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Clinton vs McCain: Both the SAME!

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 12:28 AM
No difference. Both are NWO, Bilderburger Group, Illuminati darlings....The last nail in the coffin was today's news that both candidates think Obama's recent speach was "illitest". HAH!!! it was anything but fact he was talking about how the ilitests in power (ie: who Clinton and McCain are representing) are doing well, but the rest of us are struggling....

You vote who ever you want to...I am for Obama! What an amazing man, and a wonderful speach giver...he has ran a great campaign and has really steared clear of the Rovesque style GOP type of politics that Clinton has used. I used to really like's been hard for me to give her up, but it's plainly obvious she is part of the problem and not the solution ie: NWO



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