry. Kerry lost by about 381,000 votes. Since that election, ACORN says it has signed up 382,000 voters in Florida.

This year, ACORN's political action committee endorsed Obama, a former community organizer who had done work for ACORN.

''These are friends and allies of Barack Obama,'' said Republican spokesman Danny Diaz, who accused ACORN of ``undermining our election system.''

The Obama campaign says it works separately from ACORN. It reports signing up about 100,000 new voters of its own since January.


The registration drives have paid off in Miami-Dade for Democrats, where more than 63,000 Democrats have been registered compared to 12,138 Republicans and about 24,000 independents. That has increased the percentage of Democrats by nearly two full points, ---- to 44 percent ---- on the Miami-Dade voter rolls.

''Miami-Dade could be huge for us,'' said Obama's campaign manager, Steve Schale. ``This is a numbers game, and having tens of thousands of more votes makes us even more competitive in Florida.''

But the Republican Party of Florida has heard it all before: The big registration gains, the buzz, the anti-Bush talk. Yet the Republican presidential candidate, except in 1996, has won every time in the past three decades.

Nationwide, ACORN has signed up 1.15 million new voters. And, as a result, mistakes can pop up, Kettenring said.

Kettenring said the group pays card-gatherers by the hour and requires them to get working phone numbers to spot-check registrations. Bad card-gatherers and those who don't supply enough phone numbers for checking are fired, said Kettenring, who wouldn't divulge names. He said the signers of cards are more often to blame for errors than the card gatherers.


The card gatherer in one of the Seminole County cases was fired in August, Kettenring said, because the worker submitted too many cards without phone numbers.

In the other case, he said, ACORN warned the card gatherer to be more careful. Kettenring said ACORN contacted the woman listed on the card, Sacha Thomas, who said she suspected her friend had signed her up. She wouldn't comment to The Miami Herald. The man listed on the other card, James Stanley, couldn't be reached by The Herald.

Kettenring said ACORN can't destroy cards, even suspicious ones -- which it flags with a sheet labeling it ''problematic.'' He said that happened in this case when the forms were submitted to Orange County, where the registrations were collected.

The paper-work was forwarded to Seminole County but the problematic-card note didn't make it. Orange County officials say they can't find the problematic card sheets.

Orange's election supervisor, Cowles, who had complained in the past of ACORN's methods, said he now has a ''good working'' relationship with ACORN, as did Miami-Dade's Lester Sola and Broward's Brenda Snipes. So far, no one has filed a complaint against ACORN with the state's election-fraud division.

Seminole's election supervisor, Mike Ertel, had little bad to say about

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:01 PM

Originally posted by habu71
Bad card-gatherers and those who don't supply enough phone numbers for checking are fired, said Kettenring,

A working phone number is required to Vote in Florida for your voter registration?

Is my US citizenship tied to a phone number? That sounds ridiculous.


posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 05:05 PM
Obama will take your guns and make your daughters date black guys.

Do I have to link to snark in his platform?

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by ZuzusPetals
Obama will take your guns and make your daughters date black guys.

Do I have to link to snark in his platform?

Um you might want to come up with some proof over the dating part.

As for the guns, imagine what the position of a democrat controlled congress and white house will be on the 2nd amendment.

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